Predictions 2013: Sales, Marketing and Big Data


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Sales, Marketing & Big Data Predictions for 2013.

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Predictions 2013: Sales, Marketing and Big Data

  1. 1. 2013 PREDICTIONSWhats in Store for Sales, Marketing andBig Data in the New Year? 1 s s s s
  2. 2. What’s in Store for 2013?THIS IS A TRULY EXCITING TIME FOR SALES AND MARKETING TEAMS.Data about customers and prospects is practically exploding, granting tremendousopportunity to those teams who choose to leverage that data into insight. As more andmore data becomes available and buying behavior continues to shift, sales and marketingorganizations must continue to discover new ways of getting in front of customers andprospects at the beginning of the buying cycle.So we wrangled up over 20 thought leaders, venture capitalists, analysts, editors and experts toweigh in on the Big Data for sales and marketing landscape in 2013. The predictions we collectedspan the whole gamut. Is it the end of cloud computing or the rise of Big Data? What newchallenges will sales and marketing teams face in 2013? What is happening to the sales cycle?If you don’t agree or would like to add yours, please do—and please share this withanyone you think would enjoy it.I hope you enjoy reading!shashi upadhyay, ceo, lattice 2 s s s s
  3. 3. 1 Sales Department Needs to Generate Leads ‘ @gregalexanderREP PROSPECTING WILL BE A TOP CHALLENGE IN 2013.In 2012, companies over rotated towards lead generation being the exclusiveresponsibility of the marketing department. Marketing has to do its part, forsure. However, marketing will not be able to produce enough leads to hit thenumber in 2013. Sales has to generate their fair share of the leads. Failure to do These muscles have not been used for a while and reps currently are not very good ’ at generatingso will result in a miss in 2013. Yet, rep prospecting has been neglected for sev- their own leads.eral years. These muscles have not been used for a while and reps currently arenot very good at generating their own leads. Sales departments got caught up Greg Alexander serves as CEO of Sales Benchmark Indexin the hype cycle of marketing automation. (SBI), a professional services firm focused exclusively on salesTHE TRUTH ABOUT B2B MARKETING. Unfortunately, 2012 revealed force effectiveness. He is also the author of three criticallythe truth about modern B2B marketing, which is we still have a long way to go. acclaimed books:The CEOsThere are more failed implementations than there are successful implementations. Guide to Getting More Out of the Sales Force (2010), Making the Number (2008) and Topgrading for Sales (2008). 3 s s s s
  4. 4. ‘THIS REQUIRES SALES TO MAKE A BIG DECISION IN 2013: Big Data toolsA. Trust that marketing will finally “get it” and fill the funnel consistently, or now allow salesB. Take control of their destiny and generate their own leads. ops directors to identify hiddenBIG DATA IMPACT? Big Data has the ability to transform sales ops from atactical department delivering limited value to a strategic department deliver-ing lots of value. How? Before Big Data tools, sales operations directors werereduced to basic report runners due to systems limitations. They were unable ’ growth opportu- nities. Some of these ideas can be the difference between making,to make data meaningful because the process of capturing quality data was or missing,very difficult and costly. the number.IDENTIFYING HIDDEN GROWTH. Big Data tools now allow salesoperations directors to identify hidden growth opportunities. This encouragessenior executives to take action on ideas submitted by the sales ops team.Some of these ideas can be the difference between making, or missing, thenumber. This elevates the people in these jobs from “staffers” to key membersof the executive committee. 4 s s s s
  5. 5. 2 Where Have All the Sales Reps Gone? ‘ @agaffneyA LACK OF INTERACTION. A trend making sales intelligence and data a 51% of buyersnecessity for sales teams is the fact that much of the traditional sales cycle istaking place without any sales involvement. 2012 B2B Buyer Survey conductedby Demand Gen Report found 51% of buyers said they didn’t interact with arepresentative until after they had established a preferred list of vendors and13% didnt engage until after they had put out RFPs or were ready to negotiate said they didnt interact with a representative until after they had established ’ a preferredpricing terms. list of vendors.LATE TO THE GAME. By this point, sales teams are working at a disadvan- Andrew Gaffney is editor of DemandGen Report, a targetedtage and intelligence on the key pain points and areas of interest of a prospect e-media publication focusing onare often the tools that can get teams back in a deal that would have been lost. best practices in lead generation and lead management. Each week DemandGen Report delivers targeted content to close to 25,000 sales & marketing executives across a wide variety of verticals. 5 s s s s
