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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Be a master of your tool Do development on a fast computer; Use a big TFT screen; Learn your (guitar) IDE.
  • 2. Research new things Learn new technology frameworks; Dont ask people for advice; Ask people for advice.
  • 3. Drugs and RocknRoll(but not everyday) Dont drink too much coffee; Do not work more than 12 hours; Do not drink before job.
  • 4. Take a rest Go for a walk; Go to a pub on Friday with your colleague; Spend time with your family.
  • 5. Dive in Always dive down deeply Do extensive research before you start coding; Always accept challenges; Spend more time in analyzing the problem, you’ll need less time to fix it.
  • 6. Open source it Share your code and knowledge; Use github to share and find ideas; Share you solutions.
  • 7. Re - Implement Everything Write email clients, web libraries, music players, wikis, blogs, mailing lists, irc bots, news aggregator; Write everything interesting; Enlarge your own experience.
  • 8. DO NOT Re - Implement Everything Use frameworks; Use libraries; Use other guys’ experience; Use patterns.
  • 9. DO NOT make boring things Life is too short to spend it for boring thing; Find an interesting job; Be self motivated; Be really good, you have to be in love with what you do; Try to make something really cool!
  • 10. Simple Questions Do you have passion and joy? Do you pride the thing which you do? Do you care about what you do? Do you become better than you were one year (month, week, day) ago?
  • 11. The only way to go fast is to go well
  • 12. Learn Read books; Participate in discussions; Take beer with colleagues; Participate in conferences.
  • 13. Teach You learn more by helping others; Be patient while helping; Understanding others’ problem in their context, investigating on that and providing solutions; will make you much more educated than before.
  • 14. Find good mentors Join Big company; Join small startup; Join Open Source project; Work with young professionals; Work with strong programming heroes.
  • 15. Git hub it Share your code at github; Contribute to projects that you use; Ask other people for a review; Make review of other people’s code.
  • 16. KISS Keep It Simple and Short
  • 17. Don’t compare yourself with others Your comparison of yourself with others will only result in evolution of negative feelings and un-healthy competition; Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 18. BE effective Have your own to-do list for the day. Do one thing at a time. Do it right. Don’t finish something until it’s completely done. Better late than sorry, BUT better sorry than never.
  • 19. Questions? Twitter : marazmo Skype : nikita.groshin Email: