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2011 Top 40 CRM Software Vendors
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2011 Top 40 CRM Software Vendors


Profiles of the leading CRM Vendors

Profiles of the leading CRM Vendors

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  • CRM software is an application to support the customer-facing employees from marketing, sales, and service departments help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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  • 1. TOP 40CRM SOFTWARE VENDORSREVEALED2011 EditionProfiles of the Leading CRMSoftware VendorsFor more information, visitBusiness-Software.com/CRM
  • 2. CRM Solutions CRM SolutionsFor businesses of all sizes, acquiring, retaining, and supporting customers is more What is On-Premise CRM?challenging than ever before. Activities that were already complex have become highly- On-premise CRM, also known as licensed, on-site, or in-house CRM, is a customercomplicated, multi-faceted workflows and procedures that are difficult to coordinate, relationship management application that is housed at a client’s location, and managedtrack and manage. Marketing teams must plan and develop an increasing number by its own employees. Internal IT personnel are responsible for installing all hardwareof sophisticated campaigns, and deliver them through multiple mediums. Sales reps and software components, integrating the solution with existing systems, deploying itmust follow-up on hundreds of new leads, while juggling existing sales cycles. Support to end-users, and storing all related data. System administration, upgrades, and otherstaff must rapidly resolve a growing volume of customer problems and issues. And, routine maintenance are also performed by IT staff.management must oversee customer-facing operations across all departments, andensure that all client interactions are handled in a responsive and professional manner. What is Mobile CRM? A mobile CRM application is a powerful, full-featured software solution that allows fieldCustomer relationship management (CRM) systems has emerged as a way for workers – such as sales representatives, service staff, and support teams – to accessbusinesses to streamline customer-related processes across functional areas, increase and interact with customer data while they’re on the road. Using cell phones, Blackberrythe efficiency and effectiveness of customer transactions at all levels, and optimize devices, Windows Pocket PCs, and other Web-enabled handheld appliances, usersservice quality at each touch-point. Within the CRM world, there are many types of can retrieve and update customer-related information from back-end systems, managesolutions, each having their own flavor, and each meeting different business needs. opportunities and jobs, process orders, check inventory levels, and much more, just as easily as if they were in the office.What is Enterprise CRM?Enterprise customer relationship management is a family of tightly-integrated Key Benefits of CRM Solutions for Your Companyapplications that span both front- and back-office operations throughout a company. CRM solutions can help your business enhance the way it interacts with and servicesThese solutions – which include sales force, marketing, contact center, and help desk customers through multiple channels and divisions. With a CRM suite, you canautomation systems – seamlessly coordinate and consolidate the disparate, repetitive deploy company-wide best practices, implementing consistent, effective, and efficientprocesses and silo-ed data that often exist across multiple customer-facing business processes across departments and business units, to ensure a positive end-to-endunits. With enterprise CRM, all sales, marketing, service, and support staff can share experience for your customer.information and work in synch to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships.What is Hosted CRM?Hosted CRM, also known as on-demand CRM, provides a simpler, faster, and moreaffordable way for businesses to take advantage of powerful technology tools thatstreamline and automate the way customer interactions are managed across touch-points. With hosted CRM, all hardware and software components are purchased,installed, tested, and maintained by a third-party hosting provider at a remote site. Thehosting service provider also stores and manages all customer-related data. Companiesneed nothing more than a standard Web browser to access and utilize the CRMapplication and its features.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 3. About the Report Vendor MatrixOur Goal eBusiness-Software.com’s Top 0 CRM Vendor report is intended to be used as a guide rvicto help end-users in their vendor selection process. Given the wide array of CRM aS Se e ter mis /Sa se gvendors currently in the marketplace, Business-Software.com helps users navigate er e etin n pri om z Ce e ed -Si -Prthis universe by categorizing the top CRM 0 vendors by functionality, delivery model, all ter ite rk st st A ll Mid Sm Ma On Cu Ca SF Ho Su Encustomer focus, and other criteria. In addition to including an “at-a-glance” matrix thatcompares the top 0 CRM vendors and vendor category lists, Business-Software also Company Namepresents high-level summaries for each of these vendors to help end-users identify 1 NetSuite x x x x x x x xwhich best meet their specific business requirements. 2 SAP x x x x x x x x x  Maximizer x x x x x x x x  Pivotal (CDC Software) x x x x x x x xTypes of CRM Vendors  Microsoft Dynamics x x x x x x x x x xThe landscape of CRM vendors is wide and varied. Some vendors are focused on 6 Salesforce.com x x x x x x x x xthe entire enterprise solution, while others have specific functional specialties such as 7 Sage x x x x x x x x xMarketing Automation or Customer Service. Some vendors offer solutions that are more 8 Adapt CRM x x x x x x 9 Amdocs x x x x x x xideally suited for small or medium-sized businesses while others are optimal for large 10 AppShore x x x xorganizations. Some vendors offer a monthly-subscription model (SAAS – “software 11 Avidian Technologies x x x x xas a service”) while others price based on number of seats. Lastly, some have an on- 12 C2CRM x x x x x x x x xpremise solution while others are hosted on the web. Depending on an organization’s 1 ClaritySoft x x x x x xspecific needs, there will be one or more vendors that will be deemed more suitable. 1 coAction x x x x x 16 Consona x x x x x x x 17 Eloqua x x x xReport Contents 18 eSalesTrack x x x x x x xWe’ve organized the contents in this report to best facilitate the research process. The 19 FrontRange x x x x x x x x xreport is organized in the following way: 20 Infor x x x x x x x1) Vendor Matrix – includes an “at-a-glance” matrix that lists the vendors by row and 21 Infusion x x x x xvarious categories by column 22 InsideSales.com x x x x x2) Vendor Categories – includes list of vendors by different categories 2 Ivinex x x x x x x 2 Kana x x x x) Vendor Profiles – includes a high-level profile for each of the 0 CRM vendors in the 2 Landslide x x x xreport 26 Marketo x x x x 27 Oncontact Software x x x x x x xIn Summary 28 Oracle x x x x x x x x x xThe vendors highlighted in this report represent the top companies in the CRM space 29 Parature x x x x 0 Commence x x x x x x x xand are categorized by different criteria. We hope you will find this report a useful 1 RightNow x x x x x x x xresearch tool as you begin to narrow your search for the right CRM vendor that meets 2 webCRM x x x x x x x xyour business needs.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.  © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 4. Vendor Matrix Vendor Categories Suite Marketing Customer Service e 1 NetSuite 1 NetSuite 1 NetSuite rvic aS Se 2 SAP 2 SAP 2 SAP e ter mis /Sa se g er  Maximizer  Maximizer  Maximizer e etin n pri om z Ce e ed -Si -Pr  Pivotal (CDC Software)  Pivotal (CDC Software)  Pivotal (CDC Software) all ter ite rk st st A ll Mid Sm Ma On Cu Ca SF Ho Su En  Microsoft Dynamics  Microsoft Dynamics  Microsoft Dynamics Company Name 6 Salesforce.com 6 Salesforce.com 6 Salesforce.com VAI x x x x x x x x 7 Sage 7 Sage 7 Sage Salesnet x x x x 8 Amdocs 8 Adapt CRM 8 Adapt CRM SalesNexus x x x x 9 C2CRM 9 Amdocs 9 Amdocs6 Soffront x x x x x x x 10 Consona 10 AppShore 10 C2CRM7 SugarCRM x x x x x x x x 11 eSalesTrack 11 C2CRM 11 Chordiant8 Surado CRM x x x x x x x x x x 12 FrontRange 12 ClaritySoft 12 Consona9 Tracker-RMS x x x x x x x 1 Infor 1 Consona 1 eSalesTrack0 Workbooks.com x x x x x x x 1 Oncontact Software 1 Eloqua 1 FrontRange1 Zoho x x x x x x 1 Oracle 1 eSalesTrack 1 Infor 16 Commence 16 FrontRange 16 Infusion 17 RightNow 17 Infor 17 Ivinex 18 VAI 18 Infusion 18 Kana 19 Soffront 19 Marketo 19 Oncontact Software 20 SugarCRM 20 Oncontact Software 20 Oracle 21 Surado CRM 21 Oracle 21 Parature 22 Workbooks.com 22 Commence 22 Commence 2 Zoho 2 RightNow 2 RightNow 2 webCRM 2 webCRM 2 Soffront 2 Soffront 26 SugarCRM 26 Sugar CRM 27 Surado CRM 27 Surado CRM 28 Tracker-RMS 28 Tracker-RMS 29 Workbooks.com 29 Workbooks.com 0 Zoho 0 Zoho © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 5. Vendor Categories Vendor Categories Call Center SFA Hosted On-Premise1 SAP 1 NetSuite 1 NetSuite 1 SAP2 Pivotal (CDC Software) 2 SAP 2 SAP 2 Maximizer Microsoft Dynamics  Maximizer  Microsoft Dynamics  Pivotal (CDC Software) Salesforce.com  Pivotal (CDC Software)  Salesforce.com  Microsoft Dynamics Amdocs  Microsoft Dynamics  Sage  Sage6 C2CRM 6 Salesforce.com 6 AppShore 6 Adapt CRM7 FrontRange 7 Sage 7 Avidian Technologies 7 Amdocs8 Infor 8 Adapt CRM 8 C2CRM 8 Avidian Technologies9 InsideSales.com 9 Amdocs 9 ClairtySoft 9 C2CRM10 Oracle 10 AppShore 10 coAction 10 ClaritySoft11 RightNow 11 Avidian Technologies 11 Eloqua 11 Consona12 webCRM 12 C2CRM 12 eSalesTrack 12 FrontRange1 Surado CRM 1 ClaritySoft 1 Infusion 1 Infor 1 coActoin 1 InsideSales.com 1 Kana 1 Consona 1 Ivinex 1 Oncontact Software 16 eSalesTrack 17 FrontRange 16 Landslide 16 Oracle 18 Infor 17 Marketo 17 Commence 19 Infusion 18 Oncontact Software 18 VAI 20 InsideSales.com 19 Oracle 19 SugarCRM 21 Ivinex 20 Parature 20 Surado CRM 22 Landslide 21 Commence 2 Oncontact Software 22 RightNow 2 Oracle 2 webCRM 2 Commence 2 VAI 26 RightNow 2 Salesnet 27 webCRM 26 SalesNexus 28 VAI 27 Soffront 29 Salesnet 28 SugarCRM 0 SalesNexus 29 Surado CRM 1 Soffront 0 Tracker-RMS 2 SugarCRM 1 Workbooks.com  Surado CRM 2 Zoho  Tracker-RMS  Workbooks.com 6 Zoho© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 6. Vendor Categories Enterprise Mid-Size Small www.netsuite.com | info@netsuite.com | 60-627-10001 NetSuite 1 NetSuite 1 NetSuite2 SAP 2 SAP 2 Maximizer Maximizer  Maximizer  Microsoft Dynamics HigHligHts Pivotal (CDC Software)  Pivotal (CDC Software)  Salesforce.com * The #1 web-based accounting system with over 6,600 customers worldwide Microsoft Dynamics  Microsoft Dynamics  Sage * Anytime, anywhere access, and reduced technology costs with SaaS6 Salesforce.com 6 Salesforce.com 6 Adapt CRM * NetSuite receives ISM’s Top 15 CRM Software Award in 20097 Sage 7 Sage 7 AppShore * NetSuite Inc. receives 2009 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction8 Amdocs 8 Adapt CRM 8 Avidian Technologies Solutions Magazine9 C2CRM 9 Avidian Technologies 9 ClaritySoft * Software Satisfaction Awards 2008: Best Enterprise CRM Software and Best Mid-10 Consona 10 C2CRM 10 coAction Range CRM Software11 Eloqua 11 ClaritySoft 11 eSalesTrack12 FrontRange 12 coAction 12 FrontRange1 Infor 1 Consona 1 Infusion OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:1 Ivinex 1 Eloqua 1 InsideSales.com Public - NYSE: N San Mateo, California * NetSuite1 Kana 1 eSalesTrack 1 Ivinex * NetSuite CRM +16 Landslide 16 FrontRange 16 Oracle17 Oracle 17 InsideSales.com 17 Commence FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl:18 Parature 18 Ivinex 18 webCRM California, 1998 Hosted19 RightNow 19 Kana 19 Salesnet20 VAI 20 Landslide 20 SalesNexus21 Surado CRM 21 Marketo 21 Soffront CuSTOMER FOCuS: 22 Oncontact Software 22 SugarCRM Fast-growing and mid-sized businesses and divisions of global enterprises. 2 Oracle 2 Surado CRM SElECT CuSTOMERS: 2 Parature 2 Tracker-RMS Aeris.net, AMPRO, Oakland Athletics, Novak Conversions Inc., Document Sciences 2 Commence 2 Workbooks.com 26 RightNow 26 Zoho PRICE: 27 webCRM NetSuite CRM+: $129 /user /month (includes maintenance & support), NetSuite: $99 28 VAI /month base fee and $99 /user /month (includes maintenance, support is extra); Free 29 Salesnet Trial 0 SalesNexus 1 Soffront 2 StayinFront  Sugar CRM  Surado CRM  Workbooks.com© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 10 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 11
  • 7. About NetsuiteFounded in 1998, NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) is the leading provider of on-demand, www.sap.com/usa/index.epx | 800-872-1727integrated business management software for growing and midsize businesses.With thousands of customers using NetSuite’s online products and professionalservices, companies are enabled to manage all key business operations — in a HigHligHtssingle hosted system, including: customer relationship management (CRM); order * One of the largest software companies the world.fulfillment; inventory; accounting and finance, product assembly; ecommerce; Web * Offers integrated suite of CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, HR, Financial and othersite management; and employee productivity. NetSuite was originally incorporated enterprise applications.as NetLedger by its founders Larry Ellison and a young protégé, Evan Golberg. The * Forrester names SAP CRM Leadercompany’s name was later changed to NetSuite. * ISM Top 15 CRM Enterprise Winner in 2008 * SAP named Leader in CRM Magazine’s 2009 CRM Market awardsNetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single system,which includes accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite is delivered as an on-demand service,so there is no hardware to procure, no large, up-front license fee, and no complex set- OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:ups. Finally, NetSuite’s patent-pending “”real-time dashboard”” technology provides an Public (NYSE:SAP) Walldorf, Germany * SAP CRMeasy-to-use view into role-specific business information that is always up-to-date. * SAP Business All-in-One FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * SAP Business by DesignNetsuite’s CRM Solutions include: 1972, Germany Hosted and On-Premise * SAP Business OneNetSuite - An on-demand system that supports the entire company and includescustomer relationship management (CRM) as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP)functionality. CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise and Mid-SizeNetSuite CRM+ - A powerful customer relationship management system, including salesforce automation, opportunity management, forecasting, marketing automation, customer SElECT CuSTOMERS:support and service, flexible customization through SuiteFlex and more. AMD, Colgate-Palmolive, Phillip-Morris International, LyondellBasell, Pentax Medical PRICE:NetSuite CRM is a hosted CRM application that provides sales reps with a 60 degree Starting at $7/user/monthview of customers so companies can maximize customer revenue, from lead andopportunity management through order processing, customer service and supportresolution, to renewal and upsell purchase management. NetSuite CRM also gives salesreps the ability to create quotes, place real orders, and gain-real time visibility into orderstatus, overdue invoices, inventory, customer transaction history, upsell and cross sellmanagement, and commission compensation.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 12 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1
  • 8. About SAP About SAPFounded in 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, SAP is can streamline and complete a process from end to end. For example, companiesheadquartered in Walldorf, Germany. The company employs more than 8,00 people can use CRM functionality to create an opportunity and convert it directly into a quote,in more than 0 countries, and serves more than 89,000 customers worldwide. SAP and then later use the ERP functionality to convert it into a sales order – complete withAmericas is a subsidiary of SAP AG and is headquartered in Newtown Square, PA. product, pricing, billing, and delivery.SAP offers CRM on-demand solutions that are easy-to-use, Web-based, and available SAP Business ByDesign - On-Demand Solution, for Mid-Size and Smallon a subscription basis. SAP CRM was developed to address the unique, end-to-end This is the fully integrated business management software designed for midsizerequirements for major industries including: Auto, Chemicals, Consumer Products, companies or small businesses that want the benefits of large-scale businessRetail, Telecommunications, Professional Services, Public Sector, High Tech, Industrial applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure. It enables preconfiguredMachinery & Components, Media, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Wholesale Distribution. process best practices for managing financials, customer relationships, human resources, projects, procurement, and the supply chain. SAP takes care of installation,SAP CRM - for Enterprise Companies maintenance, and upgrades – so companies can focus on their business, not on IT.Used by more than ,200 customers world-wide, SAP Customer RelationshipManagement (SAP CRM) is part of the SAP Business Suite and includes features and SAP BusinessOne - For Small Companiesfunctions to support core business processes in the following areas: This is the single integrated business management application for small businesses. The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across anMarketing – Gain the essential business insights needed to make intelligent decisions, entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management,sharpen their focus on customers to drive demand and increase customer retention, inventory, and operations. Unlike many other small business solutions on the marketand better manage marketing resources to do more with less. today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separateSales – Transform organization’s direct and indirect sales force into a team of installations and complex integration of multiple modules.knowledgeable and trusted advisors – fostering efficient collaboration between sales,marketing, and service teams to align efforts on fulfilling customer needsService – Reduce service costs while enhancing customer satisfaction by streamliningservice operations and delivering exceptional customer service.Contact Center - Maximize customer loyalty, reduce costs, and boost revenue bytransforming a contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales, andservice efforts across all contact channelsE-commerce – Turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel whileproviding consumers and business customers with a personalized online experienceand convenient self-services.SAP Business All-In-One - For Mid-Size CompaniesWith the integrated ERP and CRM functionality in SAP Business All-in-One, companies© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1
