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The Elephant In The Room: Motivation (Tips To Improve Motivation Throughout Agile Transformation)
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The Elephant In The Room: Motivation (Tips To Improve Motivation Throughout Agile Transformation)


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This is the slides of my talk in the seminar of IPYD - Istanbul Proje Yönetimi Derneği / Istanbul Project Management Institute (4th of December, 2012)

This is the slides of my talk in the seminar of IPYD - Istanbul Proje Yönetimi Derneği / Istanbul Project Management Institute (4th of December, 2012)

Published in: Career
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  • 1. The elephant in the room motivation Tips to ımprove motivationthroughout agile transformation Lemİ Orhan ERGİN Principal software engineer @ Sony
  • 2. Lemi Orhan ErginPrincipal Software Engineer at Sony EuropeHas worked as developer, scrum master,team leader and technical coordinator intens of projects since 2001CSM in 2009 (Trained by James Coplien)Played Scrum Master for more than 1 yearParticipated 56 sprints in 4 yearsExperienced in agile transformationExpertise in building agile culture in softwaredevelopment teams and organizations
  • 3. Motivation is a common problem in all organizations (not only ın agile or non-agile organizations)
  • 4. For metoo!
  • 5. I cannot improve myself!Always doıng the same job, workıng on same stuff, nothing newYou cannot ımprove yourself ın daıly jobHard to establish motivation, hard to focus on workFixing bugs for years, no innovation at allStuck on same technologies, same way of workingNot allowed to ınnovate Unwilling to ımprove & ınnovate Damn it! Tons of documentation to prepare before doıng the job Every work is personal, no teamwork required Warned in case of a failure, not rewarded on success
  • 6. I feel unhappy!I am unhappy and my manager does not know itEven if ı tell my problems to my manager, nothing will changeThere is a negative athmosphere in the officeNo one is asking my ideas on anything, ı just do my jobPeople are arguing via emails and nothing is resolved no one is listening me People do not trust each other Not feeling as part of the company I am not a resource or a headcount
  • 7. But agile THinks different
  • 8. Agile cares people & cooperation Build projects around motivated individuals Give them the environment and support they need,  and trust them to get the job done. The most efficient and effective method of  conveying information to and within a development  team is face-to-face conversation. The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. Principles behind the agile manifesto
  • 9. Agile is human centric Teamwork trust self-organization empowered teams continuous improvement retrospectives fail fast short feedback loops sustainable pace proxy to interRuptions face-to-face communication
  • 10. agile is the mindset
  • 11. be ing doing agilemakes the difference
  • 12. ile ag ing doWhat youve done is not important,instead how youve done is the key be ing ag ile
  • 13. Agile transformation is cultural change Cultural change is Tough & Not easy
  • 14. Agile transformation scares people This is a new way of working Status quo makes people feel safe
  • 15. What are the symptomsOf the motivation challenge?
  • 16. Daily stand-up meetings are the windowsshowing the level of motivation
  • 17. Motivated teams unMotivated teamsnoisy boredcomplex Impatient to endchaotic Individuals reportinghumor Do not listen otherscurious Waiting to be assignedInformation rich No questionshelpful Less details about issuesDesire to success Less desire to successOn time Usually late
  • 18. Its quite common to resist agileI dont like agile or scrum scrum is the new waterfall Its impossible to do scrum in our team Agile is being focused on processes I dont want to lose my title Writing down every task has no meaning Planning poker is a waste of time Feeling not commited to the sprinT goal I Work on the stories that I like I am more productive when I work alone I dont like Scrum at all
  • 19. How can we break the resistance And improve the motivation?
  • 20. Answer is simple:By building an agile culture w ? h o u t b