  6. 6. 3 Modern Demand Generation Is Here ‘OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW. In 2012, most sales teamshave come to terms with the fact that their traditional demand generationtactics are no longer effective (i.e. cold calling, trade shows, unsolicited email,etc.). They also understand that marketing holds the keys to modern demand @markroberge The biggest challenges these teams will face is getting their ’generation in the way of content generation and social media participation. content creation engine going.BIGGEST CHALLENGES? In 2013, the biggest challenges these teams Mark Roberge is responsible for the entire sales and serviceswill face is getting their content creation engine going and aligning sales and function at HubSpot, increasingmarketing to work together to successfully attract, nurture and convert leads revenue over 6,000% andinto customers. expanding the team from 1 to 200 employees in five years. These results placed HubSpot #33 on the 2011 INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Mark was also awarded the 2010 Salesperson of the Year at the MIT Sales Conference. 6 s s s s
  7. 7. 4 One Word for Sales Teams: Alignment ‘ @gerhard20THE TOP CHALLENGE OF SALES TEAMS IS ALIGNMENT.As the economy picks up speed and as technology accelerates the salesprocess more and more companies are out of alignment.HERE ARE THE TOP 5 ALIGNMENT CHALLENGES: As the economy picks up speed and technology accelerates the sales process, ’ companies are 1. Align the sales process with the customers buying process out of alignment. 2. Align sales with marketing Gerhard Gschwandtner 3. Align sales information with customer demands for insight is the founder and CEO of Personal Selling Power, 4. Align newly hired sales talent with forever shifting job demands Inc., a magazine and book and customer requirements publishing company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 5. Align people, process and technology Today, in addition to Selling Power magazine, Personal Selling Power, Inc. has a book- publishing division, an online video division, a sales leadership conference series and a website. 7 s s s s
  8. 8. 5 New Accounts: Three Times the Effort ‘ @jimdickieCAPTURING NEW ACCOUNTS IS THE NUMBER ONE OBJECTIVE. Selling to newThe preliminary findings from CSO Insights 2013 Sales Performance Optimization(SPO) study show that capturing new accounts is the number one object forsales organizations for the coming year. But the study also found that sellingto new accounts requires three times the effort compared to selling additionalproducts to existing customers. So how do we make it easier for our sales accounts requires three times the effort compared to selling addi- tional products ’ to existingteams to achieve that goal in 2013? customers.BIG DATA IMPACT? Having benchmarked several firms that are effectively Jim Dickie is the Managing Partner of CSO Insights; aleveraging Big Data, let me share two ideas you may want to use for your own research firm that specializes insales organization for 2013. The first revolves around pointing your sales benchmarking how companies are leveraging people, process,teams in the right direction. A medical products firm shared with us that they and technology to optimize theused Big Data tools to do an analysis of past wins, losses and no decisions. way they market to, sell to andUsing data from their CRM, ERP and support systems, they built a profile of service customers. He has over 29 years of sales and marketing management experience. 8 s s s s
  9. 9. ‘prospects that were more likely to buy from them than others. This included Knowing whosurfacing insights into certain stakeholders they were more effective at they wanted toengaging, certain problems they were more effective at solving, a breakdown focus on was onlyof which competitors to attack and which to avoid, etc. half of the battle.Sales managers then met with each rep to discuss how to leverage these findingsto develop penetration strategies for each territory. The outcome was a clearfocus on where to best invest each rep’s selling time. The insights into prospectdemographics were also shared with marketing so they could develop much to determine would want to spend time ’ They also needed why the prospectmore targeted lead generation campaigns. engaging with them as well. 9 s s s s
  10. 10. 6 Big Data Is Bullshit. ‘BIG DATA IS MINISCULE. Twenty years from now, the thing we call ‘BigData’ will be tiny data. It’ll be microscopic data. The volume that we’re talking ’ @bfeld The key is to figure out whereabout today, in 20 years, is a speck. The key for 2013 with Big Data is to figure you can makeout how you can make a difference. Dont let marketing noise obscure whats a difference.real and what isnt. Brad Feld has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. Brad is also a co-founder of TechStars. Brad currently serves on the board of directors of BigDoor, Cheezburger, Fitbit, FullContact, Gnip, MakerBot, MobileDay, Modular Robotics, Oblong, Orbotix, SEOMoz, Standing Cloud, and Yesware for Foundry Group. 10 s s s s