  • 9. About Maximizerwww.maximizer.com | info@maximizer.com | 1-800-80-6299 Maximizer Software is a leading provider of simple, accessible, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, providing high value for small and medium-sized businesses, and divisions of large enterprises. HigHligHts * Completely integrated sales, marketing and customer service and support As a pioneer in the CRM industry for more than 20 years, Maximizer offers sales, management solution marketing, customer service staff and business leaders access to customer information * Simple & quick to deploy and use, offering the lowest TCO in its class through a Web browser, a mobile device or on their desktop. Maximizer’s CRM solutions * Access options: Windows® desktop, web, or mobile smartphone (BlackBerry® or enable organizations to accelerate business growth by centralizing customer information other devices through web browser) and streamlining processes, while exceeding client expectations to build loyalty. * All-Access (web, desktop, mobile) available for Group and Enterprise editions in Maximizer Software has sold over one million licenses to more than 120,000 customers, one all-inclusive license ranging in size from entrepreneurs to multi-national organizations. Maximizer Software is a global business with offices and business partners throughout the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Private Vancouver, BC, Canada * Maximizer CRM 11 Maximizer CRM adapts to the way organizations work, and grows as a company’s • Enterprise Edition business grows. Maximizer offers four editions, as well as several add-on modules andFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: • Group Edition options for the solution that matches a company’s business needs. The right solution2002 (Predecessor On-Premise • Team Edition will depend on the number of users, access, and feature requirements.company founded 199) • Entrepreneur Edition Maximizer CRM 11 Group and Enterprise Editions (Full-Featured CRM)CuSTOMER FOCuS: Maximizer CRM provides full-featured CRM functionality including sales forceSmall and mid-sized companies and divisions of larger enterprises automation, marketing automation and customer service & support. Maximizer CRM provides multiple access options including desktop, Web and mobile through the latestSElECT CuSTOMERS: smartphones. All-Access licenses also include one year of maintenance support.Cathay Pacific, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, HSBC, Ipsos Canada, Oxford University,Siemens, Société Générale and TD Securities Key Features of Maximizer CRM: Contact and account management, Sales force automation, Sales Quota Management, Sales Opportunity Management and Monitoring,PRICE: Marketing automation, Wizard-driven dashboards, Quick email templates, CustomerStarting at $199 service and support, Microsoft Office® integration, Partner relationship management, Workflow automation, eCommerce and payment processing, Microsoft Exchange Integration, Integration with QuickBooks® and Microsoft GP® accounting software. Full-featured CRM available through Web access and full integration with Blackberry smartphones is provided with MaxMobile.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 16 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 17
  • 10. About MaximizerMaxMobile (Maximizer Mobile CRM) www.cdcsoftware.com/pivotalcrm | info@cdcsoftware.com | 1-877-PIVOTALMaximizer Mobile CRM combines the convenience of mobile devices and the power ofCRM to help an organization stand out in today’s competitive environment. MaximizerMobile CRM enables immediate updates from the field by providing real-time access HigHligHtsto your entire Maximizer CRM database content. By equipping professionals on the * Highly flexible platform and applications enable companies to precisely modelroad with full-featured CRM in their pockets, Maximizer fosters the collaboration and their unique business processes.customer engagement, essential for succeeding in the field to win more deals. * Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint are embedded within the Pivotal CRM solution for a seamless experience; Microsoft Office is closely integrated forFeatures of Mobile CRM: Wireless deployment via email, Relationship Management, one-click data lookup or export.Productivity, Collaboration & Access, Performance Measurement. Supported Devices: * Industry-specific software solutions offer close business fit.BlackBerry 7000, 8000 & 9000 Series, including Curve, Pearl, Bold, Storm and Tour and * ISM “Top 15” CRM Enterprise Packages (1997-2009).through the web browser for Windows Mobile®, iPhone™, Nokia, Palm®, Android andother smartphones. OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Maximizer CRM 11 Entrepreneur and Team Editions (Contact Management) Public (NASDAQ:CHINA) Atlanta, GA * Pivotal CRMMaximizer Entrepreneur Edition, the award-winning contact manager, is designed to * Pivotal Handheldhelp companies maximize their time, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * CDC Market FirstIt’s easy to configure right out of the box, so organizations can get up and running 199 On-Premise * CDC Reportquickly and focus on their business. Entrepreneur Edition is ideal for small businesses,home offices, financial advisors, realtors, and sales professionals in virtually anyindustry. CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise, Mid-sizedTeam edition includes all of the functionality of Entrepreneur Edition, plus more robustsakes opportunity management. As well as one year of maintenance support and mobile SElECT CuSTOMERS:access. Calamos Investments, Miller Heiman, Softrax, Sysmex America, AAA Western & Central NY, Toyota France, Pacific Life, Toll Brothers, SavillsFeatures of Maximizer Entrepreneur Edition: Contact management, Opportunity PRICE:management, Sale force automation, Integration with Microsoft Office®, Integration with Not published.QuickBooks® accounting software, On-the-fly reporting with easy exporting to Excel.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 18 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 19
  • 11. About Pivotal CRM About Pivotal CRMFounded in 199 and currently operating in more than 0 countries, CDC Software is a Pivotal CRM software includes solutions for:provider of enterprise software applications and services designed to help organizations * Sales: Shorten the sales cycle and improve close ratios.deliver a superior customer experience while increasing efficiencies and profitability. As * Marketing: Increase response rates and lead quality.part of CDC Software’s product offering, Pivotal CRM is used by over 1800 customers, * Service: Accelerate incident resolution and improve customer satisfaction.worldwide. * Partner Management: Collaborate more effectively with partner channels. * Analytics: Make better-informed business decisions.CDC Software’s Pivotal CRM is a flexible, powerful customer relationship management * Call Scripting: Enables consistent brand marketing that improves employeesolution. Built with the user experience in mind, Pivotal CRM offers flexibility and confidence and productivity.customizability, enabling companies to tailor the system precisely to their users’ needs. * Mobile CRM: Increase the productivity and effectiveness of field and mobile usersWith a Microsoft-style interface and role- and task-based navigation, Pivotal CRM is a with handheld CRM.familiar and comfortable system for users, reducing the learning curve and increasingthe speed of user adoption. Pivotal CRM embeds Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint In addition, CDC Software offers a range of professional services designed to getright within the CRM system and integrates closely with the Microsoft Office suite, companies’ systems up and running, to train users and administrators, and to supportbringing data to the user when and where they need it, for optimal efficiency. an organization’s ongoing success with effective strategies for change management and user adoption. From helping large IT teams become technically self-sufficient toPivotal CRM is also available as industry-specific solutions for the financial services taking on the full hosting and management of a CRM system, CDC Software offers a(institutional asset management, mutual fund wholesaling, capital markets, commercial continuum of services that fit an organization’s precise needs.banking, and private banking/wealth management), healthcare insurance, home buildingand real estate, and medical devices and manufacturing industries. The advantage ofCDC Software’s industry-specific Pivotal CRM software is that it addresses underlyingindustry processes, saving businesses from that first layer of customization andproviding functionality they can gain value from immediately. CDC Software’s solutionsare based on a customizable platform that allows companies to make enhancements tosuit the exact needs of their business.Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, Pivotal CRM 6.0 introduces a new Smart Clientthat combines the best of “thick” and “thin” client architectures. Its use of Microsoft’sClickOnce deployment technology makes it easy to implement and update. Butmost importantly, it offers the following features to users: an intuitive interface, deepintegration with the Microsoft tools they use every day, and the ability to tailor andpersonalize the solution to match unique business processes and individual user needs.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 20 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 21
  • 12. About Microsoft dynamicshttp://crm.dynamics.com | 1-888-77-7989 Microsoft Dynamics for customer relationship management empowers employees to boost sales, satisfaction, and service with automated CRM that’s easy to use, customize, and maintain. Microsoft Dynamics business software offers a wide spectrum of feature-rich, affordable CRM solutions to help companies meet their specific needs. HigHligHts * Highly customizable CRM application/platform. Whether a company is a small, growing business or a large organization with a * Familiar Microsoft Outlook-like user interface. high number of customers and large sales and marketing team, it can use Microsoft * Robust reporting engine for sharing between users in a variety of formats, Dynamics to help manage relationships even better. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM including Excel, HTML, PDF, XML and CSV. suite of products provides solutions around Sales Force Automation, Customer Service * 2009 CRM Market Leader - ROI Awards and Marketing. * CRM Magazine Leader, 2008 - Enterprise, MidMarket, and BI Sales Force Automation - Clients can get their sales force quickly up to speed with the advanced but easy-to-use features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Customers can takeOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: advantage of a highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilitiesPublic (NASDAQ: MSFT) Redmond, WA * Microsoft Dynamics CRM to boost sales productivity, streamline sales cycles, automate lead management, and gain insights to drive more sales. The Sales Force Automation solution supports theFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: following functions: Planning, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Productivity, Pipeline,WA, 197 On-Premise and Hosted Workflows, Mobility, Analytics. Customer Service - With Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer service solutions, clientsCuSTOMER FOCuS: can transform customer service into a strategic asset. With a 60-degree view of theEnterprise, Mid-Size and Small Businesses customer, agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advancedSElECT CuSTOMERS: customer service software. By automated processes, clients can also reduce costsBarclays, Hard Rock Cafe, Pfizer Australia, United States Air Force and help to ensure consistent customer service is delivered across all touchpoints. The Customer Service solution supports the following functions: Accounts, Cases,PRICE: Contracts, Knowledge Base, Scheduling, Workflows, Mobility, Analytics.The full-suite Professional Edition is priced between $622 and $880 per userand $1,2 and $1,761 per server. Full-suite Small Business Edition, which is arequirement for the Small Business Edition, is priced between $0 and $99 per user Marketing - With marketing management and automation software from Microsoftand between $28 and $99 per server. Dynamics CRM, helps customers to market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain actionable insight into marketing campaigns. The Marketing solution supports the following functions: Data, Segmentation, Planning, Execution, Events, Response, Internet Marketing, Productivity, Workflows, Mobility, Analytics. The CRM solutions and capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics connect closely to other© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 22 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2
  • 13. About Microsoft dynamicsMicrosoft technologies that companies may already use. This brings together data, www.salesforce.com | info@salesforce.com | 1-800-667-689helping sales people to answer customer questions without making the customer wait.When employees use the CRM functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics, they work withina familiar Microsoft software environment. This helps reduce the distraction of having to HigHligHtslearn and work with disparate software tools. * Customizable CRM application * Access to AppExchange, a directory of third-party applications built for theMicrosoft Dynamics solutions are typically implemented by a Microsoft partner with Salesforce environmentthe right industry and technical expertise. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its global * CRM Markets Award 2009 for Enterprise Suite, Mid Market Suite and Smallcommunity of partners offer flexible, easy-to-use CRM solutions designed for many Business Suiteindustries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Professional Services, * CODIE Award Winner, Best Business Software Solution: Salesforce CRMHealthcare Providers, Health and Social Services, Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment,Education and the Government sector. OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Public (NYSE: CRM) San Francisco, CA * Contact Manager Edition * Group Edition FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Enterprise Edition CA, 1999 Hosted * Professional Edition * Unlimited Edition CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise, Mid-Market, Small SElECT CuSTOMERS: CNN, Starbucks, Wall Street Journal, Kaiser, Google, Sprint Nextel, United Way, EA PRICE: Contact Manager starts at $/user/month Group starts at $2/user/month Professional starts at $6/user/month Enterprise starts at $12/user/month Unlimited starts at $20/user/month© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2
  • 14. About Salesforce.com About Salesforce.comSalesforce.com was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, who quality management. point-and-click customization, integration features, and helpspioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple Web site. Since manage approvals and workflows.its founding, Salesforce.com has achieved remarkable recognition with customers,partners, investors and the media. Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud: The Service Cloud transforms customer service through the power of cloud computing by bringing together information from industry-Salesforce.com provides an array of CRM and business application services which leading cloud-computing services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to capture everyenable customers and subscribers to systematically record, store, and act upon conversation and leverage every community expert in the cloud, ensuring that thebusiness data; and to help businesses manage customer accounts, track sales leads, quality of customer service is consistent across every channel.evaluate marketing campaigns, and provide post sales services. Salesforce.com’sCRM products and cloud-computing model (also known as software as a service) Salesforce.com’s Custom Cloud: The Force.com cloud-computing platform enablesprovide many benefits to enterprises, requiring only moderate operating expense and companies to build and deliver business applications in a single environment using oneoffering a pay-as-you-go, elastic model that can scale with a company’s changing data model, one sharing model, and one user interface. making it easy to customizeneeds. Salesforce CRM solutions offer the fastest path to customer success in the and address industry-specific needs. Lastly, the AppExchange, a one-stop marketplacecloud. for add-on CRM solutions and other software-as-a-service applications, makes it easy for companies to find, sample, and select from hundreds of apps for their business, allThe company’s CRM services principally focus on sales force automation, marketing preintegrated with Salesforce CRM solutions.automation, and customer service and support automation. Salesforce.com’s salesforce automation services enable salespeople to be productive by automating manual Salesforce.com is headquartered in San Francisco, California. More than 1.1 millionand repetitive tasks; provide organized data about their current and prospective subscribers at 6,200 companies worldwide depend on Salesforce to manage theircustomers; and help companies to establish a system and a process for recording, customer relationships. The company’s software is used by companies of all sizes, in alltracking, and sharing information. industries, around the globe.Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud: In recent years, cloud computing driven salesforce automation—led by Salesforce CRM SFA—has pulled ahead of traditional on-premise sales tools. Salesforce.com’s sales force automation is easy-to-learn anduse, affordable, globally accessible on demand, and frees companies from a largeupfront investment and the complexity of server-based sales software. An integral partof the salesforce.com CRM solution, the Sales Cloud gives business users the abilityto tightly manage their sales process and marketing spend. Salesforce.com’s CRMSFA is comprehensive and and optimizes the full spectrum of sales activities includinglead management and distribution, deal progress, territory alignment, and channelmanagement. Salesforce.com’s CRM SFA solution features: Sales Management,Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management, Activity Management,Analytics and Forecasting. It also provides for customizable sales forecasts, data© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 26 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 27
  • 15. About Sagewww.sagecrmsolutions.com | 866-08-278 Sage North America supports the needs and challenges of nearly 2.9 million small and mid-sized business customers. The company’s software and services support accounting, operations, customer management, human resources, time tracking, HigHligHts merchant services and the specialized needs of the construction, distribution, * ISM awards Sage SalesLogix and SageCRM as Top 15 CRM Small & healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit and real estate industries. Sage’s CRM solutions Medium Business Software Award winners for 2009. include the following products: * ISM awards Sage SalesLogix Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software for 2009 * Search CRM named SalesLogix CRM Suite - SMB Product of the Year in ACT! by Sage -- is the #1 selling contact and customer manager helping individuals 2008 and small business owners to work more effectively. With ACT by Sage!, business * ACT! by Sage given “Excellence in Technology Award” by Small Business owners can access a complete, integrated view of their contact relationships, impress Computing in 2009 contacts with their follow-up, complete tasks and make informed decisions to advance their business. SageCRM - is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, on-premise or on-demand CRM softwareOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: solution with out-of-the-box configurable business process automation.Public (LSE:SGE) Irvine, CA * ACT! by Sage * Sage CRM SageCRM.com - is an on-demand CRM solution that leverages the power andFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Sage CRM.com convenience of the Web to provide a company’s marketing, sales, and customer care1981 On-Premise and Hosted * Sage SalesLogix teams with the tools they need to market and sell more effectively and provide industry- leading service. Sage SalesLogix - is a robust, highly-customizable CRM software solution thatCuSTOMER FOCuS: provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customerMid-Size, Small service, and support and includes the following features: * Centralized Customer DataSElECT CuSTOMERS: * Integrated Service and SupportAmerican Building Contractors Inc., Avnet, Citigroup, Endeavor Commerce, Grant * Robust Forecasting and ReportingsThornton, Kenexa Corporation, Legoland, Panasonic, The Seattle Times Co. * Advanced Opportunity Management * Full Featured Mobile CRMPRICE: * Back-Office IntegrationNot Listed Award-winning Sage SalesLogix provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support so teams can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries and opportunities.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 28 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 29
