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Encore Presentation - ACRL/NEC ITIG Annual Meeting
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Encore Presentation - ACRL/NEC ITIG Annual Meeting


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Authors: Trish Schultz, Technical Services Librarian and Laura Kohl, Reference Librarian, Bryant University - Meeting held at Salve Regina University, June 2008

Authors: Trish Schultz, Technical Services Librarian and Laura Kohl, Reference Librarian, Bryant University - Meeting held at Salve Regina University, June 2008

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Libraries are here to serve their users- so let’s get with it!
  • Transcript

    • 1. In the fast paced , social networking world of the next-gen … libraries are revitalizing themselves with fresh and innovative methods and technologies To Do:
    • 2. why? Libraries are focusing on users what they want , what they need
    • 3. by revamping the traditional catalog with a fresh , hip look and feel how?
    • 4. it provides a single place to search while adding community and web 2.0 features with what ? encore
    • 5. What is encore?
      • New interface on top of current catalog
        • Works with Innovative’s Web Pac catalog
        • Aleph & Unicorn catalogs from Ex Libris
        • Voyager catalog from SirsiDynix
    • 6. Encore’s Development
      • May 2006 Innovative announces intention to develop Encore
      • Development partners – Give III feedback;
      • “ first wave” partners
        • Binghamton University [SUNY]
        • Deakin University (Australia)
        • Deschutes Public Library
        • Georgetown University
        • Michigan State University
        • Nashville Public Library
        • Scottsdale Public Library System
        • Springfield-Greene County Library
        • Tri-College Library Consortium
        • University of Glasgow
        • University of Kentucky
        • University of Queensland Library
        • Westerville Public Library
        • Yale University's Lillian Goldman
        • Law Library
    • 7. HELIN’s Participation
      • HELIN Board of Directors initial exposure at ALA and later attended a III director’s symposium in March, 2007.
      • 2 nd Wave Development Partner
        • “ react to and refine the current feature set under development and work with the rest of the team to identify candidate features and functionality for subsequent release phases.” – III Press Release
      • Larger consortium – unique needs
    • 8. How do our patrons “discover” by using Encore? Keywords Our patrons don’t need to know they are doing a keyword search Google-like single search box
    • 9. Too many choices before the search begins…
    • 10. A patron searching for the: History of Rhode Island As a subject search in the traditional catalog Same search in Encore
    • 11. Did You Mean?
      • Spell Check
        • When no or very few results are found.
        • Suggestions generated by keyword index rather than a generic dictionary
    • 12. Results Screen AJAX Technology
    • 13. The ENCORE Results List
      • Result Summary - Total number of results
      • Sort Options - Title or Date (Relevance is the default setting)
      • Result Page Navigator - To jump from page to page
      • RightResult Groupings - Algorithm= weight of search terms in the record data, material type, adjacency of terms, signal bars, more weight given to journals and items with ERM records .
      • Brief View of each result - hyperlinks to view full record, search the author, request books or view copies of item
    • 14. RightResult Algorithm
      • Group 1 – highest relevance results for search terms; serial and ERM resources are given added weight.
      • Group 2 – search terms are found together as a phrase in a significant field in the record.
      • Group 3 – contains the other matches for an adjacency search
      • Group 4 – contains results where non-adjacent keywords are found in significant fields
      • Group 5 – contains all remaining records where all terms are found somewhere in the record but not adjacently
    • 15. Brief View of Record in ENCORE
      • Book Cover linkage and information will be dependent on library’s content service
      • (2.0 release)
        • Ex. Content Café
      • Title of item links to the detailed view
      • Author performs a new keyword search with the author information
      • Material Type is indicated with an icon or text if none is available
      • Holdings information is displayed
      • Request this title link
    • 16. Recent Acquisitions
    • 17. Record Details Display
      • Includes all information from Brief View of Record except for author hyperlink
      • Holdings Information:
        • Location
        • Call #
        • Status
      • Non III systems may not display status, but have a link to click for status instead.
      • Find Out More
      • INN-Reach System Link
    • 18. Results Scroll Bar
    • 19. Other Options
      • Popular Choices - instead of recent acquisitions
      • Federated Search Results – 5 library databases or other free resources display results of same search on the screen
        • Research Pro (MetaLib & WebFeat next)
      • Yahoo Images Results – top 3 results are displayed right on the results page
      • Community Tagging – available in the detailed view of the record
        • Restrict by patron type, log-in, delete tag, report abuse
    • 20. Persistent URL Hyperlinked Call #s Hyperlinked Author Hyperlinked Series Hyperlinked Location - Maps Hyperlinked Add Authors What’s the “Classic Catalog” got that Encore doesn’t? Stuff us librarians LOVE. Remember the intended audience… not librarians… but our patrons… Z39.50 Marc Record Display, Save Record, etc.
    • 21. use what’s in the margins- facets and tag clouds how do users narrow down and refine their search results ?
    • 22. with Encore 2.0 changes will be made to facets facets appear on the left side of the results page and include : Format Collection language Publish Date Search Found In
    • 23. facets are derived from codes contained within the bibliographic records & ILS indexing What data causes facets to display ?
    • 24. for example: the code contained within the material type field in the bibliographic record displays the various FORMAT categories.
    • 25. in the traditional catalog, a user has to know where to go in order to limit a search what good are they ? With just 1 click, facets provide users a means to narrow down and limit results. The best part, users don’t even have to look for them- they’re automatically produced and right there! in encore, it’s all right here
    • 26. Keep in mind- only one selection can be chosen from each grouping of facets
    • 27. have you selected many facets, but the results just aren’t what you were looking for…
    • 28. the tag cloud appears on the right side of the results page , and can be expanded by clicking
    • 29. what’s great about tags ? tags provide a way for users to “discover” alternate subjects, reflected in their search, that they might not have even thought of ; tags also allow users to retain their original search term(s ) while further refining their results a user is assigned to do a research paper on Joan of Arc, s/he begins by searching the catalog for “joan of arc” unsure of who she was and what to focus on- the user can click on the tag cloud to get some ideas ultimately, enabling the user to narrow down their search results
    • 30. where do the words in the tag cloud come from ? they are derived from subject headings contained within the bibliographic record
    • 31. the more or less these subject terms appear within a result set, the smaller or larger their font displays in the tag cloud
    • 32. Encore 2.0 features that are in a final testing stage prior to general release: 
      • Locations Served Functionality
      • Location Facet
      • Location Facet Obeys Locations Served Table
      • Patron Login
      • Requesting in Encore
      • ASRS Requesting (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems)
      • Patron Record Alerts
      • Community Tagging
      • Suppress Request link for non-requestables
      • ISBN search
      • Research Pro authentication
      • Yahoo Image search
      • Internationalization
      • Book jackets for media materials
      • Full ERM details integration (e.g. license information)
      • Tracking Encore Usage using Google Analytics
      • Display of the table of contents based on MARC data
      • Improved look & feel
      • Continued improvements to the Did You Mean function
    • 33. The list of enhancements the Encore team will be working on for the rest of the year:  
      • Harvesting into Encore from OAI compliant targets
      • Research Pro Lite (simple federated search purely within the Encore environment)
      • Other federated search product integration (MetaLib & Webfeat to start)
      • Content Cafe enriched content support
      • Usage statistics
      • Integrated user help
      • Community Reviews & ratings in Encore
      • Pathfinder Pro integration for context-sensitive linking
      • More facets
      • Alternate designs
      •   Amazon linking support
      • Encore for INN-Reach central systems
    • 34. Let’s Check it Out!