  11. 11. 7 Insight Selling Over Solution Selling ‘ @brittonmanascoCOMPELLING AND PROVOCATIVE INSIGHTS ACCELERATEBUYING DECISIONS. With a push from the Big Data movement, expectto see B2B sales and marketing leaders put increasing attention on actionableinsights in the coming year. The biggest driver of B2B sales perfor- mance today is a suppliers abil- ’ ity to deliverWHY? Because the B2B sales field is swiftly moving from solution selling to new insights.insight selling. It’s now more critical than ever to bring prospects relevant andprovocative insights that challenge current thinking, provide new perspectives Britton Manasco is a partner with Visibleand vividly make the case for change. As Brent Adamson and Matthew Impact, which works withDixon point out in their thoroughly researched book The Challenger Sale, the B2B companies to develop compelling positioning,biggest driver of B2B sales performance today is “a supplier’s ability to deliver elevate sales conversationsnew insights.”But you can’t provide compelling insights that create a sense of and accelerate buying decisionurgency and accelerate buying decisions unless you’ve done the hard work of cycles. You can reach him at 512-301-4881 or Britton@producing them in the first place. Download a free copy of the ebook The Power of Visual Selling at 11 s s s s
  12. 12. ‘YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK TO MULTIPLE SOURCES. First, Are the discoveriesthere’s the participation of your key sales and marketing stakeholders in the and experiencescreation of your context-setting and status quo shattering insights. In fact, of your existingit’s increasingly clear that vivid, signature stories must be developed through customerscollaboration and consensus if they are to be expressed with conviction. Next, informing thethere’s the voice of the market. Are the discoveries and experiences of your insights youexisting customers informing the insights you offer to prospective ones? Such offer to prospec-evidence is critical if your insights are to be considered valid in the eyes of yourprospect. Finally, there’s sales intelligence—key trends, triggers and trustedconnections that justify an initial meeting with a prospective client. Yourinsights must be deeply relevant to your buyer to create sales momentum. ’ tive one? Such evidence is critical if your insights are to be consid- ered valid in the eyes of yourBIG DATA IS BOTH FEEDING AND FORCING THIS prospect.TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFT IN SELLING. It’s a matter of signal andnoise. While prospective buyers can find vast amounts of information on theirown, they now look to forward-looking suppliers to bring new insights, newperspectives and new directions. And, by providing rich and reliable guidanceof this sort, today’s suppliers become tomorrow’s trusted partners. 12 s s s s
  13. 13. 8 Marketing, Not Sales Will Adopt Big Data Faster @chriscrandell Chris Crandell is PresidentPROSPECTS AND CUSTOMERS ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL of New Business Strategies,OF THEIR B2B AND B2C purchase processes following self-directed, a B2B market strategysocial-influenced and trusted based journey from need recognition through consultancy. She leads client teams serving customerspost-purchase. The impact on vendors is that the average sales cycle is 22% worldwide. Widely publishedlonger than 5 years ago (Sirius Decisions) because of the mismatch between in BusinessWeek, Forbes, B2B Marketing, Investor Businesstoday’s buyer expectations and habits that sales and marketing won’t let go of. Daily,, Sandhill. com and, she has keynoted and spoken onBIG DATA HAS BEGUN TO SHED LIGHT on the steps of buyers’ improving marketing ROI,journey, the characteristics of the best deals and marketing programs that actionable buyers’ journeysdeliver high quality leads and meaningful buyer engagement. Marketing and customer loyalty. Her thought leadership has led towill more quickly embrace the insights from Big Data and change how they recognition in 2012 as one ofengage and enable prospects and build enduring relationships with customers. the top twenty women in Sales and Marketing by the SLMA,As marketing’s ROI and pipeline generation improve they will, over time, one of the top 15 leaders inconvince sales to take a more analytical approach to understanding prospect, social selling, and in 2010 as one of Silicon Valley’s Mostcustomer, pipeline and deal behavior. Influential Women by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. 13 s s s s
  14. 14. 9 Biggest Challenge for Sales in 2013? Hiring. ‘ @keenanTHE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FOR SALES IN 2013 WILL BE HIRING.With the economy improving (assuming the fiscal cliff is avoided) and theelection over, sales organizations will look to upgrade their sales teams. Atthe same time sales people, feeling safer in the improved economy, will startlooking for new opportunities. In spite of this movement, companies will Big Data awareness will grow substantially in 2013 as success stories from ’ early adoptersstruggle at identifying the skills required to be successful. In addition to iden- gain traction.tifying who they need, companies will struggle luring and retaining “A” players.The current sales environment is shrinking the pool of “A” players. In 2013 sales Jim Keenan is the founder and partner of A Sales Guyorganizations will struggle with team development and resource deployment. Consulting. A Sales Guy Consulting helps companiesBIG DATA, BIG TOOL. For the most savvy sales organizations Big Data grow sales. We are a fun, straight forward consultingwill be used to assess where the biggest opportunities are and therefore the company that relishes thetypes of skills and sales people need to be successful. Unfortunately, few challenge of taking companies from point A to point B in ascompanies will possess the organizational savvy to capitalize on Big Data 2013. little time as possible.  We get it.  It’s no fun when you’re not making your numbers. 14 s s s s