  • 16. About Adapt CRMwww.adaptcrm.com | 1-71-89-18 Since 1991, ADAPT Software Applications, Inc. has assisted over 1200 companies worldwide in meeting their enterprise software requirements. With more than a decade of experience in multi-platform and web-based custom application development, the HigHligHts company continues to develop and market moderately priced, end-to-end Customer and * Real-time accounting & ERP integration seamlessly links ADAPTcrm to mid- Supplier Relationship Management solutions characterized by leading-edge technology, range ERP systems comprehensive functionality and a solid implementation methodology. * Comprehensive customer service and support with warranty tracking * Easy-to-use setup tables offer extensive platform configuration ADAPTcrm, the company’s flagship product, was built from the ground up, not * Robust contact management, sales force automation, marketing campaigns, acquired from various other software developers. Because we have always maintained service / repair management, sales opportunity management, and defect development and ownership exclusivity, the system maintains unsurpassed management interdepartmental integration. ADAPTcrm is designed to track all key customer and vendor communications within a single, integrated module. The system’s intuitive design facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and provides visibility over all mission criticalOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: touch points within an organization.Private Costa Mesa, CA * ADAPTcrm ADAPT is also dedicated to providing total solutions to clients through our professionalFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: consulting services staff. These services include implementation of the ADAPTcrm line1991 On-Premise of products, project management, technology transfer, documentation, training and technical support – for new or existing clients. CuSTOMER FOCuS: Depending upon your specific requirements, ADAPTcrm implementation services Small-to-medium sized businesses, and divisions of larger enterprises in all verticals. (data conversion, installation and user training) will in most cases be provided by an Authorized ADAPTcrm Reseller Partner who has invested the time and resources inSElECT CuSTOMERS: becoming proficient through our extensive training course offerings. Each consultingRaytheon, Magic Software, Anchin Block & Anchin, SYSPRO Software, Dentek, project has a detailed, step-by-step plan for implementation, to help the customersTaylor Guitars, Yeti Cycles, Dunlop Manufacturing, Benchmade Knife Co., and many accurately project time and cost estimates.more ADAPT is also dedicated to providing total solutions to clients through our professional consulting services staff. These services include implementation of the ADAPTcrm line of products, project management, technology transfer, documentation, training and technical support – for new or existing clients.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 0 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1
  • 17. About Adapt CRM About Adapt CRMDepending upon your specific requirements, ADAPTcrm implementation services * Complete Customer Services – To help companies maintain customer satisfaction,(data conversion, installation and user training) will in most cases be provided by an there are advanced tools for managing service contracts, tickets/incidents, defectAuthorized ADAPTcrm Reseller Partner who has invested the time and resources in tracking, and warranty programs and renewals.becoming proficient through our extensive training course offerings. Each consultingproject has a detailed, step-by-step plan for implementation, to help the customers * Email Methods – MS Outlook, SMTP Mail Server, Lotus Notes, GroupWise.accurately project time and cost estimates.Adapt CRM Key FeaturesADAPTcrm is an integrated solution that allows companies to focus their entireenterprise on their customers with minimal time and effort. ADAPTcrm Enterprise usesMicrosoft SQL Server and offers account replication for remote users using MicrosoftSQL Server’s replication technology.The most effective CRM solutions can be customized to meet specific business needs,and ADAPTcrm can be extensively configured using setup tables that require nocomplex programming or database administration. Other ADAPTcrm highlights include:* Marketing Campaign Management – The ADAPTcrm campaign manager will help customers establish and execute customized, targeted campaigns, while ensuring that budgets are adhered to and that campaign expenses immediately result in new sales opportunities. In addition to offering the ability to track campaign results, customers can also independently track the ROI per event.* Real-Time Accounting/ERP Integration – ADAPTcrm offers accounting and ERP interfaces that seamlessly link to industry-standard, mid-range systems so that customers can achieve the greatest ROI from their ERP and accounting investments.* Advanced Sales Automation – Customers can give their sales staff the ability to manage the progress of pending opportunities as they relate to their business’s selling processes. Additionally, ADAPTcrm features a Sales Opportunity Manager that analyzes and tracks the life of an opportunity from start to close.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 18. About Amdocswww.amdocs.com | info@techexcel.com | (1) 212 7000 Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation, enabling world-leading service providers to deliver an integrated, innovative and intentional customer experience™ at every point of service. Amdocs provides solutions that deliver customer experience excellence, combining the software, service and expertise to HigHligHts help customers execute their strategies and achieve service, operational and financial excellence. A global company (NYSE: DOX) with revenue of $.16 billion in fiscal * #1 telecom operations management systems vendor (Gartner) 2008, Amdocs has more than 17,000 employees and serves customers in more than 0 * #1 vendor in worldwide billing (IDC) countries around the world. * “One to Watch” Enterprise Suite CRM Category (CRM magazine) * Product of the year (Amdocs 7) (Call Center magazine), 2007 Amdocs’ customers are among the largest, most innovative communications companies * Best Practice Award for Global Billing Solutions (Frost & Sullivan) in the world. In more than 1. billion experiences every day, the company is helping to deliver a simple, personal, valuable customer experience at every point of service. Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Public (NYSE: DOX) Chesterfield, MO * Amdocs Customer Amdocs’ mission is to help the world’s leading providers of wireline, wireless, Management (part of broadband cable and satellite services deliver a customer experience that truly makes aFOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: CES portfolio) difference and results in a real competitive edge. Amdocs’ roots in the communications1982 On-Premise industry gives them deep insight into what it takes to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships.CuSTOMER FOCuS: The company’s unique combination of software, consulting services and global strategicEnterprise, primarily in the telecommunications space. sourcing (also known as managed services), and unmatched industry experience spansSElECT CuSTOMERS: all business processes and business- and operational-support systems (BSS/OSS),ACER, China Mobile, Japan Telcom, Telstra, Vodafone, Yellow Pages Group, “customer experience systems.” Together, they work to minimize the risk and maximizeABN Ambro, Cable & Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Bell Canada, Fiserve, Quixtar, the benefit of systems transformations, whether sweeping or incremental.Sprint Nextel, DIRECTV, Comcast, Clearwire, Union Bank of CaliforniaPRICE: Amdocs’ products span business- and operational support systems—or “customerNot Published experience systems.” They are production-ready, carrier-class software applications, proven to scale to support the largest global service providers and their millions of end-customers. Amdocs’ products provides solutions in the areas of: Revenue Management, Customer Management, Service & Resource Management (OSS), Digital Commerce and Service Delivery, Information Management, and Foundation.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.  © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 19. About AppShorewww.appshore.com | sales@appshore.com | 916-817-8 AppShore was founded with a crystal clear vision: To provide small business owners with the single most functional, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Customer Relationship and Contact Management solution possible. Most of our customers sign up for our HigHligHts product because they: * Extremely affordable hosted CRM * have customer information on bits of paper all over the place and want to get * Suited for small business who need basic CRM functionality * Excellent customer service and support organized * Simple, straightforward and easy to use * are using Excel to keep track of their leads and customers but the spreadsheets are getting too big and difficult to manage * are using ACT! or Goldmine or some other desk top based contact management solution but are afraid of losing data if the PC crashes or is infected by a virus * need to share information with partners or employees in different locationsOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * have used salesforce.com in the past, but want something that is much easier to usePrivate Folsom, California * Professional Edition and costs a lot less but does basically the same thing * Premium EditionFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: Key features of Professional Edition include:California, 200 Hosted * Lead management - including lead capture from your web site * Account and Contact management – Contacts are linked to AccountsCuSTOMER FOCuS: * Activity management – keep track of calls, meetings, task, eventsSmall businesses. * Opportunity management – track the progress of sales through multiple stages * Document management – central repository for document sharingSElECT CuSTOMERS: * Case management – track post-sales customer support issuesQwikQuote, eSource Marketing, First Home Help, Blue Reef Yachting, AmeriShadePRICE: Premium Edition offers all the features of Professional Edition plus:Professional Edition starts at $11 per user per month for a one year contract, $1 peruser per month for a month-to-month subscription * Full customization – virtually every aspect of the system is customizablePremium Edition starts at $19 per user per month for a one year contract, $2 per user * Email marketing – send bulk email quickly and easilyper month for a month-to-month subscription. * Shared Calendar – for improved collaboration and group activity management© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 20. About Avidianwww.avidian.com | 1-800-99-8980 Founded in 2002, Avidian Technologies is an On-Demand/SaaS software development firm that specializes in easy contact and sales management software for users of Outlook and Exchange. The company’s core product, Prophet, is offered on an on- premise version, Prophet , a hosted version, Prophet OnDemand, and a mobile HigHligHts version, Prophet Mobile. * Easy to use and install * Fully integrated with Microsoft outlook and other Microsoft applications Compared to other CRM providers, Prophet has three key differentiators: * Attractively price for small businesses * Avidian Technologies named to 2009 INC 5000 List 1. Built into Outlook: Because Prophet is built into Outlook, users do not have to flip * Avidian Technologies Named One of the Red Herring 100 between two applications to manage multiple contact databases. Prophet acts and feels like additional features and functionality to Outlook instead of an entirely different application.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: 2. Built with .Net: This means that Prophet integrates at the object level with OutlookPrivate Redmond, WA * Prophet  Personal Edition and easily extends into other parts of the business. Having been built with .Net, ensures * Prophet  Advanced Edition that users can easily share Prophet and Outlook information with other applications.FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Prophet  Premium EditionWA, 2002 On-Premise, Hosted * Prophet  Professional Server . Built to leverage existing Outlook data: Prophet software is built to leverage * Prophet  Enterprise Server existing Outlook data. Every email sent, meeting appointment made or task created, all * Prophet  Enterprise on can be viewed, tracked and associated with an opportunity. This increases information * Demand organization and ease of finding critical pieces of opportunity information. * Prophet  Premium Edition * Prophet OnDemand Premium Prophet is used by over 1,000 companies worldwide. One of the reasons for the * Prophet OnDemand company’s success is its approach to personalized customer service, and one of the Enterprise best guarantees in the software industry: A no questions asked, unconditional 0-dayCuSTOMER FOCuS: * Prophet MobileMid-Size, Small money back guarantee.SElECT CuSTOMERS:AT&T, Bank of Hawaii, Century 21, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, MarriottPRICE:Hosted: $9.9/month for individuals and $9.9 for enterpriseOn-Premise: Starting at $19.9 / user, up to $299.9 / user© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 21. About C2CRMwww.c2crm.com | C2Sales@c2crm.com | 1-888-9-2 Clear C2, Inc. is a Premier IBM Business Partner which develops applications for today’s changing business world. Clear C2, Inc. was founded in 199 and is a leading IBM Independent Software Vendor focused on driving customer loyalty. HigHligHts Clear C2 has developed C2CRM, a browser-based CRM solution to help mid-sized companies improve productivity, save costs, increase sales and profits, and build strong * Premier IBM Business Partner. customer relationships. In 2002, IBM and Clear C2 announced a Strategic Alliance * Awards: ISM Top 15 CRM 2009, Customer Interaction Solutions 2008 making C2CRM IBM’s primary CRM offering for its middle market customers. C2CRM Product of the Year. consists of 0 modules that span six solution sets: Relationship Management, Sales * Provider of both hosted and on-premise CRM software. Management, Customer Service, Marketing Management, Analytics and Knowledge * Browser-based, simple, affordable. Management, and Utilities. Solution SetsOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Relationship Management — Maintains customer information in a central repository forPrivate Coppell, TX * Relationship Management quick access and sharing by all customer-facing and support personnel, providing a * Sales Management (SFA) unified customer experience.FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Customer Service (Call Center)199 On-Premise, Hosted * Marketing Management Sales Management — Includes all areas under Relationships, plus the capabilities * Analytics required for seamless, efficient Sales Force Automation. * Knowledge ManagementCuSTOMER FOCuS: Customer Service — Tracks post sales activities, specifically, help desk support, timeMid-sized to Enterprise companies. and material billing, and field service activity complete with a built-in knowledge base.SElECT CuSTOMERS:Verizon Wireless, Dean Foods, Douglas Machines, Cemex, City of Coppell Marketing Management — Provides automated, collaborative marketing communications via the customer’s preferred method of contact. Companies canPRICE:See website: www.c2crm.com personalize the promotion of their products and services based on a customer’s individual needs. Additionally, marketers can measure campaign results from ‘lead’ status to ‘opportunity’. Analytics and Knowledge Management — Helps uncover the best or most profitable customers, determining what those customers really want and how best to serve them, C2 can help determine the actual costs associated with servicing a particular customer - without having to wait for reports or IT assistance.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 0 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1
  • 22. About C2CRM www.claritysoft.com | 1-888-88-787These comprehensive modules allow companies the ability to scale the applicationbased on needs and number of users. ClearC2, Inc., delivers customer driventechnology solutions. Accessible to everyone in the organization via the Web, offered HigHligHtsas both an On-Premise and SaaS solution, C2CRM provides instant access to critical * Simplified CRM - Install, customize and load your data in a couple hourscustomer and prospect related information. While 100% web based, C2CRM also * Intuitive and Easy to Useprovides 100% off-line capabilities, which is ideal for companies with remote sales * Smart client technology combines the rich user experience of a Windowsforces. Client with the deployment benefits of a web client * No hidden costs, no need to buy additional hardware or softwareC2CRM is sold as a software and hardware solution on IBM equipment but is also * No Internet Required, Leverage the power of ClaritySoft with or without anplatform independent. A variety of bundles offer flexibility to meet companies’ computing internet connectionenvironment needs. C2 makes it easy to implement a CRM solution in stages to fit anorganization’s business needs. OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Private Dublin, OH * ClaritySoft CRM FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: 2006 Hosted & On-Premise CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small to mid-size businesses. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Muirfield Energy, EGSI Financial, Precision Medical, CareerMax, XLN Systems, Wetzel Insurance, Digital Reliance PRICE: $26 per user per month ( year average)© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 23. About ClaritySoft About ClaritySoftClaritySoft CRM was created on the belief that Customer Relationship Management * Data Segmentation – Segment your data by capturing unique characteristics about(CRM) technology should be better. Most CRM solutions available today are bloated your customers and prospects. You can then do a search on any combination ofwith too much functionality, are difficult to use and fail to provide real value to end users. those characteristics to create a target list and perform a List Action such as “emailOur research concluded that most salespeople and managers were dissatisfied with contacts.”their existing CRM solutions and they were getting no measurable value out of those * Power Search – Find anything fast. ClaritySoft offers multiple ways to find exactlysystems. what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a single contact or group of records within a date range, ClaritySoft makes it easy to find the information you need to run yourClaritySoft provides an intuitive and easy to use software solution that sales people business.readily adopt and leverage to drive sales performance. ClaritySoft CRM fills the * Make It Yours – Transform ClaritySoft into a CRM solution that looks like it was builtspace between contact management software and mid-market CRM offerings, specifically for your business. ClaritySoft provides the basic fields and tabs you needwith a CRM solution that’s cost effective, implements fast, and delivers the right to run a good CRM system, and lets you add the fields and tabs that work best inbalance of functionality and simplicity to ensure user adoption and a successful CRM your unique business environment.implementation.ClaritySoft CRM Key FeaturesClaritySoft CRM includes the high value capabilities of enterprise CRM and eliminatesthe low value features that provide little to no benefit for most companies. ClaritySoft isthus easier to install, easier to customize and easier to use. Key capabilities include:* Account and Contact Management* Opportunity Management and Forecasting* Quotations and Price Books* Task and Activity Management* Shared Calendar* Email Marketing* Email and Letter Templates* Data Segmentation – For Target Marketing* Easy Customization* User Profile ManagementClaritySoft CRM Software Highlights* List Actions – List Actions help you perform powerful functions on any lists of contacts such as; email, mail merge, print labels, group edit and export. In a matter of a few mouse clicks you can send out a targeted and personalized email to any group of contacts in your database.