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Logo design powerpoint

  1. 1. For Client Mrs Lynn CordellOwner of Intuitive Marketing - iGroup
  2. 2. This was my first design, the font I haveused forthe text is called Kabel Book BT. Bothpieces of text ‘iGroup’ and ‘We Engage’ arein the same font. I really like the positioningof this logo, the logo is a small cube whichlooks like as if its opening up. I think thecube gives the effect of how the companyalways has new ideas and inspires to openup with all full potential. The cube is the mainconsentractional point of this logo. The textthen comes below it equally giving the logo abalanced look and feel. Colour ideas?
  3. 3. This is my second design, the logo is twoarrows, the lowest one being the biggest. Botharrows are bent in a V letter way I think thiscould symbolise that the company are alwaysaiming to do better. The text I have used iscalled Marketing Script and I have used this fontfor both the text included in this logo. I like theresult of this logo design and want to startworking to improve the piece. Colour ideas? Font acceptable?
  4. 4. This is my third and favourite design out ofall the six that I have made. The text I haveused is called Albertus Medium and I haveused it for both parts of the text in this logo.This is my favourite design because I lovethe globe with the ‘paper cut’ look men. Ithink it gives the logo a look that says ‘appeals to all’. I also love how it looks veryunique. I look forward to giving the logo acoloured version look. Any preferences?
  5. 5. This is my fourth design. This is definitely oneof the more simple designs out of the six, butsometimes simple can be better! The font Ihave used for the first line ‘iGroup’ is calledPalermo and the second line of text is a fontcalled Kabel Book BT. My opinion is that thislogo will look more modern with colour.
  6. 6. This is my fifth design out of the six. This logodefinitely has a modern look and feel to it –the circle of twirls will look great when colouris added to its finial design. The text is prettystandard being in the font ‘Kabel Book BT’.The positing of this logo is very balanced andeven though the circle design had a lot goingon it does not look over complicated.
  7. 7. This is my final design – it is another one of mymore simple designs out of them all. The textis simple being in the font Kabel Book BT andall there is to this is a shooting star effect. I likethis design because even though it was simpleto make, it does not look it. I am excited to putsome colour into it and if I need to change thepositioning of anything in this logo it can bedone easily to make it look its best.