  15. 15. ‘THE BIG “A”. Big Data in 2013 will be about the “A.” However, the “A” is Big Data adoptionnot for adoption but for awareness. Big Data awareness will grow substantially will continue toin 2013 as success stories from early adopters gain traction. Larger companies avoid small andand sales organizations with the available resources will implement small medium sizedtrials or tests. Due to the complexity of Big Data implementations wide-spreadadoption of Big Data will be relatively low through out the general sales world.Big Data adoption will continue to avoid small and medium sized business in2013, yet awareness will increase substantially, potentially setting up a strongeradoption in 2014. business in 2013, yet awareness will increase substantially, potentially set- ’ ting up a stronger adoption in 2014. 15 s s s s
  16. 16. 10 Intelligent Leads @davidabrock Dave Brock has spentHIGH PERFORMANCE SALES HONE IN ON PROSPECTS. In 2013, his career developing highhigh performance sales organizations will be starting to provide their sales performance organizations.people with “intelligent leads.” Today, those companies are leveraging market- He worked in sales, marketing and executive managementing automation systems, lead nurturing, lead scoring and other techniques to capacities with IBM,provide high sales accepted leads. Tektronix and Keithley Instruments. His consulting clients include companies inBY INCORPORATING RICH ANALYTICS, these organizations will make the semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, consumer products,quantum leaps in lead quality/conversions. “Intelligent leads” will extend lead computer, telecommunications,scoring into identifying people with a high propensity to buy. “Intelligent leads” retailing, internet, software,will provide a rich profile of the individual, not only where they are in the nur- professional and financial services industries.turing process, but it will incorporate data from multiple internal and externalresources. “Intelligent leads” will provide the sales person not only the insightof when to talk to the person, but what we should be talking to them aboutand how we should be talking to them. 16 s s s s
  17. 17. ‘BIG DATA IMPACT? Companies leveraging Big Data and “intelligent leads” Intelligent leadswill find this capability to be their competitive advantage and differentiator, will provide thefurther distancing themselves from their competition. sales person not only the insight“INTELLIGENT LEADS” WILL DRIVE A MUCH RICHER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Customers will actually welcome contacts from salespeople because the timeliness and content of these discussions will be focused onwhat interests them at the moments their interests are highest. Salespeoplewill be relevant, creating value in the initial contact and every subsequent exchange. the person, but ’ of when to talk to what we should be talking to them about and how we should be talking to them. 17 s s s s
  18. 18. 11 Top Challenges ‘ @mpmccarroll 1. chieve/Exceed Revenue Targets (especially given the mediocre A economy). Growth targets are consistently set well above GDP growth. Growth generally requires taking significant market share. 2. amp New Reps Faster. New reps have to be able to find targets, R Gaining the interest and time of channel partners is an immediate way ’ engage them and convert them much faster. to expand sales capacity. 3. ngage More Clients Effectively Via Phone, Web and E Lower-Cost Channels. Cost of sales must reduce to accommodate more Michael McCarroll is the SVP of Sales at Lattice. He is reps and coverage effective engagement via lower cost phone or web responsible for developing new channels is an imperative. relationships and expanding existing relationships through 4. everage Channel Partners to Expand Sales Coverage. Gaining the L the achievement of customer revenue lift. Prior to Lattice interest and time of channel partners is an immediate way to expand sales Engines, Michael was co- capacity at low/no sales cost. founder and President of SAAS-based analytics software provider InformLink (acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation in 2003). 18 s s s s
  19. 19. ‘BIG DATA IMPACT? Growth targets 1. Tells Reps What a Customer May Care About. Helps rep to infer customer needs. 2. elps a Rep Start a Conversation. Helps rep to start a relevant H conversation. GDP growth. ’ are consistently set well above Growth generally requires taking significant market share. 19 s s s s