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.  © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 24. About coActionwww.coaction.com | info@coaction.com | 1-72-66-08 coAction provides an on demand business collaboration service as a platform for rich business applications called coApps. coApps are linked applications used by Sales, Customer Service, Finance and others to organize and collaborate, using the services HigHligHts of the cloud. * Beyond traditional CRM, to customer collaboration * Web based, On Demand, Advanced Features with Simplicity A proven provider of collaboration software, coAction is well positioned to be the * Get up and running in hours dominant player in the on-demand business collaboration market. coAction’s * Use leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, cases, documents, tasks, exceptional methodology, expertise, architecture and vision support the company’s projects and more in a single unified system goal to lead this rapidly growing market. coAction’s SaaS-based collaboration * Customize screens, make reports and apply rules based automation-for your solutions have been actively deployed by a wide range of industry leaders that rely on business needs! these business productivity applications daily. coAction CRM Key FeaturesOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * Customer Portal - A built-in customer portal enables you to securely connect,Private Iselin, NJ * coAction CRM communicate, and collaborate with customers, partners and other vendors over the Internet. As a result, companies can significantly reduce IT costs while improvingFOuNdEd: customer satisfaction.2007 * Task Management - It seems that tasks should be simple, yet managing tasks across workgroups can be complex and cumbersome. coAction eases task management by providing powerful business task management functionality for allCuSTOMER FOCuS: your needs.coAction offers highly customized solutions, benefitting small and medium sizedcompanies, and departments in large companies. * Email Management - With coAction, next generation Web-based business email is here. coAction delivers email with business collaboration functions that have beenSElECT CuSTOMERS: previously missing in other collaboration software. With coAction, you’ll experienceD&B, Cantrex, Staffmark the first “desktop” like email that is fast, easy, and functionally rich.PRICE: * Analytical Dashboards - Drill down from rich dashboards, directly to the item and$2 per user per month perform actions. * Calendar - coAction’s rich, interactive interface makes scheduling, tracking and managing daily appointments convenient and productive.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 25. About coAction About coAction* Project Management - coAction enables you to manage milestones, resource * Comments - Add a comment to an item, keep track of past comments, who made assignment, timelines, and tasks. Use coAction’s powerful allocation techniques them and when. to optimize resource management. Track milestones and tasks; escalate, provide reminders and due date based notifications. Project information can be searched, * Sort/Freeze - Sort any view using a single click on ascending or descending order. sliced and diced as needed and context information and other relevant information Freeze columns to enable efficient horizontal scrolling. can be added to projects. * Attach - Attach files of any type to an item, either upload file to coAction server or link* Document Management - coAction streamlines the muddle and complexity of the file to your server, no upload necessary! document management by linking business processes, supporting collaboration with internal and external users inside and organizing email clutter. * Call Logging - Enter the details of a phone conversation with a customer by using pre- defined call templates for audit.* Workflow - Create tasks, alerts, send email, route items, change item status and a lot more using a powerful rules-based automation engine. Use an easy workflow * Email Templates - Use pre-defined email templates or combine user information definition wizard to automate an item workflow. such as signature, item information, account information and custom text to create a powerful template that can be used by one and all.* Status - Track life cycle of items through automated or manual status changes. Denote your custom labels, icons and colors. * Action History - All actions on an item become part of the audit history, which can be exported.* Import Wizard - Use a powerful and easy-to-use mapping tool to import Excel/CSV files, for items, accounts and contacts. * Tasks - Create tasks linked to items, assigne tasks to users or groups/roles.* Email - Send email on an item and keep communications in one place as part of item coAction CRM Highlights history. coAction provides three compelling reasons to finally provide a SAAS in context of your work:* Audit History - A record of all the actions taken on an item, along with the date, time, * A consistent and rich desktop like experience on the web, across all applications and user ID stamp, is stored in the system for audit. * The ability to share, communicate and collaborate with internal users and external partners, in a secure and easy manner* Search - Use powerful search metaphors, such as wild cards, ranges, boolean * Use powerful coApps, pre-built or design your own with all the power of the coAction operators on any view and on multiple attributes to narrow your search results. platform, ready to use* Letter Templates - Use pre-defined PDF templates or combine user information such as signature, item information, account information and custom text to create a powerful template that can be used by one and all.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 26. About Consonawww.consona.com | info@consona.com | (888) 826-6766 Consona Corporation is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes. In 2006, Consona acquired Onyx Software and integrated their offering into Consona Customer Management product. In 2007 and 2009 respectively, HigHligHts Consona acquired KNOVA Software and SupportSoft Inc, which grew the product lines * Specializes in Customer Service and Support for upper mid-market to Global to include Consona Knowledge Management, Consona Live Assistance, Consona for 2000 enterprises. Digital Service Providers, and Consona Dynamic Agent. * Offers both customizable and pre-configured, cost-effective solutions * Consona Knowledge Management Named to KMWorld’s 2009 Trend-Setting Consona’s CRM software product suite facilitates effective and efficient service Product List interactions across proactive, assisted and self-help channels and communities. This * Call Center Magazine named Consona CRM Suite Product of the Year 07, 05 CRM suite is designed for corporate or third-party IT help desks and service desk organizations and medium to large enterprises in the high tech, financial services and telecommunications industries who increasingly focus on building brand loyalty throughOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: customer service and support.Private Indianapolis, IN * Consona Knowledge Management Consona delivers either bundled or standalone solutions, including integrated case * Consona Knowledge management; knowledge-enabled service resolution with advanced search, web self- Driven Support service, forums, and community management; integrated chat and remote diagnosticsFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Consona Enterprise CRM and control; desktop portal content delivery; advanced analytics and more, to200 On-Premise * Consona OneServe Citizen enterprises with customer service, technical support and or IT help desks. Management * Consona Live Assistance Approximately 1000 leading companies around the globe, including high tech software * Consona Dynamic Agent and manufacturing companies, telecommunications providers, help desks/serviceCuSTOMER FOCuS: * Consona Subscriber desks, IT & managed service providers, and cable and internet service providers, useEnterprise, Mid-Size Assistance Consona CRM solutions. Consona CRM solutions are used in more than 0 countries.SElECT CuSTOMERS: Consona serves more than ,00 customers globally and across a variety of industries.Canon, Qualcomm, Verizon Wireless, VMWare Consona’s vision for the Consona CRM suite of products is to incrementally enhancePRICE: the products based on customer feedback and direction. By listening to the leadingNot Published companies using its solutions, as well as by extending its aggressive, targeted M&A strategy, Consona aims to build the most functional, deeply integrated set of service and support applications and channels delivered.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 0 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 1
  • 27. About Eloquawww.eloqua.com | sales@eloqua.com | 866 27 876 Founded in 199, Eloqua is a marketing automation leader and provider of best practices expertise for marketers around the world. Eloqua helps companies read and decode their buyers’ Digital Body Language™, thereby improving the quality and quantity of sales leads, increasing marketing effectiveness, and accelerating the selling HigHligHts process. Thousands of customers from leading companies rely on Eloqua to execute, * Eloqua was named a DestinationCRM 2008 Market Leader not only because automate and measure programs that generate revenue. of its software offering, but also because of its impact on thought leadership. * Eloqua was named SearchCRM.com’s 2007 Marketing Automation Product Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, performance of the Year. measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to drive * Eloqua received the 2007 CRM Market Leader Award, and was also honored as a “Rising Star” by CRM Magazine. revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns, and deliver compelling content. Eloqua’s marketing automation platform includes the following areas:OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * Campaign Management -- Easily execute email and Web-based marketingPrivate Vienna, VA * Eloqua Lite campaigns, automate lead nurturing programs to keep prospects engaged, develop * Eloqua Express integrated forms and landing pages and create effective online campaigns all in aFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Eloqua Team single platform. Key Components: Email marketing, Website forms & landing pages,Toronto, Canada, 199 Hosted * Eloqua Enterprise Event management, Lead nurturing, Multi-channel marketing * Lead Management - Synchronize leads in real-time between Eloqua and sales (CRM) systems with One-Click Integration, score and prioritize leads for sales,CuSTOMER FOCuS: and facilitate quick follow up with prospects by notifying sales of hot leads. KeyEnterprise and Mid-Size companies Components: Lead assignment, CRM integration, Lead scoring, Sales enablementSElECT CuSTOMERS: * Contact Management - Track prospects’ Digital Body Language to better understandAmerican Express, AON, Apple, Cognos, Dow Jones, Fidelity, Seagate, Sybase their online behavior, segment audience by activity and profile characteristics, and personalize communications with relevant content to drive increased responsePRICE: and conversion rates. Key Components: Contact profiling & segmentation, ContactStarting at $100/month management, Data integration, Preference management * Marketing Measurement - Validate decisions and prove the value of marketing programs with intuitive dashboards, powerful reports and insightful analytics, and leverage data on campaign response, click-throughs, and open rates to plan more effective, future campaigns. Key Components: Dashboards & reporting, Website analytics, Campaign analysis.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 2 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 28. About eSalesTrackwww.esalestrack.com | sales@esalestrack.com | 1-866-76-CRM (276) After many failed CRM implementations in a large organization, a frustrated core group of sales professionals and management put their heads together to create eSalesTrack, a solution that solved every need inside their company, and thousands of users in other companies since. Attempting to use everything from internally built sales automation HigHligHts tools, to spreadsheets to massive “Big Business” CRM rollouts, all ended up failing * Expertise – Expert, hands-on configuration and training for all because the users found the applications to be a burden rather than a tool. Simple implementations. interface with intuitive functionality is the key to an effective CRM tool and has been the * Best Value – More features and functionality at the lowest price offers the cornerstone of eSalesTrack since the first version was developed over 7 years ago. best value in a hosted CRM application. * Customization - Create perfect custom dashboards, forms and detail pages to show information in one clear page. Customizable and Feature-Rich * Free Trial. Fully customizable to meet the needs of a company, eSalesTrack offers quick access to any piece of data. With the most advanced reporting tool available in a hosted CRM application, eSalesTrack can develop reports on information companies are looking for.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Private Overland Park, KS * eSalesTrack With collaborative tools like a complete e-mail platform, integrated audio/video conferencing, and unique tools like the “Funnel Manager”, eSalesTrack delivers aFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: suite of features that allows organizations to manage and report on any aspect of their200 Hosted customer relationships on a granular level. user-CentricCuSTOMER FOCuS: Many CRM’s promote that their user interface is more friendly than the others yet whenSmall, Mid-Size opened, they look like all the others. From the initial page, eSalesTrack stands out as a very user-friendly application.SElECT CuSTOMERS:Telecom Inventory, LLC, TJ Properties, Accord Human Resources, NuvoxCommuntications Expert implementation guidance on the most user-friendly interface available continues to be the reasons eSalesTrack customers are experiencing CRM success likePRICE: never before. By helping develop a client’s internal sales process, assisting in theAll features are included for just $0/user/month. configuration and set-up of a customizable application, and providing comprehensive training to get users started quickly, eSalesTrack will give organizations the tool they have been looking for help them be more successful.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.  © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 
  • 29. About eSalesTrackKey Features: www.frontrange.com | sales@frontrange.com | 1-800--7* Account Management * Live Collaboration/Chat* Account Roll up * Marketing Automation* Activity Management * Mobile Web CRM HigHligHts* Application Programming Interface (API) * Field-level Security* Audio and Video Conferencing * Online Service Inquiries * One of the most popular small business CRM solutions in the market* Automated Processes * Opportunity Management * FrontRange offers an integrated suite of contact center, helpdesk, and* Bidirectional Outlook synchronization * Order Management customer service solutions.* Business Process Automation * Outlook Integration * Only CRM vendor that provides integrated Telephony/Call Center functionality* Calendaring * Pipeline Management from one vendor* Campaign Management * Product Catalogs* Channel Management * Queue Management* Collateral & Literature Catalogue * Quota Management* Contact Management * Quote/Proposal Generation OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:* Custom Reporting and Analytics * Sales Analytics Private Pleasanton, CA * GoldMine Enterprise* Customer Service & Support * Sales Force Automation * GoldMine Premium* Customizable Dashboards * Sales Team Management FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * GoldMine Corporate* Dashboards * Task Management CA, 2000 On-Premise * GoldMine Mobile* E-mail Integration * Territory Management * GoldMine Voice* Forecasting * Time Management* Lead Management * Web Integration CuSTOMER FOCuS: * Workflow Process Automation Distributed Enterprise organizations, Mid-Size, Small* Lead Routing SElECT CuSTOMERS: Advanstar Communications Inc., Chicago White Sox, Instron Corp, Smith Barney PRICE: Starting at $69 per user for GoldMine Premium Edition and $99 for GoldMine Enterprise Edition© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 30. About FrontRangeFrontRange Solutions (the creators of GoldMine Software) is a leading provider of www.infor.com | sales@infor.com | 1-800-260-260software solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service and support solutions forsmall- to medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprises. FrontRange Solutionshas over 600 employees, more than 1.7 million users, several hundred Value AddedResellers and 10,000 customer sites worldwide. The company’s global presence HigHligHtsincludes offices in North America, Europe, AsiaPacific and South Africa. FrontRange * Tailored to meet the unique demands of many vertical markets. * 2009 Intelligent Enterprise Editor’s Choice Award. Selected for “exceptionalcustomers represent  percent of the Fortune 100 and 76 percent of the FTSE 100, vision, technology innovation and customer leadership”and include Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, Prudential Securities, Électricité de France, Mack * 2008 CustomerSat Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE) Award fromTrucks, Campbell Soup, Avaya, Bechtel Corp, Bank of America, and Turner News MarketToolsNetwork. * ISM Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software in 2008FrontRange’s CRM solution, Goldmine, offers a wide range of product features andfunctionality, allowing companies to choose the modules and solutions that best fit theirneeds. GoldMine CRM solutions helps companies streamline the sales cycle, boost OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:team collaboration, improve customer satisfaction and refine their efforts to make the Private Alpharetta, GA * Infor CRM Epiphanymost of their sales, marketing and customer service investments. FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl:The Goldmine product family includes Goldmine Enterprise, GoldMine Premium, 2002 On-premiseGoldmine Corporate, Goldmine Mobile and Goldmine Voice.GoldMine Enterprise — FrontRange Solution’s comprehensive CRM solution CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise, Manufacturing and distribution.with advanced features and modules including Relationship Management, SalesManagement (Opportunity Management, Forecast Management, Quoting), Marketing SElECT CuSTOMERS:Automation (Campaign Management, Lead Management, Customer Support, added Denso, TRW, Heinz, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Godiva, Valvoline, GlaxoSmithKline, MDashboards and a broad set of integration capabilities. PRICE:GoldMine Premium — Same CRM capabilities as Enterprise without management Not publisheddashboards and a few other features.GoldMine Corporate Edition — Ideal for current GoldMine customers that don’t needcustomer support capabilities.GoldMine Mobile — Allows mobile users to access their customer and contactinformation, opportunity details, and daily calendaring activities. Works with eGoldMinePremium or GoldMine Corporate edition and runs on BlackBerryGoldMine Voice — Comprehensive communications solution that combines thecustomer’s phone system and the GoldMine CRM software system.