Final logo designs
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Final logo designs






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Final logo designs Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Final LogoDesignsFor Lynn Cordell – Owner of IntuitiveMarketing
  • 2. • After your feedback I was able to try to the best of my potential to give you results that you were 100% satisfied with. As for colour you asked to have colours that were bright like the colours you have on your official website. All logo’s I have designed are colourful. I have also tweaked some of the positioning of the logo’s to make them more improved. As for issues you had none other than the colours you wanted to see.Your feedback!
  • 3. This is my favourite design out of them all. I have changed a few things about this logo since the first version you saw. I have used a light pink, purple, green and yellow to block colour in the paper cut men globe. I love the effect this is giving off, a soft but vibrant look. I have changed the positing off the logo, putting the globe in the middle and the text ‘iGroup’ over the middle of the globe. I also changed the text ‘We Engage’ to give it a more classy finished look.First Design;
  • 4. This is my second updated design. This is one of the logo’s that Ipreviously mentioned looked quite simple and plain but with colour Ithink it looks very attention-grabbing. I gave the text ‘iGroup’ a darkblue colour. The ring that is the centre of the logo I gave a lightfresh green colour, and the text ‘We Engage’ didn’t change colour. Ithink the dark blue and the zingy green go well together. I amhappy with the end result of this particular logo design.Second Design;
  • 5. This is my third design, the updated version. Ihavent changed much when it came to improvingthis logo because there wasn’t much to change.The cube part of this logo I have coloured, the toppart being a deep purple, the bottom part being abright light green and the left hand side being alight grey colour. I really like how the cube lookscolourful even when 1/3 of it is grey. I kept thetext in the same font but instead of the colour ofthe font being black I changed it to a grey colourbecause I though the black text looked to harsh. Iam happy with the final outcome of this logo. Third Design
  • 6. My fourth design out of the six. When looking at the black and whiteversion of this design I knew that it would work even better in colour. Ihavent changed the font at all but changed the colour of the text to agrey colour instead of a black. For the spiral circle design I have useda different colour for each part of the spiral to give it a burst of colour.The colours I have used starting from the top are yellow, orange, lightblue, dark blue, deep purple, red, fuchsia pink, grey and green. I amvery contented with this design! Fourth Design
  • 7. This design is very different from the rest –I have only used two block colours – abright yellow and a deep purple. I colouredthe larger arrow which is the bottom arrowyellow, and the top arrow purple. I did thesame colour scheme to the text below thearrow design. The text ‘iGroup’ wascoloured a purple, and the text ‘WeEngage’ is a yellow. The only change tothis design was colour. Fifth Design
  • 8. Sixth Design