  20. 20. 12 Seeking A Better Customer Understanding @heidimelin Heidi Melin brings a valuableBIG DATA WILL CAPTURE ONLINE BEHAVIOR. In 2013 I predict track record of proven successcompanies will continue to seek a deeper understanding of buyers and the leading marketing teams atfoundation for achieving this will be Big Data. Marketers will leverage their some of the most recognized brands in Silicon Valley. Herecosystem of technology and the insight it provides to further understand focus at Eloqua is on generatingtheir buyers’ ‘digital body language.’ The explosion of available data, beyond the brand’s thought leadership in the SaaS sector and drivingdemographics, that captures a prospect’s online behavior will help organiza- demand. Melin comes totions move potential customers through the buying stages by delivering the Eloqua from Taleo, which was recently acquired by Oracleright information at the right time in their journey from awareness to consid- Corporation, where she waseration to, ultimately, purchase. If marketers can take advantage of Big Data, CMO. Prior to Taleo, shecompanies will benefit from the insights necessary to drive revenue. served as CMO of Polycom Inc., where she helped turn the brand into a leader in unified communications. Before joining Polycom, Heidi was CMO at Hyperion Solutions Corp. (now Oracle Hyperion), where she led a brand strategy that led to renewed recognition within the business intelligence space. 20 s s s s
  21. 21. 13 Online Sales Replace The Sales Person? @JFAssocsTHE VIRTUAL SALES TAKE OVER. To begin with, I think it is important Jonathan Farrington is a globally recognizedwe accept that virtually anything that can be purchased online with a credit business coach, mentor,card does not require the input from a salesman/saleswoman—these are the author, consultant and sales thought leader, who hasnew “commodity sales,” including so many products that in the past have been guided hundreds of companiessold traditionally, for example, I.T. equipment, software, financial products, mo- and more than one hundredtor vehicles, clothes, food, etc. I estimate that 80-90% of all B2B transactions thousand frontline salespeople and sales leaders towardswill be conducted online within three years, including high-end solutions that optimum performance levels.require some level of consultation, which will be provided via video conferencing. He is the Senior Partner at Jonathan Farrington This is a harsh economic reality. Associates, Chairman of The JF Corporation and CEO of Top Sales Associates, based in London Paris. You can also catch his popular award-winning blog here—The JF Blogit. 21 s s s s
  22. 22. ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. The remaining 10-20% external sales The remainingprofessionals that are left will become far more sophisticated—they will have 10-20% of externalto be in order to survive. Their basic skills-set will include very high levels ofcommercial acumen, industry/sector/market knowledge. They will speak thelanguage of the buyer. They will be a rare and highly valued commodity!JOE AVERAGE. But my biggest concern is for the “Joe Average” external ’ sales professionals that are left will become far more sophisticated— they will havesalesmen and women. These are the order-takers; the “just popped in for a to be in orderchat to see if there is anything going” people; the courtesy callers; the shelf- to survive.stackers; the “I’m here if you need me” and the “He will always buy from mebecause he likes me” operators.WHAT IS TO BECOME OF THEM? They are going to be consigned tothe annals of sales history. They will become extinct—it is already happening. 22 s s s s
  23. 23. 14 Trust Is Not Enough ‘BIG DATA ALLOWS US TO TARGET BETTER. Advocates willsay that the benefit of Big Data is that it organizes disparate sources ofinformation to allow us to target better, be smarter about our business ’ @CFrancisVoice While we cant ignore Big Data, we do have toand make better decisions. learn to sell differently.FOR SALES PEOPLE, I’M NOT SURE THAT WILL BE A BENEFIT IN Colleen Francis is the2013. Why? More data. And more options. And more decision points. And founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions andmore complex matrixed decision committee. And more opinions. Equals one one of the top 5 sales trainers inconfused buyer, longer sales cycles and more losses. the market—Sales Marketing Magazine. Colleen is driven by a passion for sales—andWhile we can’t ignore Big Data, we do have to learn to sell differently in spite results. A successful sales professional for over 20 years,of it. This is the transformation I see smart companies making in 2013. she understands the challenges of selling in todays market and how traditional sales techniques from decades ago often fall short. 23 s s s s