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 31. About Infor About InforThrough a series of acquisitions, Infor is one of the largest software companies in turning customer interactions into revenue opportunities across emails, phone calls, andthe world, earning approximately $2.2 billion in revenue in 2008. Infor delivers fully web inquiries.integrated enterprise solutions as well as best-in-class standalone products that addressthe essential challenges its customers face in areas such as enterprise resource Infor’s CRM software system helps companies to:planning, supply chain planning and execution, customer and supplier relationship * Run campaigns that align with customers’ preferencesmanagement, asset management, product lifecycle management and business * Tightly integrate marketing across all inbound and outbound channelsintelligence. Additionally, Infor offers implementation and support capabilities in 100+ * Increase sales productivity by providing customer insightcountries and serves 70,000 customers worldwide. * Manage marketing and sales resources more efficiently * Turn contact centers into profit centersInfor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps companies optimize customerrelationships by integrating marketing, sales, and service. By providing a full 60-degree Infor also provides business-specific solutions with industry experience built-in, andview of customers, the system enables a consistent and continuous customer dialogue addresses the unique processes, regulatory requirements, and trading environmentsbased on real-time information. With this advanced CRM solution set, clients can make of customers in a wide range of manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.the most of every interaction with every customer across every channel or touch point. In each of the industries they serve, Infor has domain experts who understand theAs a result, organizations gain true customer insight, along with the ability to act on that productivity challenges of that particular vertical. Infor offers domain expertise in theinsight. following industries:Infor’s CRM solution provides the tools companies need to engage customers in a Manufacturing Service Industries Aerospace Communicationsmulti-channel, closed-loop dialogue that nurtures their loyalty to their products and Apparel & Footwear Facilities Managementservices and improves bottom-line results. Infor CRM is comprised of the following key Automotive Financial Servicescomponents: Chemicals Healthcare Consumer Packaged Goods HospitalityMarketing — delivers inbound and outbound marketing capabilities that streamline the Food & Beverage Insurance High-tech & Electronics Library and Information Managementcampaign process and create real-time customer profiles which can be analyzed to Public Sector Industrial Equipment & Machineryidentify high-impact offers at the moment of customer interaction. Life Sciences Retail Metal FabricationSales — provides sales force automation and opportunity management capabilities that Plastic Fabrication Shipbuildingfacilitate customer conversations by driving intelligence into every customer interaction. DistributionService — serves as the foundation for personalized contact center operations, giving Building Materials (BMAT)customer service representatives a unified view of customers across all existing Electrical Industrialsystems and empowering them to shorten call times and resolve issues on the first call. JanitorialPowerful real-time analytics drive personalized, customer-focused processes and offers, Paper Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (PHVAC)© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 60 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 61
  • 32. About Infusionwww.infusionsoft.com | sales@infusionsoft.com | 1-866-800-000 Infusion provides web-based CRM software and services to small businesses. Unlike traditional CRM software designed for larger companies, Infusion’s product combines the best of CRM, direct response marketing, e-commerce and small business management into one complete system that enables small businesses to automate and HigHligHts improve their sales, marketing and customer management. * Complete all-in-one hosted solution for small businesses. Infusion CRM automatically manages the entire sales process from generating leads, to * Auto-pilot marketing following up, to processing orders and collecting the cash. CRM functions include: * Free, unlimited phone support. * Guaranteed to double sales in 12 months or if dissatisfied with progress, * Marketing automation - automatic follow-ups with customers/prospects receive refund for half of first year’s subscription fees. * Sales force automation - automatic tracking and distribution of leads * Email management - robust email tools and deliverability assurance programs * Contact management - emails, faxes, appts, tasks and phone notes in one placeOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * Affiliate / JV programs - multi-tiered affiliate structure to manage partner programsPrivate Gilbert, AZ * Infusion CRM * eCommerce, Shopping Cart and Offline Ordering - * List Management - customers and prospects segmented into meantingful listsFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Billing and Accounting - sales and accounting reports; automated billingAZ Hosted * Calendaring & Tasks - daily agenda and tasks viewable in the office or on the road * Help Desk - support requests and ticket trackerCuSTOMER FOCuS: Key BenefitsSmall • Anytime, anywhere accessSElECT CuSTOMERS: • Easy-to-use interfacePinnacle East Financial Services, NetProfit Explosion, Weathernet Partners • Configurable for any industry • No software, hardware, or IT costsPRICE: • Monthly upgradesBasic: $199/user/monthDeluxe: $299/user/month • Unlimited technical supportPro: $99/user/month • Advanced user permissions • Secure, tier  data hosting • Regular data backups The company also offers, MortgagePro CRM which is packed with features to help mortgage professionals automate marketing, sales, and customer follow-up, and much more.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 62 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6
  • 33. About InsideSales.comwww.insidesales.com | 888.297.009 InsideSales.com is the first provider of on-demand Lead Management software to integrate a powerful suite of marketing tools that include dialers, voice messaging and nearly two dozen other productivity-enhancing ‘power tools’. These innovative solutions HigHligHts have made InsideSales.com the sales, customer, and lead management solution for nearly 00 companies world-wide. InsideSales.com products are proven to measurably * InsideSales.com adds Power Dialers to hosted CRM increase lead qualification, drive sales, provide managers with timely and effective * InsideSales.com was the first on-demand CRM offering integrated telephony analytics, and increase overall customer satisfaction - all within one complete system. tools and is a pioneer in Lead Response Management technologies InsideSales.com is an ideal inside sales, lead generation, and marketing solution for * InsideSales.com bridges different media of marketing and sales into one small- to mid-sized organizations. system, from clicks, to site conversion, to lead capture, to email, to phone response, to face-to-face selling tools. Products: * InsideSales.com – The on-demand lead management CRM with built-in PowerDialer and more that made InsideSales.com the choice for sales professionals who sellOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: remotely.Private Provo, UT * insideSales.com * PowerDialer for Salesforce – The world’s leading CRM teams up with the most * InsideSales.com powerful dialer on the planet built right in.FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * PowerDialer for * JabberDog – An on-demand autodialer with voice message broadcasting forN/A Hosted/SaaS Salesforce live answer or answering machines with survey capability or routing to a live * JabberDog representative. * ResponseSwami * ResponseSwami – The award-winning solution for Lead Response Management * Response Dealer (LRM) and PowerDialing that increases contacts 800%. * ResponseVoice * ResponseDealer – The full suite of productivity enhancing telephony ‘power tools’ forCuSTOMER FOCuS: the Automotive industry that doubled sales in 11 months at Jim Click Automotive.Small and and medium-sized businesses. * ResponseVoice – Toll free numbers on a web site that track offline web analytics by linking an offline response to the site visit analytics. Requires SiteCatalyst bySElECT CuSTOMERS: Omniture.Dun & Bradstreet, Omniture, FranklinCovey, AAA. Logoworks, Dura-Tuff, RGA Legal Based in Provo, Utah, the company recently expanded its corporate offices, continuingPRICE:Not Published, Free Trial the drive to become the number one inside sales, lead generation, and marketing solution for small-to-mid-sized organizations.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 6
  • 34. About Ivinex CRMwww.ivinex.com | info@ivinex.com | 801.91.117 Ivinex CRM was founded in 2006 by former Siebel and Microsoft employees, Craig Austin and Derek Miner. Having watched first-hand the evolution of the CRM market as it moved from on-premise to the cloud, the founders quickly saw the need for a truly HigHligHts innovative CRM platform. * Unique, algorithm-based sales acceleration methodology * i-design Platform allows customers to tailor CRM applications to meet their Since its founding, Ivinex CRM has delivered on its vision of bringing the market an specific business needs innovative and all-inclusive CRM platform. One of Ivinex CRM’s key features is its * An all-inclusive, streamlined CRM platform that can be customized for many original, market-leading user interface, which is more progressive and customizable verticals than the UIs found in older CRM systems. Ivinex CRM also provides a platform that empowers its users. Customers can evaluate their specific company requirements and pull from market-leading methodologies that are unique to Ivinex when customizing their web-based CRM platform. Customers canOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: also utilize Ivinex’s revolutionary i-design product to create dynamic applications thatPrivately Held Bountiful, UT * Ivinex Ultimate Edition cater to their company’s distinct modus operandi.FOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: The i-design platform powers Ivinex CRM’s flagship applications for sales and customerUT, 2006 Hosted service, and takes customers to a new phase in the evolution of the CRM market. The Ivinex philosophy is to allow customers to take advantage of their innovative CRM offerings without being defined by them. This means customers can incorporate theirCuSTOMER FOCuS: ideal business model into the i-design platform rather than having to work around theSmall, medium, and large enterprises of various verticals. functionality of older CRM structures, which are often inflexible.SElECT CuSTOMERS: Another of Iviniex CRM’s defining features is its algorithm-based sales forecasting. TheCustomer list available upon request product is unique to the Ivinex platform, and looks at real historical data to calculate a statistical probability and close date—ultimately providing true data as opposed to thePRICE: subjective forecasting model.$60 per user per month.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 66 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 67
  • 35. About Ivinex CRM www.kana.com | sales@kana.com. | 1-800-77-878The question becomes not what can Ivinex do for you, but what can’t it do. Thecustomer is the designer—it’s their world, and Ivinex just wants to make it better. Hereare some of the ways: HigHligHts* Sales acceleration that takes your best sales rep and makes them better* 16-to-1 click reduction means users spend more time doing what you hired them to * Core competency lies in customer service solutions. do * Provides a number of industry-specific solutions.* Cloud deployment anywhere, anytime * In 2008, Forrester named KANA a leader in its category for the third year in a* Global reporting on real-time dashboards configured with the analytics you need row.* Drip-marketing that alerts your sales rep on their mobile when a prospect is looking at your marketing content OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Public (OTC: KANA.PK) Menlo Park, California * KANA IQ * KANA Response FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * KANA Response Live 1996 On-Premise * KANA Contact Center CuSTOMER FOCuS: Enterprise, Mid-Size SElECT CuSTOMERS: Bank of America, Dell, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, IBM, Yahoo!, Wells Fargo PRICE: Not published© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 68 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 69
  • 36. About KanaKANA is a world leader in multi-channel customer service. KANA offers an innovative www.landslide.com | inquiries@landslide.com | 866-0-822approach to customer service with cost-effective solutions that enhance the quality ofmulti-channel customer service interactions. Built on open standards for a high degreeof adaptability and integration, KANA solutions intelligently automate the processes HigHligHtsneeded to successfully serve our clients’ customers, so that clients can deliver higher * Landslide Technologies Named To Top 100 Private Companies in Eastern USvalue service at lower cost, increasing customer retention and loyalty. KANA provides by AlwaysOn in 2009an integrated solution which enables organizations to deliver consistent, managed * Landslide Technologies Captures “One to Watch” Award from CRM Magazineservice across all channels, including e-mail, chat, call centers and Web self-service, in 2008ensuring a consistent service experience across communication channels. KANA is * Leading Industry Analyst Firm Positions Landslide in the Visionaries Magicheadquartered in Menlo Park, California with offices throughout the United States, as Quadrant for Sales Force Automationwell as Europe and Japan.KANA’S solutions include the following products:* KANA IQ -- a sophisticated knowledge management application that guides OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: customers and agents through the process of finding answers, enabling them to Private Pittsburgh, PA * Landslide Sales P quickly and accurately locate the information they need. System (LSP)* KANA Response -- a robust email management system which intelligently automates FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: the process of managing high-volume email and Web forms in the contact center. 200 Hosted* KANA Response Live - comprehensive live chat and Web page co-browsing so that Web self-service customers can engage in online conversations with agents.* KANA Contact Center -- a multi-channel customer service application for contact CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size, Divisions of Enterprise centers that provides an intelligent agent desktop with one-stop access to relevant customers and service data, multi-channel history, request management and extranet SElECT CuSTOMERS: workflow. John Hancock Financial, Northpak Container, Aethon, MSA, Teletracking, Aethon PRICE:KANA’s clients report double-digit increases in customer satisfaction, while reducing Quick Start $0/mo (Up to  Users); Field Sales $120/mo, Inside Sales $100/mo, Salescall volumes by an average of 20%. Global 2000 organizations across the industrial Support $90/mospectrum use KANA solutions including financial services, telecommunications,healthcare, high technology, manufacturing, retail and services industries. Customerssuch as American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Cigna, Citibank, Dell, Dillard’s,eBay, GAP, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, IBM, JetBlue, Kodak, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,MetLife, Palm, Priceline.com, Sony, Sprint, Staples, Starwood Hotels, Target, Verizon,and Xerox are among the industry leaders that have implemented KANA solutions.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 70 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 71
  • 37. About landslideThe Landslide Sales P System is a best-in-class hosted solution specifically focused www.marketo.com | sales@marketo.com | 877.260.MKTO (686) x1 |on maximizing the effectiveness of the sales organization. Given that high performanceselling requires coordinating a lot of activities, touch points, and conversations,improving just one of these activities can help a little, but improving every part of thesales process will result in a multiplier effect. Landslide’s Sales P System goes beyond HigHligHtsCRM/SFA by improving every facet of selling and dramatically increasing ROI. * Salesforce customers voted Marketo ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ on the Force AppExchangeLandslide Sales P System Overview: * More than 250 customers in 10 countries use Marketo Lead Management1) Sales Process Software – Landslide’s software not only maps an organization’s (since March 2008)unique selling process, but also allows sales the organization to show actions, * More than 75 customers use Marketo Sales Insight (since June 2009)conversations, and selling tools required to progress an opportunity to close.Landslide’s software embeds selling best practices into the sales team’s day to dayactivities, measurably improves sales team performance to the level of the company’stop performers, decrease sales cycle by more efficiently moving prospects to close, OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: PROduCTS:ensures the right sales tools are at-hand for every stage of the sale, and Private San Mateo, CA * Market Lead Mgmtgive better visibility into the sales pipeline and increased forecasting accuracy. * Marketo Sales Insight FOuNdEd: dElIVERY MOdEl:2) Sales Performance Tools – Landslide’s Sales P System offers tools for Lead 2006 HostedQualification, Buyer Alignment, and Research & Prospecting. These sales toolshelp sales team sell more efficiently by automatically presenting best practice jobaids right when needed, communicating with and engaging prospects through the CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-Size and Enterprisecompany’s innovative iO Channel, helping sales teams more effectively and efficientlyprospecting and preparing for sales meetings, actively tracking and measuring prospect SElECT CuSTOMERS:engagement, and providing greater visibility into the true status of deals. Avocent, Hughs, Kelly Services, McKesson, SHARP, Stratix, Trimble, WageWorks PRICE:) live Personal Sales Assistants – Landslide’s service enables sales people to Starting $1,00/monthoffload data entry, administrative and clerical chores so they can spend more timeselling. Average users estimate gaining an additional 2 hours per day of selling timeby utilizing the service. Traditional CRM Systems require that they spend a significantamount of time filling in reams of information about each opportunity they work on. Withthe LSP System, they’ll appreciate the availability of personal assistants to whom theycan offload this administrative work. From entering contacts and leads to updating notesand setting up reminders, the Personal Assistants service comes as an unlimited-usefeature for an additional $20 per month per subscriber.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 72 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 38. About MarketoMarketo is the revenue-focused marketing automation company, revolutionizing how www.oncontact.com | info@oncontact.com | 1-800-886-0866marketing and sales teams of all sizes sell and succeed at every stage of the revenuecycle. Delivered in the Marketing Cloud, Marketo’s powerful and easy solutions providethe fastest time to value and ignite explosive revenue growth from the earliest phasesof demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of revenue and customer HigHligHtsloyalty. Known for providing the most innovative customer experience, Marketo was * Focus serving mid-market organizations.voted ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ by Salesforce customers on the Force. * Depth of functionality and increased automation.com AppExchange. As of September 2009, more than 20 mid-market and enterprise * Robust customization and integration capabilities.companies in 10 countries have selected Marketo. * ISM Top 15 CRM 2009Marketo lead ManagementMarketo Lead Management is unlike any other marketing automation solution. Itprovides all the rich functionality marketers need to automate and measure demandgeneration campaigns that generate more high-quality sales leads, including email OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:marketing, lead nurturing and lead scoring. And it gives marketers the freedom to Private Cedarburg, WI * Oncontact CRM 6.execute campaigns with less manual effort, allowing more time to focus on the strategicand creative activities that improve marketing ROI. FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: WI, 199 On-Premise, HostedMarketo’s innovative customer experience is unparalleled in the industry and combinesadvanced functionality with a flexible, easy to adopt user interface, and an on-demandmodel that delivers the fastest time to value, with no charge for setup, integration or CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-market companies.training. SElECT CuSTOMERS:Marketo Sales Insight Prudential, Protective, CBC, Carfax, Biotek, Ecolab, US OncologyMarketo Sales Insight is a social sales application that helps sales teams understand, PRICE:prioritize, and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to enable smart selling Starting at $89 per user per month.and close more business faster. It gives reps a ‘sixth-sense’ awareness, so they knowwho is ready for, and most likely to appreciate, a follow-up call or email. And it lets themsend smart email campaigns and get instant updates when leads and opportunitiesopen email, visit the web site, or show other relevant buying signs. As a result,Sales reps are better prepared at every stage of the revenue cycle to deliver the rightresponse at the right time to ensure the right revenue results. Marketo Sales Insightworks natively inside Salesforce CRM, meaning there’s nothing new to learn, no newtools to install, and no need for additional IT.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 7
