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Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
Smc tools youtube
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Smc tools youtube


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  • 1. Social Media Tools:YouTube
    Director, Parent and Affinity Programs
    McGill Universtiy
  • 2. More than just a website
    It is an extremely popularvideo search engine, an online community and a powerful marketing tool for promotional campaigns.
    Increasingly important component of social media strategy
    If you don’t already have an institutional presence on YouTube – get one. Your people are already there and connecting without you
  • 3. Some Stats
    Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
    That is the equivalent of over 130,000 full-length Hollywood movie releases every week
    A billion+ views per day
    More page views every day than the primetime audience of all three networks combined
  • 4. Creative, Fun AND Educational
    The immediacy of video and the accessibility of YouTube allows you to send your campus, students and faculty around the world.
    The creativity of film allows you enormous flexibility in marketing and promoting your programs and institutions
    Tufts recently added a video component to their application process and received 1,000 entries.
  • 5. Getting Started – Account Types
    You need an account – easily done by using your google account. Now you can comment on videos. By opening an account you will be creating your own personal channel where you can store videos and create playlists
    The same holds true for your institution – you will need to open an account on its behalf in order to develop a channel
    A regular YouTuber account in the early stages is perfectly adequate.
  • 6. Channels – Regular
    A channel is the page which is viewable by the general public and contains a user's profile information, videos, favourites, etc.
    To view your own channel, sign into your account and click your username, displayed at the top-right of any page
    Channels feature playlists and favourites and are customizable to a limited degree.
    You can upload an institutional background or logo for your association’s channel and manage (within limits) the look and feel of the channel
  • 7. Channels - Enhanced
    Enhanced Channels have premium branding and customization capabilities and increased uploading capacity, longer videos, videos autoplay and interactive banners that link to your website is one of the avenues by which universities can acquire an enhanced channel.
    Notice the donate now button on their banner
  • 8.
    Aggregates educational content from Universities and other educational organizations and showcases it on the .EDU section of Youtube
    Only one channel per institution is granted, this encompasses the entire campus
    Need to have a considerable existing presence on YouTube before you can apply for an .edu account
  • 9. Playlists
    A Playlist is a collection of videos that can be watched on YouTube, shared with other people, or embedded into websites or blogs
    For those without enhanced channels, playlists are the best way of organizing content and showing flexibility
    In addition to uploading your own videos, you can add other people’s videos to your playlists and organize them in thematic groupings that would appeal to your different constituencies.
  • 10. Views and Comments
    Video views indicate the number of times a video has been seen
    YouTube encourages community by allowing registered users to comment
  • 11. Analytics: Insight
    Free video metrics and analytics service – Insight, allows users to view detailed statistics about the videos that they upload to the site
     Insight charts video views on an interactive time line and map, allowing users to drill down into different geographic regions and see the viewing activity in those regions over selected time periods.
    Insight records details like viewer demographics (note these are based on registered Youtube users), how viewers are engaging with videos (playback length, ratings, comments) and a breakdown of how viewers are discovering videos (e.g. search, email, embeds etc.).
  • 12. Professional vs user-generated content