  24. 24. ‘THE RELATIONSHIP IS KING. For many years, developing trust and If a prospectrapport was considered the hallmark of a great sales process. Driving sales trusts you morerequired exposing your sales team to a maximum number of prospects anddeveloping trust and rapport with those prospects. Important is not theexposure but the relationship.BUILDING TRUST. The theory has always been that, all things being equal, than another when the time ’ potential supplier, comes for them to make a purchase,if a prospect trusts you more than another potential supplier, when the time youve woncomes for them to make a purchase, you’ve won their business. But today, just the business.knowing, liking and trusting a potential supplier is not enough. It’s importantthat the prospect also sees you as an expert in their business. One that theycan trust not only personally but professionally to guide them through theirpurchase and future business problems.BIG DATA HELPS ORGANIZE. Advocates will say that the benefit ofBig Data is that it organizes disparate sources of information to allow us totarget better, be smarter about our business and make better decisions. 24 s s s s
  25. 25. 15 Sales People Will Require More Data Initially @kendraleekla Kendra Lee is a Top 50 SalesITS MORE THAN JUST LOOKING AT THE WEBSITE. The days Marketing Influencer for 2012of salespeople educating themselves about a prospects company simply by and Top 25 Influential Leader invisiting their website are over. Because of the plethora of information available, Sales for 2012. She is a Prospect Attraction Expert, presidentprospects expect that any sales rep approaching them has done their research. of KLA Group, and author of the award-winning book Selling Against the Goal and The SalesTHE BENEFITS OF BIG DATA ON HAND. Having Big Data available Magnet (coming January 2013).at your fingertips allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group helps mid-marketimmediately. In 2013 sellers will more carefully research top prospects to offer companies break through toughvaluable insights from their first conversation. prospecting barriers to exceed revenue goals. Ms. Lee is a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and events. To find out more about the author and her “Get More Customers” strategies, visit www.klagroup. com or call +1 303-741-6636. 25 s s s s
  26. 26. ‘BIG DATA WILL CONTINUE TO BE CRITICAL IN LEAD You can noGENERATION. One of the most important things companies must do is longer expect toto create lead generation campaigns that are personally tailored to the be heard abovesegments being targeted.STANDING OUT IN THE CROWD. There are more people conductingemail campaigns, hosting webinars and utilizing other Internet-centricmarketing vehicles than ever before. You can no longer expect to be heard the noise without a message that distinguishes you. Big Data allows you to be highly ’above the noise without a message that distinguishes you. Big Data allows relevant to youryou to be highly relevant to your target segments and will be a critical success target segments.factor in lead generation throughout 2013 and beyond. 26 s s s s
  27. 27. 16 The Big Data Ecosystem @agoldfisher Alastair Goldfisher isANALYZE THIS: VCS, ENTREPRENEURS ALREADY ARE Editor of Venture CapitalBUILDING THE BIG DATA ECOSYSTEM. It’s easy to dismiss “Big Data” Journal, a Thomson Reutersas just another saying that’s sweeping the national tech communities from publication that covers the VC industry. He also contributes toSilicon Valley to Silicon Alley. But Big Data is much more than the latest Alastair primarilycatchphrase. It’s all about managing and making sense of a growing volume reports on venture capital and startups—pretty much anythingof information and statistics that countless Internet companies and mobile app dealing with fundraising,developers are collecting on their users. investment trends, personnel news and other topics about the VC industry. Alastair hasNOT JUST FOR STATISTICIANS. And what’s important to note is that worked as a business journalistBig Data is not just for statisticians in white lab coats. The amount of business since 1994. He’s been at Thomson Reuters since 2003.intelligence that is accumulated affects every online company, no matter its Previously, he was the foundingsize nor its sector focus. Marinexplore, for example, operates a Big Data editor of California CEO and a reporter with the San Joseplatform to catalog information on the world’s oceans and has accumulated Business Journal. He lives in themore than 1.2 billion measurements taken from a variety of devices. Similarly, San Francisco Bay Area. 27 s s s s
  28. 28. ‘Practice Fusion, which has raised more than $65 million in VC funding, Companies likeoperates a platform to manage health records. To date, the company Marineexplorehas amassed more than 50 million de-identified patient records in its and Practicedatabase, which is more than three times the VA (7.5 million) and Kaiser(8.5 million) combined.INTO THE HANDS OF ORDINARY USERS. Companies like Marinex-plore and Practice Fusion are taking Big Data out of the realm of research and Fusion are taking Big Data out of the realm of research and putting it into the ’putting it into the hands of ordinary business users. Entrepreneurs should take hands of ordinarycomfort in knowing that more investors are paying attention to the business users.notion of Big Data. In 2011, VCs invested nearly $2.5 billion in Big Data-relatedstartups, compared to a little more than $1.5 billion in 2010 and $1.1 billion in2009, according to Thomson Reuters (where I serve as editor of VentureCapital Journal). It’s believed that the flow of VC dollars will continue to pourinto the pockets of Big Data entrepreneurs in the coming years. Research firmIDC estimates that Big Data tech spending will jump from $3.2 billion in 2010to an estimated $16.9 billion by 2015 and several VCs are already getting inline to fund future startups. 28 s s s s