  • 21. Train everyone 1
  • 22. Have a goodAgile coach orscrum master being a Russel s charismati Crowe c is not a as must ;)
  • 23. scrum master Not a technical lead Not a team lead Not a managerNot a project manager Master of scrum Well trained Has the agile mindset
  • 24. Scrum master is the key Is a full time job Knows scrum better than anyone else Observes and guides the team Builds trust in the team Resolves impediments Keeps the team disciplined Creates environment safe to fail
  • 25. 2Build a culture of collaboration
  • 26. collaboration is the key Let the people share their knowledge s g Se s sion Encourage teamwork and pair work a w nB Continuous improvement and kaizenBro Efficient retrospectives
  • 27. 3 raise CRAFTSMEN
  • 28. Mediocrity is a trap Dont fall into it
  • 29. The worst outcome is not failure — it’s mediocrity Failure lets you move on, mediocrity stalls you and keeps you from reaching your potential. Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried Drew Houston (founder/CEO of Dropbox)
  • 30. craftsmanship is the key Have seniors as MODELS FOR JUNıORS Improve crafts of people by practiCing rojec ts teach new technologies Po CP Push people to let them learn new stuff s d ojokatas,
  • 31. use Feedback loops 4
  • 32. Feedback loop is the key Efficient retrospectives Scrum master works close to team members Use all ways of Communication Performance appraIsals lose importance
  • 33. 5 provide autonomy
  • 34. Stop command & controlYou cannot control everything Its an illusion!
  • 35. Its impossible to manage "people"its only possible to manage individuals
  • 36. askThe opinions of individuals
  • 37. Be part of the teamGet them see you servant rather than controller
  • 38. Autonomy is the keyShift layers of management responsibility to team Let the team be Self organized Change the traditional Management mindset Regular 1 to 1 meetings with managers
  • 39. 6 Have a clear purpose
  • 40. Scrum is not just about rıtuAls
  • 41. Scrum is not juststanding up and burning down
  • 42. purpose is the key Explain the reasons of agile practices What is the purpose of scrumtell the values of what theyre building Define a clear sprint goal Define the vision of the product
  • 43. 7HaveFun!
  • 44. Having fun is the key Team specific rituals for fun Do not dedicate to work, Have hobbies and crafts Socialize in the organization Have funny punishments bu ilds the ndups reak y sta w ho b dail ones ate toto the r be l o
  • 45. scrumThe SCRUM 8
  • 46. Scrum is a simple frameworkDont blame Scrum in erns ns patt zatio s few rgani a o ple as sim
  • 47. If you have issues Inspect & adapt m g scru m ptin scru o ada and is n -but there scrum doing e isther
  • 48. retrospecting is the key Scrum reveals hidden problems. Thats not bad! Failing is normal, be prepare to inspect & adapt Too much dedication to tasks exhaust people have lantern day or extra sprint to cool down Dont use tools too much. Face to face is better
  • 49. What is the best measurement for success ?Photo of houston after the return of apollo 13
  • 50. happiness Happiness metric Scrumming the scrumRetrospective pattern Pop the happy bubble Happiness index Photographed by “Karsten Thormaehlen” from book "Mit Hundert Hat Man Noch Traume"
  • 51. Happiness Impact you team organizationhappy employees lead to happy customers and better business
  • 52. 1 Train everyone2 Build a culture of collaboration3 Raise craftsmEn4 Use feecback loops5 Provide autonomy6 Have a clear purpose7 Have fun!8 sCrum the scrum
  • 53. unMotivated teamsWhen an employee resists,an effective leader looks at the employeenot as a problem to be solvedbut as a person to be understood.Nigel Nicolson
  • 54. references “How to motivate your team during Scrum?” by Dimitri Honlet“What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness” by Richard Branson “Happiness Metric - The Wave of the Future” by Jeff Sutherland “Worlds Simplest Management Secret” by Geoffrey James
  • 55. ımages All used images in the documentSlide 01 - 05 - 06 - 13 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 31 - 33 - 39 - 45 - 49 - 50 - 53 -
  • 56. Emaıl:lemiorhan@gmaıl.comTwitter:HTTP://ıorhan Lemİ orhan ergİn