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  • School subjects ps unfinished

    1. 1. Leith Academy Secondary School
    2. 2. All Departments Maths Art CDT English Drama HE Spanish Music SE Geography Computing Resource Centre Modern Studies Physics History Biology RE Chemistry PE IT Home
    3. 3. Outside Playing Fields RE PE Outside SE Main Building Home
    4. 4. Maths • In maths you learn about numbers, decimals, fractions, and different shapes like circles. Home
    5. 5. English • English is a subject that you have to learn. In English you do essays, write stories and read books. Home
    6. 6. Spanish • Spanish is a modern language. It is a hard subject to learn. Home
    7. 7. Geography • In Geography you learn about the worlds climates, looking at maps and learning about rivers. Home
    8. 8. Modern Studies • In Modern Studies you talk about politics and learn about different groups and society. Home
    9. 9. History • In History you learn about Wars that have gone on many years ago and ancient facts about different countries. Home
    10. 10. RE • In RE you learn about different religions like Judaism, Christianity and Muslims. Home
    11. 11. PE • In PE you do Physical activities like swimming, tennis and basketball. PE is very good to participate in because it will help keep you fit and you will enjoy it. Home
    12. 12. Art • In Art you learn how to draw pictures, paint and make collages Home
    13. 13. Drama • In drama you learn how to act and perform in different shows and performances. Home
    14. 14. Music • In music you can learn how to play different instruments like guitar and piano. Home
    15. 15. Computing • In computing you do a lot of different things on computers like databases, making animations and word processing. Home
    16. 16. Physics • Physics is a hard subject but it is ok sometimes. You learn about space, transport and electricity. Home
    17. 17. Biology • In Biology you learn about the human body and you do work with bones. You do lots of experiments. Home
    18. 18. Chemistry • In Chemistry you do different experiments and learn about different chemicals. Home
    19. 19. IT • In IT you learn how to do word processing, do spreadsheets and set out letters. Home
    20. 20. CDT • In CDT you can learn how to make models of things using wood and different metals. You can also draw things by hand or on the computer. Home
    21. 21. HE • In HE you can learn how to make all different types of food like pasta and curry. You sometimes learn about bacteria in the world that could make you unwell. Home
    22. 22. SE • In SE you learn about the effects of drugs, domestic abuse and the effects of drinking alcohol. Home
    23. 23. Resource Centre • In the resource centre you can take out a book and you can also learn things for school projects by reading some of the books in the resource centre. It is quite a useful place. Home