  29. 29. ‘BIG DATA IS FLUSH WITH FUNDING. In early 2012, Accel Partners Accel Partnerslaunched a $100 million fund to invest in early stage and growth companies launched a $100throughout the worldwide Big Data ecosystem, from next generation storageand data management platforms to a range of software developers and ser-vice providers. Similarly, Data Collective got started two years ago to invest incompanies that manage complex databases and provide faster processing ofinformation. The firm is currently in the process of raising its first institutional ’ million fund to in- vest in early stage and growth com- panies throughout the worldwidefund, which industry watchers expect to reach between $50 million and $100 Big Datamillion. VCs and entrepreneurs sense an opportunity, and are ready to jump ecosystem.into the fray. The data doesn’t lie. 29 s s s s
  30. 30. 17 Machine Age Predictions @shashiSF Shashi Upadhyay is thePUTTING TRUST IN THE SYSTEM. Sales and marketing professionals CEO and co-founder of Latticewill become more and more comfortable with the predictions made by Big Engines. Since the company’sData systems. Most organizations will start small by experimenting outside the founding, Lattice has changed the lives of tens of thousandscore, e.g., with new products or prospecting for new customers, but over time of sales professionals withwill gain the confidence to run a large part of their marketing and sales efforts award-winning technology that enables them to be moreinformed by machine-driven predictions. In a fairly significant change from the successful and their companiesCloud transition, this Big Data wave will be driven by large enterprises first. to drive more revenue. Before Lattice, Shashi was a partner at McKinsey Company where he advised several Fortune 500 clients on improving their productivity. He has also served as an expert resource to CEOs of several companies to help conduct operational and strategic turnarounds. 30 s s s s
  31. 31. 18 Close Faster, Reap the Rewards @annekeseley Anneke Seley has been aTOP CHALLENGES. In 2013, as in every year, sales teams will be looking to champion of innovative salesclose more sales faster and find incremental revenue. thinking for over twenty years. She is the CEO and founder of Reality Works Group (formerlyBIG DATA PREDICTION. Without the sales insights made possible by Big Phone Works), a global salesData, sales teams will waste a lot of time and alienate a large number of buyers strategy and implementation services and content develop-who arent ready to buy or will never buy. Forward-thinking “Sales 2.0” com- ment firm that delivers revenuepanies have recognized that selling strategies informed by data and enabled results in todays new Sales 2.0 reality. With expertise in phone/by technology lead to measurably better business results and happier custom- online/social selling, Realityers. Big Data and analytics have already contributed to major advances across Works Group has helped overindustries and functions and its time for sales to reap these rewards as well. 450 clients increase revenue at decreased cost using SalesThere are tremendous opportunities to identify prospects and customers who 2.0 practices—measurable,are most likely to buy fastest, engage with them in a way that is relevant and predictable, scalable selling combined with bettermeaningful and measure and predict sales productivity gains. Sales executives engagement and relationshipswho embrace these opportunities will lead us into a future of better selling. with customers. 31 s s s s
  32. 32. 19 The End of Sales As We Know It Howard Stevens isGET READY FOR THE RISE OF THE NEW “PROFESSION OF SALES.” Chairman and CEO ofUniversity raised, multi-skilled, customer focused and accomplished in multiple Chally Group Worldwide, adisciplines: personally adding value to their customers business and driving rev- research firm focused on Talent Management, Leadershipenue and prosperity as never imagined before. Development and Sales and Productivity Improvement. Chally provides both talentThe new “professional salesperson” is versed in the emerging science of and productivity audits atprofessional B2B sales. Supported by true sales analytics and personally a corporate, functional and individual level as well asproviding added value, she is changing the game—not only in our national personnel assessments ineconomy, but also across the global economic landscape. 23 languages. Our research services support over 2,500 customers in 49 countries.LACK OF SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT. Historically, sales had lacked the science Clients include such diverseto support innovative solutions and reliable results. Sales executives had to rely international corporations as IBM, American Familyon their own experience and intuition for many of their most critical decisions. Insurance, General Motors, Verizon, Sara Lee, Siemens, Xerox and Johnson Controls as well as many mid- and smaller-sized companies. 32 s s s s