  • 39. About OncontactThe Oncontact CRM software solution, using the latest Microsoft .NET platform, www.oracle.com | oraclesales_us@oracle.com | 1.800.6.077provides a customer relationship management (CRM) system for mid-marketcompanies, housing all the critical business information an organization needs todevelop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies. Oncontact’s easy to HigHligHtsuse CRM solution with a familiar Microsoft look and feel and convenient tab orientation * Single pricing for all features of sales, service and marketingultimately empowers an organization to build stronger, more profitable relationships with * Bundled with a business intelligence and analytics reporting tool for easycustomers and prospects. CRM modules include: creation of rich interactive reports and dashboards * Pre-built integration to Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft and JD EdwardsOncontact CRM Sales ERPThis powerful CRM software application contains a history of all interactions with * Oracle is one of the largest application software companies in the worldcustomers and prospects on an individual or company-wide level. And, the interface of offering virtually everything a company needs to run its business.the CRM solution is completely customizable, which allows users to decide how theywant to manage their customer and prospect relationships. OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Oncontact CRM Marketing Public (NASDAQ:ORCL) Redwood Shores, CA * Oracle CRM On DemandAlso included in the CRM package, is marketing functionality complete with call center * Siebel CRMfeatures to maximize marketing dollars by allowing users to create, execute, manage FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Oracle E-Business Suite CRMand track successful campaigns that increase leads and generate sales. California, 1977 Hosted, On-Premise * PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM * JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRMOncontact CRM Customer ServiceThe key to outstanding customer service is fast, accurate answers. Oncontact’sCRM solution makes outstanding customer service a reality by delivering a full-scale CuSTOMER FOCuS:customer service and help desk management system that enables users to track Enterprise, Mid-Size, Smallcustomer service inquiries, incidents and problems.Oncontact Wireless SElECT CuSTOMERS:This feature allows users to sync the Oncontact CRM application to mobile devices. Dell, Blue Shield of Arizona, Allstate Insurance, AT&T, VisaOncontact Software is a privately held company with a presence throughout NorthAmerica, South America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East. Oncontact’sproducts are available through its corporate headquarters and an international allianceof value-added resellers, system integrators and distributors. Oncontact Software hasover 600 customers worldwide, including Prudential, Foremost Insurance and Carfax.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 76 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 77
  • 40. About Oracle About OracleOracle, the world leader in CRM, claims five million live end users and more than 100 Oracle Highlightsmillion registered self-service users. Oracle Corporation was founded by Lawrence J. * Built-in analytics and business intelligence reporting tool which allows for historicalEllison in 1977 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. data analysis and creation of rich interactive reports and dashboards * Pre-built integration to Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards ERPBuilding on Siebel’s award-winning CRM application with more than 12 years of * Single pricing for all functionalities of sales, service and marketingexperience, Oracle CRM On Demand offers the most strategic, comprehensive, andcost-effective hosted CRM solution on the market.Unlike other applications, which focus on short-term contact management, Oracle CRMOn Demand provides a scalable, flexible platform backed by powerful analytics thatenables organizations to change, analyze, and monitor customer-facing processes andsimplify customer data management.The company’s hosted software, Oracle CRM On Demand, competes with Salesforce.com. CRM On Demand offers low-cost, hosted CRM solution with little or no up-frontIT investment. With CRM On Demand, companies can accelerate sales, improvemarketing and deliver consistently top-notch customer service.Oracle Key FeaturesOracle offers industry-specific versions, analytics solutions and is available in hostedand on-premise version.Oracle CRM On Demand enables automation of sales, service and marketingfunctionalities. The sales features allow for consistent lead qualification and opportunityfollow-ups while ensuring interactions with contacts and organizations are tracked in aneffective manner.The marketing tool allows recipients to be segmented, emails to be sent and itsresponses to be tracked from within the system without the addition of rd party tools.While the service management tool enables organizations to track customer queries,feedbacks and complaints while ensuring it adheres to strict service level agreementsdefined.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 78 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 79
  • 41. About Paraturewww.parature.com | sales@parature.com | 70-6-778 Founded in 2000, Parature is the leader in on-demand customer service software, empowering businesses to leverage the Internet to provide outstanding customer service and online support. Parature provides the smartest, most efficient way to serve, support, retain, engage with and maximize the value of every customer. The company’s HigHligHts software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design enables * Specialist in customer service and help desk software. organizations to get up and running quickly, easily and efficiently. * Parature integrates with Twitter, JIRA, Salesforce.com, angel.com and other applications Parature’s complete, on demand Customer Support software solution and Help Desk * Web Marketing Association awards Parature 2009 Standard of Excellence software solution allows companies to deliver exceptional customer service 2/7. * JMP Securities names Parature to 2009 Hot 100 Private Software Company * CRM Magazine awards Parature CRM Service Rising Star Award Features of Parature’s Customer Service Software: * Consistent UI – From a portal that looks like the client’s website, customer can access a fully searchable knowledgebase, submit tickets, and get ticket status.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * Recorded communication – Customer history is recorded and secured in one place,Private Vienna, VA * Parature Enterprise Edition so it’s easier to confirm end user identity, and have the insight to upsell * Parature Professional Edition * Customer and Account data – Companies can track any level of customer orFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: account data they need.VA, 2000 Hosted * Management Tools – Parature provides tools to help organizations better manage the activities of a busy support team to ensure everyone is working at peak productivity. * Knowledgebase – Parature Knowledgebase™ enables customers to help themselvesCuSTOMER FOCuS: to documentation, product briefs, answers to faq’s, and all the latest information.Enterprise, Mid-sized companies. * Easy access to downloadables – Users can easily download documents, softwareSElECT CuSTOMERS: patches, manuals, even video files.The Weather Channel, CenterStone Technologies, Jobfox * Ticket Tracking – Parature comes complete with a trouble ticket system that lets companies track, route and resolve support issues quickly and easily.PRICE:Not published. * Dynamic Interaction – Parature Customer Service software lets end users engage in live chat sessions directly with support representatives. * Mobile Support – Access functionality from iPhone and iTouch mobile devices. * Community Building – Includes a forum for end-users find relevant support content. * Customer Satisfaction Measurement – Reporting tools to gauge the performance of the support team, the value of the knowledgebase content or overall quality of products. * Business Intelligence – Measure customer satisfaction by integrating surveys throughout the support process for a steady stream of customer feedback.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 80 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 81
  • 42. About Commencewww.commence.com | info@commence.com | 72-80-9100 Founded in 1988, Commence Corporation is a leading provider of CRM software for small enterprises and mid-size businesses. The company’s products are designed to meet the most challenging requirements of today’s businesses. From rapidly deployable – hosted solutions, to fully integrated desktop applications, Commence helps HigHligHts * Offers a fully integrated suite of CRM applications from contact management organizations manage, coordinate, and maximize every customer interaction. and sales automation to marketing campaign management, quoting, customer service and project management. Commence has been the recipient of numerous industry awards. The company’s CRM * Completely customizable CRM Framework. solutions are distributed worldwide and had been sold under private label agreements * Provides both on premise and hosted CRM software. by IBM, Compaq Computer and Lucent Technologies. * Integration with accounting/ERP systems. (QuickBooks) * Available on PC or Apple Mac * Consulting services for sales process management Commence offers complete “Freedom of Choice” to select the solutions and platform that best meets your business requirements. You can license the CRM application suite for use on premise or on-demand as a hosted service.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Private Tinton Falls, New Jersey * Commence Desktop CRM Commence Technology * Commence CRM On- Cloud-based deployed as Software as a Service or On-Premise DemandFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: Commence Key Features1988, NJ Hosted and On-Premise All Commence solutions support: * Contact & Account ManagementCuSTOMER FOCuS: * Sales Force AutomationSmall enterprises and mid-size businesses to divisions of large corporations. * Lead Management * Marketing & Campaign ManagementSElECT CuSTOMERS: * QuotingPNC Bank, NY Post, Siemens, Sprint, Shell oil, WD-0, --- several thousand small to * Customer Service & Supportmid-size companies. * Microsoft Desktop Integration (Outlook, Excel, Word etc.) * Reporting and analyticsPRICE: * Project ManagementSeveral editions are available starting at $0 per user per month * Web integration * Google Integration (Maps, Finance) * Disconnect or remote users * Support for Mobile Devices * Web services API for integration with QuickBooks, other accounting/ERP systems© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 82 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8
  • 43. About CommenceCommence Product Highlights www.rightnow.com | 1-866-60-7669* Commence Desktop CRM – is ideal for customers looking for a powerful comprehensive CRM solution that runs in-house on desktop computers. This comprehensive ready to use solution can be deployed “right out-of-the-box” and HigHligHts tailored to meet specific business requirement without programmer intervention. * One of the highest retention rates in CRM industry Commence Desktop CRM is easy to use, and easy to maintain. * Fully integrated into multiple channels such as web self-service, email* Commence CRM On-Demand – is a feature rich web-based solution that is easy to management, phone, social web, live chat, communities, feedback use and deploys rapidly. Commence On-Demand is modular in design allowing you * RightNow is recognized as a Leader in 2009 Magic Quadrant for E-Service to select only those applications you need to manage your business. The product Suites; requires no hardware, no software, and no IT infrastructure cost. * Forrester ranked RightNow as a leader in enterprise CRM suites and midmarket CRM suitesWhat differentiates Commence from other CRM offerings is the company’s rich 20-yearhistory and track record for delivering high quality reliable CRM software coupled withan experienced staff with years of expertise in sales process management and best OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:practices for sales execution and customer service. Today several thousand businesses Public (NASDAQ: RNOW) Bozeman, MT * RightNow Service™serving  unique industries in 22 countries around the world rely on Commence CRM * Right Now Marketing™solutions every day for managing their business and their customer relationships. FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Right Now Voice™ MT, 1997 Hosted * Right Now Analytics™ * RightNow Sales™ CuSTOMER FOCuS: Mid-sized to large enterprises. SElECT CuSTOMERS: Ben & Jerry’s, Black & Decker, British Airway, Fandango, Daimler Chrysler, Nikon PRICE: Start at $110/user/month.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 8
  • 44. About RightNowFounded in 1997, RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with additional www.webcrm.com | sales.uk@webcrm.com | +  8 0 8222offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Greg Gianforte started the company in1997 with no investor money and created a software product that was initially focused HigHligHtson customer service with an integrated knowledge base. As the company grew, it * Send personally addressed mass emails / SMS to selected target groupsadded sales automation, marketing automation, voice automation, customer feedback * Manage customers activities and notes to ensure vital customer task are nevermanagement and analytics to its product, creating a full CRM suite. Today, more than missed1,700 organizations worldwide use RightNow solutions including British Airways, British * Using the customizable sales pipeline and budgets customers can easily see what has been sold and forecast revenues and gross margins.Telecom, Cisco Systems, Continental Tire North America, Nikon and the Social Security * Over 5000 users and 90% subscription renewal rateAdministration. * Quick to implement and adapt * Integrate to other systems thru APIRightNow Technologies, Inc. provides customer relationship management (CRM)software. Its CRM software suite includes RightNow Marketing, RightNow Sales, and OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:RightNow Service. These solutions are designed to provide real-time visibility across all Private Leicestershire, United Kingdom webCRMcustomer-facing departments, maximizing the efficiency of an organization and helpingto provide a superior customer experience. FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: 2002 Hosted/SaaSRightNow Service - Provides a multilingual and multichannel customer service solution CuSTOMER FOCuS:that captures customer interactions from both traditional and online channels. webCRM is targeted towards small and midsized enterprises that want a CRM solution that is flexible to use and, fast and easy to implement. webCRM is also able toRightNow Sales - An intuitive, easy-to-use sales automation solution, RightNow Sales accommodate the needs of large companies that want a flexible, intuitive solution andmaximizes sales efficiency and productivity. RightNow Sales suite provides sales don’t need excessive CRM tools and features.forecasting and reporting data, and manages accounts, track leads, organize contacts,and creates selling opportunities. webCRM customers cover manufacturing, franchise, professional services, media, telemarketing, training, property retail and management, IT, consulting and much more.RightNow Marketing - Offers functionality to manage marketing campaigns andautomate standard campaign activities. RightNow Marketing helps turn ideas into reality, SElECT CuSTOMERS:reducing the complexity of campaign administration and providing the actionable insight Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, Lambert Smith Hampton, Farnborough College,to track campaign impact. CSCS Ltd, Money Saver Magazine, Scottish Widows plc, Seafield Logistics Ltd, Spoton.net Ltd, The UK Consumer Protection Agency, Albatros Travel, Maxisat,RightNow experience and leadership in consumer-centric CRM spans numerous MultiMentor, PowerPile, Viherio, Responsum, ADVICE, , The Curtain Girlsindustries including: Consumer Electronics / Hardware, Financial Services, Government,Higher Education, Retail / Consumer Packaging Goods, Software and Online Services, PRICE:Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality. From £ 1 pr. User pr. month© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 86 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 87