  33. 33. ‘Over the past century, other business functions (unlike sales) were not onlyinnovating new products and services, but also applying Total Quality Man-agement (TQM) to achieve significant cost reductions and product reliability. had lacked the science to ’ Historically, sales support innovativeInitiating Process Improvement and six sigma principles to leverage global solutions andresources to produce flexibly tailored products and services that fit precisely reliable an individual customer’s needs.AS A RESULT, THE COMPETITIVE EQUATION HAS CHANGEDIRREVOCABLY. The parity of products, services, features and options hasdiminished their competitive advantage.THE MODERN VALUE DIFFERENTIATOR IS NOW THE SALESFORCE ITSELF. Where value-added salespeople are absent, vendors areonly distributing commodities…although some have not yet discovered that. 33 s s s s
  34. 34. ‘AN OUTPOURING OF TOOLS. Modern Data Analytics has upgraded The year 2013 willtraditional sales toward TQSalesMTM to drive a real sales science. Theyear 2013 will see a continuing outpour of tools that measure, track and drivesuccess for an individual or the entire sales force. These tools monitor: 1. What Customers Both Need and Want at an individual level see a continuing outpour of tools that measure, track and drive success for an ’ individual or the 2. hich Salespeople Can Deliver That Value: Detailed, precise W entire sales force. measures of critical competencies 3. hich Salespeople Will Perfrom: Motivation is a key. Who is W “hungry” and motivated to succeed according to the effort invested 4. How Well are They Performing: Bottom-line process tools measuring tasks that directly and indirectly lead to revenue • Are performed tasks matching the capability or potential? • Are there areas of additional coaching or training required? 5. isk Factors and Derailers: With the position itself causing stress R and under performance. With their manager, team members or support staff also causing conflict and reduced sales 34 s s s s
  35. 35. ‘“BIG SALES DATA” BRINGS PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TO SALES, Big Data empow- empowering salespeople, increasing success ratios, minimizing costs and ers salespeople, providing the instant flexibility to design and redesign solutions to win the business, retain the business and leverage that success to drive additional business. increases success ratios, minimizes costs and pro- vides instant flexibility to ’ design solutions to win business. 35 s s s s
  36. 36. 20 Bridging the Gap @brennermichael Michael Brenner is aLEARNING WHAT THE CUSTOMER NEEDS. My biggest prediction senior director of Intergratedfor 2013 in marketing is that organizations will begin to address the gap Marketing for SAP. He is thebetween the way our customers seek information during the buying process author of B2B Marketing Insider, is the foundingand the gaps in the information marketers provide. This will create a greater editor of the SAP Businessneed for new roles to be created in many more companies. Roles such as Innovation blog, and also is a co-founder of the social newsContent Strategist, Chief Content Office, Data Scientists (in marketing) and site Business Managers (Marketers spreading into other departments like Michael has been working in marketing for nearly 2 decadessales and customer support). These roles will help companies to bridge the in various roles where he hasgaps and address the changing buyer journey. used customer insights to drive sales, return on investment, and customer loyalty through effective sales and marketing strategies. 36 s s s s
  37. 37. 21 Selling Will Become Even More Challenging ‘SELLING HAS BEEN A CHALLENGING CAREER, especially for peopleselling business-to-business. However, it is unlikely going to get easier. In fact,in many ways, it will probably become even more challenging. Here are the topthree challenges I believe will plague sales people in the upcoming year. @FearlessSelling Selling is unlikely to get easier. In fact, in many ways, it will ’ probably become more challenging. 1. onnecting with Decision Makers.This has always been one of the C top challenges that sales people face. Corporate decision makers are Kelley Robertson helps people master their sales inundated with people trying to sell a product or service. Decision conversations so they can win makers will be busier than ever which means it will become even more more business and increase difficult to connect with them. And when you do connect, they will be their sales. He does this by conducting sales training more reluctant to meet with you due to the demands on their time. workshops and keynote speeches at conferences and sales meetings. Contact Kelley G atekeepers and executive assistants will become even more protective to speak at your sales event: of their boss’s time so you will need a powerful value proposition if you 905-633-7750 or Kelley@ want them to connect you with their executive. 37 s s s s