  • 45. About webCRM About webCRMwebCRM was founded in 2002 by a team of experienced sales executives with the goal Successful implementationof providing simple and easy to use sales & marketing solutions. The result is a simple, webCRM staff are all handpicked CRM experts with +10 years of experience inaffordable online CRM solution that sales people really love to use. Designed especially understanding sales processes, managing sales pipelines, managing sales teamsfor small to midsized businesses it is quick to implement and adapt fast, user friendly and managing deliveries. They offer qualified and to the point assistance inand really helps improve productivity and close more deals. We use webCRM every day order to accomplish a successful and short implementation period minimizing theto help us build and maintain a healthy business. implementation costs and maximising the chance of achieving the expected benefits.webCRM Key Features Real Long term valuewebCRM features improve efficiency and help to enhance the quality of customer They differentiate themselves by offering continuity of service, from the initial enquiry,communication. The features can be turned on and off as you require: through evaluation and post sales support. This ensures that our account managers• Send emails and SMS directly from Web CRM understand their customers’ business and provide the correct and most efficient• Use webCRM templates for writing personal and professional messages solution. webCRM is about maintaining and retaining our customers. They can only do• Send personally addressed mass emails / SMS to selected target groups this if their systems provide a significant return on their investment.• Use a shared web-based calendar to see everyone’s appointments• Outlook two-way synchronization with contacts, emails, tasks and calendar “With over 90% subscription renewal rates we must be doing something right”• Design searches and reports in minutes• Export data to Excel (or Word) and import existing data from Excel or other formats Your benefits:• webCRM to handle enquiries and automatically create follow up activities with contact No long term contracts, pay as you goinformation Users are not bound by any long-term, yearly contracts. They have the flexibility of paying monthly or yearly.webCRM Product HighlightsA CRM solution Sales people love to use Ease of CustomizationwebCRM has worked hard to take the complexity out of CRM. The result is a simple, webCRM understands the need to customize their service to your specific needs. Theiruser friendly and fast CRM solution that sales people love to use. Furthermore webCRM easy customization helps users get things done fast.is, quick to implement, very easy to customize & personalize. Additionally, webCRM hasa great API for easy integration to other systems such as your ERP, mail, ecommerce Value for your moneysite and much more. webCRM not only provide a great CRM software, but they also have a great price too. Subscription is only €15 /month, per user. No strings attached!No NonsensewebCRM customers want to know that webCRM understands their business and they Exactly what you needare subscribing to a service which works for them. webCRM targets the same person webCRM has exactly what businesses needs to become a more effective sales &that sells their system to also provide any assistance and support. If it won’t work for service organization - without excessive features that will never be used.the customer, they tell them. It saves a lot of time and cancelled subscriptions, whichdoesn’t help anyone.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 88 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 89
  • 46. About webCRMIt’s all hosted www.vai.net | ealmonte@vai.net | 1-800-82-7776When businesses choose webCRM, webCRM does the hard work for their customers.Users do not have to buy expensive servers, software, backup solutions, etc. They can HigHligHtsjust focus on selling and leaving the rest to webCRM. * Over 30 years of experience * IBM Premier Business Partner with custom software solutions backed byAutomatic updates superior service and support.with webCRM users will always run the latest version. Their solution is automatically * Awards include: “Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Companies,” Deloitteupdated to include any new feature releases and performance updates. & Touche’s “Fast 50 Award,” Long Island Software’s “Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies” and numerous IBM awards, including the “IBM Beacon Award forwebCRM Technology Most Innovative ‘Built On IBM Express Portfolio’ Solution.”With webCRM, data is safe with hosted web CRM. Access to web CRM data is availableon-line and users can benefit greatly from using cloud computing. Data can easily beimported and exported. OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: SOFTWARE SOluTIONS: Private Ronkonkoma, NY * S2K DistributionAlthough rich in features and options, the webCRM solution can easily be configured * S2K Manufacturingand adapted to present to the individual user exactly the features and functions required FOuNdEd: * S2K Food– nothing more, nothing less. This will highly increase the chance of a successful 1978 * S2K Warehouse Managementadaptation by the users. * S2K Retail * S2K e-Commerce * S2K Sales Force * S2K Analytics * S2K Service and Repair * S2K Rental CuSTOMER FOCuS: VAI’s flagship product, S2K Enterprise, is used by a variety of businesses worldwide, with clients in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, food and related service industries. Advanced applications such as Warehouse Management, EDI, CRM, Business Analytics and e-Business provide companies with the power to leverage their information technology investment. SElECT CuSTOMERS: A.S. Bryden, Wist Office Products, Norscot, McClarin Plastics, Haier America, American Fibers and Yarns Company, Fraenkel Company, Naghi Group, Joshen Paper & Packaging, Ince Distributing© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 90 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 91
  • 47. About VAI (S2K) About VAI (S2K)VAI is an award-winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Sales AnalysisDesigned for the mid-range market, S2K Enterprise is used by a wide variety of Financial Managementcompanies worldwide, with a number of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, Warehouse managementfood and related service industries. PurchasingVAI provides flexible, fully integrated business software solutions that give companies Manufacturing Softwareof all sizes a true market advantage. The IBM Power Systems™ technology is cost S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing is a manufacturing software solution that will helpeffective and can enrich business processes across-the-board, improving productivity, you manage all your operations with superior responsiveness and performance. Keysaving money and enhancing customer satisfaction. With VAI’s high performance features include:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, companies obtain reliable data Forecastingthat will streamline business processes to make it more competitive, responsive, and Product Quality Trackingprofitable. Work Order Processing MPS and MRP StreamliningVAI is committed to helping its customers meet their objectives by delivering the most Capacity Requirements Planningrobust, feature rich, flexible software solutions available. VAI’s history of customer- Shop Floor Managementdriven software development and commitment continues today. Hundreds of featuressuggested by customers are incorporated into VAI’s products yearly and new Warehouse Management Softwaretechnologies are continually integrated into new offerings. VAI’s WMS system helps you enhance productivity and improve overall warehouse efficiency, so that you can meet your company’s operational performance objectives andVAI continues to grow as a leading provider of ERP Software solutions. The company’s increase customer satisfaction. Key features include:continued expansion into Canada, Europe and the Caribbean has provided VAI with Inventory Management/Trackingworldwide recognition as an industry leader for ERP solutions. Automated Receiving/Pallet Creation Order ManagementVAI is headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York, with branch offices in Miami, Orlando, Performance TrackingChicago and Oroville, California. Cycle and Physical CountingVAI S2K distribution Key Features VAI S2K distribution Product HighlightsVAI’s Enterprise for Distribution offers numerous solutions to help you manage your S2K Enterprise provides one of the most advanced purchasing programs availablesupply chain, enterprise resources, and customer relationships more efficiently and today. A variety of tools help to minimize the burdensome tasks associated with manualeffectively. purchasing through the automation of your demand planning, purchasing, and ordering process.Key features include:E-business application Increase Staff Productivity with advanced features such as windows application integration, workflow alerts, and job scheduling.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 92 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 48. About VAI (S2K) About VAI (S2K)Unlimited Growth Potential – VAI’s value pack offer includes source code, an unlimited VAI Technologyuser license and no upgrade charges, allowing you to grow, add users and incorporate VAI’s S2K Enterprise software provides complete integration with PC-based productivitynew technology without any additional fees. products such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. At the touch of a key, users can move data into Excel Spreadsheets, send emails to contacts, create customer letters inEliminate costly mistakes and improve warehouse productivity with features such as Word, and schedule appointments into their Outlook calendar. In addition, options likereceiving/pallet creation, product movement, order verification, and counting programs. *View and *Excel allow users to create PDF or Excel files for all reports. This integration provides users with the flexibility to utilize desktop applications while taking advantageS2K Service and Repair Software of the power, reliability, and security of the VAI Enterprise software.VAI’s S2k Service and Repair application is an integrated field service software solutionthat provides a means of recording and tracking service and repair calls throughthe various stages. In addition, our field service software system assigns and trackstechnicians with on-line inquiry support providing real-time information enabling you toprovide your customers with the best possible service.S2K Rental SoftwareThe rental industry spans many different types of equipment. S2K’s Rental Softwarecovers all aspects of a rental business including Reservations and Allocations,Financials, Equipment Servicing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management,Purchasing and CRM.S2K Retail SoftwareWith S2K Retail Software, you can transform your retail business into a multi-channelorganization. This application offers a complete solution for the retail industry,including Point-of-Sale (POS), Accounting, Inventory Management, CRM, Purchasing,Warehouse Management, and e-Commerce. By centralizing information across yourentire organization, you can locate and move items more effectively, eliminate costlydelays, and make more informed decisions.S2K Food SoftwareToday’s food service enterprise systems must incorporate the latest industry features,offer unparalleled ease-of-use with a minimal learning curve, and be flexible in designand scalable in scope to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment. VAI’sS2K for Food Software meets these criteria and delivers much more. With this powerful,industry-specific solution, distributors can manage their supply chain and customerrelationships more efficiently than ever before.S2K e-CommerceVAI offers a variety of e-Commerce solutions that allow you to leverage theopportunities that the web provides. Our Commerce Express solution is ideal for smallbusinesses looking to quickly start selling on-line.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 9
  • 49. About Salesnetwww.salesnet.com | 1-866-72-862 Founded in 1999, Salesnet is a pioneer in customer relationship management software, offering CRM that drives sales effectiveness and gives companies true pipeline visibility. HigHligHts Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Salesnet is part of RightNow, a provider of on demand * Patented sales process engine customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help consumer-centric * Focused on driving sales effectiveness organizations deliver great customer experiences. Founded in 1997, RightNow is * Smart forms to keep data fresh and forecasts accurate headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, employs more than 700 people, and serves over * Snapshot reporting & dashboards compare how data has changed over time 1,900 organizations worldwide. RightNow is listed on the New York Stock Exchange * Cross-browser and platform compatible under the symbol RNOW. * Advanced controls * Power built-in data analysis tools Update for 2010: The first quarter of 2010 marks the release of The New Salesnet. With a brand new interface and many exciting new features, the New Salesnet has become a CRM system for the next decade.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Salesnet Key FeaturesPublic (NYSE: RNOW) Atlanta, GA * Salesnet CRM * Patented Sales Process Workflow Engine: Salesnet’s application allows the customer to create multiple sales processes that will drive effectiveness.FOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: * Smart Forms: Create multiple smart forms to be automatically provided to the sales1999 Hosted person as they complete their actions with the customer. These Smart Forms will insure that the right data is collected at the right time during the sales process and willCuSTOMER FOCuS: insure that pipeline data is fresh.Salesnet focuses on customers who are driven to increase sales effectiveness. * Color Coded Activity: Salesnet’s application uses color code to drive the rightSalesnet services a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, activities at the right time. This color code activity takes the guess work out of whatsoftware, training and education the sales person should do today and allows managers to see who isn’t keeping upSElECT CuSTOMERS: with their day to day interactions with the client.Sovereign Bank, LXE, ITSM Academy, Namasco, Valley Bakers * Slice and Dice Data: Salesnet’s ability to slice and dice the data in real time is unmatched. You can query the data with unlimited query items. You can alsoPRICE: change the fields in a layout, change the order of the fields, group the data base onNot published. multiple fields and add filters. Once you have sliced and diced the data you can then export it to word or excel. * Snap Shot Reporting: Allows users to take snapshots of reports and compare these snapshots to current reports or other snapshots. No longer does a sales managers have to try to figure out why his forecast has changed, Salesnet’s snapshot compare tell the sales manager what has change and by how much.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 96 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 97
  • 50. About Salesnet About Salesnet* Dashboard Compare: Allows users to compare up to 2 instances of how a Salesnet Software Highlights dashboard has changed over time. * Intelligent Pipeline Management – While there are many CRM products on the market* Salesnet Security, Stability and Scalability: Salesnet’s application infrastructure is today, only Salesnet provides Intelligent Pipeline Management - the built-in capability designed to provide airtight security, with 99.6% uptime and unlimited scalability. to view real-time information on pipeline opportunities, to see related sales activities* Marketing, Communication Manager: Create custom templates for form letters, and to distinguish how this information is changing over time. envelopes, labels and HTML email using Microsoft Word. Templates can be used * Engage Your Way – Salesnet offers an easy-to-use customization tool that allows within Salesnet for mass email campaigns, proposal generation, and a wide variety of you to Engage Your Way by configuring Salesnet to your unique processes, without having to involve your IT department. Or, if you’re struggling with process definition, communications. E-mails can be generated within Salesnet with the click of a mouse. Salesnet offers industry best practices to help you implement a process that will work* Multiple Layouts and Layout Usage: Create multiple screen layouts for Accounts, for you. Contacts and Deals, and grant usage rights to layouts for specific positions, teams * Keep It Simple with Salesnet – The Keep It Simple with Salesnet functionality and individuals. This allows for customized interfaces for different departments. automates many tasks that sales reps do on a daily basis to keep track of what’s* Importing & Exporting Data: Import data in comma separated values (CSV) file happening with accounts - decreasing time in front of the computer and increasing format from external sources. You can export your data directly to Excel or a comma time in front of the customer. separated values (CSV) file for manipulation in other applications.* Won/Lost Reason Codes for Deals: Enable your organization to analyze why its Opportunities are being Won or Lost, which is key information for improving your sales organization and increasing your bottom line.* Message Center: The Message Center gives you a centralized hub for sending and receiving messages to and from other people using Salesnet.* Company Preferences: Set SSL encryption as mandatory for everyone, establish the number of consecutive times someone can log in unsuccessfully before being locked out (login attempt limit), establish password rules, choose your multi-note options, and choose your linked email options for greater company security and more standardized processes.* Individual and Company Profiles: Manage your personal profile, the profiles of each person using Salesnet, and your company’s profile. Assign privileges, allowing people to access certain areas of Salesnet.* Web Services API: Integrate your Salesnet data with other best-of-breed applications like call center, marketing automation and customer support software via XML Web Services.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 98 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 99
  • 51. About SalesNexuswww.salesnexus.com | sales@salesnexus.com | (800) 862-01 SalesNexus, based in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Craig Klein, a seasoned sales executive. The company was built on the premise that businesses win when their sales staffs implement best practices through efficient contact management. Klein saw a HigHligHts real need in the marketplace for a contact management solution that was easy for sales * Extremely affordable hosted CRM with no software to buy or maintain. reps to use, yet didn’t require expensive hardware, software, or IT support staff. * Suitable for businesses of all sizes; for organizations ranging in size from 5 to 500 people. As a privately-held company, SalesNexus has grown steadily by staying focused on * Completely customizable and scalable solution. building the best web-based contact management system on the market for small- to * Includes unlimited email marketing. mid- size businesses. The company has earned a strong reputation among its loyal * Chat, phone, email support available to all customers with 1 hour response customers and partners for its commitment to delivering reliable and secure solutions time, without premium charges. that enable companies to become better sales organizations through easy and affordable customization, training, and support.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: SalesNexus is a complete online contact management solution for organizations thatPrivate Houston, TX * SalesNexus Standard want to share information online and become more efficient and automated. With * SalesNexus PRO SalesNexus, customers can:FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl:2002 Hosted * Access data anywhere and anytime * Share and collaborate easily with a central database. * Use web-based solution with no software or hardware to buy/install.CuSTOMER FOCuS: * Tailor the system to their businessSmall, Mid-Size SalesNexus CRM supports the following features:SElECT CuSTOMERS: Contact management - Share contacts, calendars, notes and documents effortlesslyAdvanced Planning Solutions, Countrywide Home Loans, Elite Retreat, SummaCare Sales Automation - Pipeline and Activity Reporting, Intelligent Sales Design and Workflow, Robust and Up-to-date Reporting, Mobile Phone/Handheld Integration,PRICE: Synchronization with OutlookSalesNexus Standard Edition starts at $/month or $299 annually; SalesNexus Pro Marketing Automation - Email Integration, Automated Email Marketing Campaigns.prices at $9 annually; Free Trial available One Click Service, Automatic Lead Creation from Website Forms, Capture and Report Source, Campaign of Website Leads Administrative and Support - Update Existing Contacts with any Excel file, Secure Hosting and Automated Backups, Low Cost of Ownership, Familiar and Easy to Use Interface ( ACT! or Goldmine), Live Support and Training w/ the SalesNexus Success Team, Free Upgrades and Enhancements© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 100 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 101
  • 52. About Soffrontwww.soffront.com | sales@soffront.com | 10-1-9000 Soffront Software Inc., a pioneer in the CRM market since 1992, offers an end-to-end CRM solution spanning sales, marketing and support. The company focuses on mid market companies seeking CRM solutions. With more than 2,00 customers worldwide, Soffront’s installed base includes Fortune 00 companies, mid-sized businesses, HigHligHts federal, state, and local governments. The Soffront solution is completely web-based (zero foot print web client), is built to adapt and can be deployed in days. * Deployed in days; Zero Footprint Web Client; Easy to use customization tools * Product of the Year Award, 2008 Unified Communications magazine Soffront offers an end-to-end CRM solution spanning sales, marketing and support. * TMC Labs Innovation Award, 2008 Technology Marketing Corporation Soffront CRM is comprised of: * CRM Excellence Award (2006 -2008) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine * Marketing automation * Customer support * Defect TrackingOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: * Order ProcessingPrivate Fremont, CA * Soffront CRM * CRM Portal * Sales AutomationFOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: * Employee SupportCA, 1992 On-premise, Hosted * Knowledge Management * Asset Management * Mobile CRMCuSTOMER FOCuS:Mid-Size, Small Soffront CRM is “built-to-adapt”. Adapt not only for the initial deployment but also withSElECT CuSTOMERS: customer’s changing business. With Soffront, there is no need to force-fit the businessensim, Oilco, Ternion Corporation, HitSoftware, Oilco, Tatara Systems process to match the software. The architecture of the solution coupled with powerful easy-to-use end-user tools is the key to this flexibility. There is no need for companiesPRICE: to re-do customizations when upgrading; they are automatically ported.Not published. Free 0 days. Soffront offers one of the broadest suite of CRM applications spanning the marketing, sales, partner management, customer support, defect tracking, employee support and portal applications. These applications are pre-integrated and there is no need to write special interfaces for integrating these applications. The COM based Soffront object model used to establish this pre-integration is available for companies to integrate with any external application.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 102 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 10
  • 53. About SugarCRMwww.sugarcrm.com | sales@sugarcrm.com | 1-877-82-7276 SugarCRM is the world’s leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software. Founded as an open source project in 200, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded over five million times and currently serve over 00,000 users in 7 languages. Over ,000 customers have chosen HigHligHts SugarCRM’s On-Site and Cloud Computing services over lock-in based, proprietary alternatives. In the last year, SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success * Open, flexible and feature-rich CRM platform and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld, Customer Interaction Solutions * 2009 CODiE Award Winner: Best Open Source Solution and Intelligent Enterprise. * 2009 Best of Open Source Enterprise Software Award from InfoWorld * Best Open Source Technology by CRM Magazine (2008, 2009) SugarCRM easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost- * 2008 CRM Market Leader from CRM Magazine effective alternative than proprietary applications. SugarCRM’s open source architecture allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer-facing business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships. The companyOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: offers a complete, enterprise-class CRM system built on open-source technologies,Private Cupertino, CA * Sugar Express including PHP, MySQL, and the Apache Web server. * Sugar ProfessionalFOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: * Sugar Enterprise The SugarCRM platform is available in installed, hosted and appliance-based versionsCA, 200 On-premise and Hosted * Sugar On-Demand that offer the full range of CRM functionality. It is designed for maximum ease of deployment for the management of sales leads, business contacts, and more.CuSTOMER FOCuS: Sugar On-Demand is hosted by SugarCRM. Sugar Cube, provides plug-and-play CRMMid-Size, Small appliance inside a company’s firewall. Sugar On-Site, allows organizations to manage Sugar on their own servers.SElECT CuSTOMERS:Avis, H&R Block, Coca-Cola Enterprise, AXA, BDO Seidman, AthenaHealth SugarCRM is a good choice for budget conscious companies who primarily need salesPRICE: force automation functionality for fewer than 0 users. They must also have the interestSame pricing for on-premise and hosted: and technical resources for in-house customizations.Sugar Express - $99 annual subscription up to  users ; $799 annually up to 10 usersSugar Professional - $0 /user/ monthSugar Enterprise - $0/user/month The open-source version of Sugar Professional is free, but the fully licensed commercial product will be the better choice for corporations because of its broader feature set.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 10 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 10
  • 54. About Suradowww.surado.com | 1-800-78-726 Founded in 199, Surado continues to gain recognition as an emerging CRM innovator and is featured regularly through national publications such as Inc, Entrepreneur, PC Magazine, PC World, CRM Magazine, and Selling Power. In addition, Surado’s receipt of prestigious awards such as the MobileFocus Award, awarded by Pepcom, the World HigHligHtS Leader in Technology Showcase events honoring the most outstanding products and services in the mobile computing and wireless arenas, continues to gain industry * Easy to use and implement; Customizable; Fast integration with 3rd party expert and user recognition alike. Surado is privately-held. The company’s products are apps; Advanced security options. available in all 0 states and in more than 6 countries. * Surado, recognized as an emerging CRM innovator, has been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur, PC Magazine, PC World, CRM Magazine, and Selling Power Recognizing the tremendous business opportunity in the mid-market CRM arena, * Industry specific solutions available. Surado has positioned itself to capitalize on its expertise in building large, powerful and complex systems as well as out-of-the-box solutions to create a solution for the mid- market.OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS:Private Riverside, CA * Surado CRM Online Surado CRM is designed to work across horizontal markets. The company also offers * Surado Business CRM a number of vertical solutions spanning banking and finance, healthcare, education,FOuNdEd: SOFTWARE MOdEl: * Surado CRM Enterprise homeland security, public sector. Surado CRM includes core CRM functionality suchCA, 199 On-Premise, Hosted as contact and account management, sales automation, marketing automation and customer support/service. The product also includes dashboards, dynamic workflows and tools for project management. Surado CRM is available for enterprises with moreCuSTOMER FOCuS: than 10 users, while Surado Small Business CRM is geared for fewer than 10 users.Mid-market and SmallSElECT CuSTOMERS: Surado CRM Online allows companies to access all their information anytime,Black Box Network Services, Index Corporation, Infotech, Rockwell Institute, Phoenix anywhere using the Internet. From Email Marketing to Salesforce automation toMotorcars, Duquesne University, Riverside County Regional Medical Center Contact Management and managing Customer Service, Surado’s Online CRM provides the ease of use and power for businesses of all size. Moreover, organizations are notPRICE:Surado CRM Online – Starting at $1/month locked in and can transition over from Online CRM to an on-premise CRM solutionSmall Business CRM – Starting at $/user/month or $00 per user license when it makes business sense.Surado CRM Enterprise – Starting at $700 per user license In addition to being a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Business Solutions Partner, Surado continues to expand strategic relationships with industry solutions providers including IBM, Palm, Corex Technologies, Intuit, Intel and others.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 106 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 107
  • 55. About TrackerRMSwww.tracker-rms.com | contact@tracker-rms.com | + (0) 81 262 00 TrackerRMS was formed to embrace the ever increasing needs for companies wishing to obtain access to powerful business application over the internet. HigHligHts TrackerRMS aim is to continually provide a feature rich yet cost effective CRM, Project, * One system tracks leads, sales, orders, projects, service & resourcing planning Resource and Ticket Management solution to clients without the burden of them * Automatic workflow, alerts, notifications and integration with Microsoft, including managing their own data or integrating multiple applications. TrackerRMS delivers a fast Outlook and Projects and actionable insight into their clients and their business. * Real-time reporting and campaigning functionality * Centralize all company documents & standardize communications via templates TrackerRMS is an enterprise level fully hosted ASP tool which is completely * Resource and client portals for submitting tickets, timesheets and expenses and customizable delivering cutting edge sales, recruitment, delivery and support tools availability through your browser. With TrackerRMS software there is no need to acquire any other additional software toOWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: run your business and our clients receive maximum ROI and business efficiency in thePrivate Amersham, Buckinghamshire, * TrackerRMS CRM day to day running of their business. England TrackerRMS sales and technical team delivers true on-demand solutions to a wideFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: variety of industries from technical to leisure. TrackerRMS continues to update and2002 Hosted upgrade clients systems to ensure they are always receiving the most up to date features and unrivalled customer support that the market offers.CuSTOMER FOCuS: TrackerRMS Key FeaturesSmall to medium-sized enterprises for all types of industries including Marketing, The foundation component of TrackerRMS offers an all-in-one CRM solution that can beTelecoms, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Sport and Leisure, Management Consulting applied to any type of business that require a mechanism for tracking customer activityand IT Consulting information and consists of the following features: * Sales – Sales Force Automation and solid Opportunity Management is essentialSElECT CuSTOMERS: when effectively selling products or services within a sales lifecycle involving leadThe Nielsen Company generation, sales calls. * Diary Management – Keeping on top of your Activities is essential for any salesPRICE: organization, as is the ability to keep a history of your existing meetings, calls, emails£00 per user per annum and more. * Lead & Opportunity Management – The Leads function hooks directly into your website through your “Contact Us” page or other customized page used to attract© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 108 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 109
  • 56. About TrackerRMS About TrackerRMS your clients. This allows your team to react instantly to prospects and use. TrackerRMS will store a copy – including any attachments – automatically.* Account & Contact Management – The Account & Contact Management function * vCalendar – To quickly synchronize your diary in TrackerRMS with your Outlook or establishes a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that allows other email application, our one-click vCalendar links provide an instant way to store you to manage your day-to-day contacts and activities. important appointments without needing to re-create them.* Reporting & Analytics – The power of TrackerRMS is in the fact that every * Back Office – Although being a web-based application, TrackerRMS can still offer a conceivable piece of information about your business is held within a single host of both push and pull integration with your back-office applications and extract application, including more importantly, how this information relate. reports give you an instant and up to date feeds of data.* Workflow – To drive automation into the sales cycle, TrackerRMS has a subtle yet powerful workflow engine that takes the pain out of the sales process by making Security decisions, sending alerts, setting statuses, creating project records, updating. Of fundamental importance to all SaaS companies is the security and integrity of the* Campaign Management – TrackerRMS brings you a browser-based campaign tool data held and the access controls across your organization. that automates and manages multi-channel campaigns including email, fax, direct mail, web and telemarketing. TrackerRMS provides a feature rich set of security tools providing you with high levels of control at the user level which can be implemented instantly.TrackerRMS HighlightsAlongside the day-to-day tracking of Account activity and your sales processes, there Everything from remote access outside of your office, down to the records and reportsis also a set of highly productive tools to let you manage the wealth of content that that can be viewed, you can ensure that the right people gain access to the rightsupports your business. information.* The Document Library provides an online repository of searchable content and documents that can be categories and version controlled to ensure your teams have instant access to the latest information.IntegrationAs most software and systems integrators will inherently know, bringing multiplesystems together can be a challenge and even when done, the true value is not alwaysrealised because the applications work to different methods and processes.The advantage of TrackerRMS is therefore simple, an all-in-one solution that you canextend to meet your needs without the necessity for integration. In fact whole areas ofthe application can be allocated and deallocated to users in  clicks of the mouse.* MailAgent – For all important communications either sent or received, the MailAgent ensures that these are held against your Contacts without the need to cut and paste or re-type. Simply BCC (blind copy) or forward your emails to your MailAgent and© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 110 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 111
  • 57. About Workbookswww.workbooks.com | sales@workbooks.com | + (0) 118 00 100 Workbooks is a web-based CRM solution that takes advantage of the very latest web 2.0 technologies. The service is competitively priced and delivers unlimited scalability and guaranteed availability. HigHligHts Headquartered in the UK, Workbooks Online provides a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed specifically for small and mid-size organizations to run their * Simple windows-like Web 2.0 interface - easier to use and quicker to adopt business - already fully integrated and delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS). * Web based: No hardware or software required Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business comprehensively support organizations’ * Part of a suite of ‘prospect to cash’ online applications business lifecycle, including sales, marketing, sales order management, invoicing, * Based in UK customer service and purchasing and supplier management. Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business help organizations improve the performance of their business; with real-time visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: Workbooks Online solutions help to increase productivity through efficiency gains andPrivate Berkshire, UK * Workbooks CRM provide the framework to better manage business risk. * Workbooks BusinessFOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: Workbooks Online applications are pre-integrated on the WorkbooksOne™ technology2007 Hosted platform. This removes the traditional requirement for small and mid-size businesses to select, purchase, implement, integrate and manage separate CRM and back-office software and associated hardware; in contrast Workbooks is ready for use as soon asCuSTOMER FOCuS: one subscribes - and starts to deliver value immediately.Mid-Size, SmallPRICE: Workbooks CRM includes key features to assist in the a number of importantFree 0-day trial operations, including: * Sales Force Automation * Marketing Automation * Sales Order Management * Customer Service & Support * Supplier Order Management * Invoicing and Cash Collection * Company Management© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 112 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 11
  • 58. About Zoho CRMwww.zohocrm.com | support@zohocrm.com | 1-888-900-966 Zoho is a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-line business applications. Customers can use Zoho to run their business processes, manage their information, and be more productive while at the office or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software. Zoho currently has more than 1. million HigHligHts registered users. * Awards: “2008 Small Business CRM: Leader”, “2008 CRM Market Awards: Influential Leaders”. Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle * Fast and easy setup, easy customization, and easy to use and train management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer employees. Support & Service, and Inventory Management in a single business system. * No long-term commitment required, pay as you go. * 100% Free Edition available. Zoho CRM users can use the same account to take advantage of the other 20+ different applications that Zoho provides. Many of them are complementary to Zoho CRM, for example - Zoho Projects for project management, Zoho Invoice for customer invoicing,OWNERSHIP: HEAdquARTERS: CRM PROduCTS: and Zoho Meeting for web meetings, desktop sharing and remote support. Likewise, thePrivate Pleasanton, CA * Free Edition single sign-on advantage extends to Google and Yahoo users, who can login to Zoho * Professional Edition CRM directly with their respective accounts.FOuNdEd: BuSINESS MOdEl: * Enterprise Edition1996 Hosted Zoho is a division of AdventNet, a privately-held and profitable company in business since 1996. With headquarters in Pleasanton, CA and offices in Austin, New Jersey, London, Tokyo, and Beijing, AdventNet serves the technology needs of more thanCuSTOMER FOCuS: 0,000 customers worldwide.SmallSElECT CuSTOMERS:D-Tools, Inc., ImplantVision Communications LLC, Henchmen Productions LLC, PowerSystems Direct, Inc., BITS LTD, Cobblestones Communication.PRICE:Free Edition – Free for first  usersProfessional Edition –$12 per user/month from th userEnterprise Edition – $2 per user/month from th user.© 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 11 © 2011, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. 11