IA Mini - Design Consequences Activity

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the design exercise we 'played' at IA Mini on Monday

the design exercise we 'played' at IA Mini on Monday

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  • 1. and now for something completely different!
  • 2. design consequences a fun & useful design activity leisa reichelt disambiguity.com @leisa
  • 3. what is it? a great way to get clients and other disciplines involved in the design process, do some visual brainstorming, get preconceptions and restrictions articulated early, explore ideas, solve problems, gain consensus, and, have fun :)
  • 4. when to use it great early on in projects (esp. when teams are forming), but also great when you hit a particularly challenging problem.
  • 5. let’s play!
  • 6. your design problem: you are design an e-commerce store for a milliner (hatmaker) who wants her customers to be able to design customised hats online that she will then make to order. how would the ‘Design Your Own Hat’ interface work? you have FIVE minutes!
  • 7. phew! good work team! but you’re not done yet...
  • 8. building on the sketch you have received... ‘what happens next’ (it’s entirely up to you! but you only have 5 minutes again)
  • 9. and now it’s time for... show & tell!
  • 10. feedback? how was it for you?
  • 11. what next? a couple of options... a) consolidate agreed best ideas into new set of wireframes b) extract concepts onto sticky notes and affinity sort/rank (KJ Method)
  • 12. preparing your own session: • do a pilot session! • make sure your design question is clearly articulated • use design warmup exercises • invite a multidisciplinary team (including the people you most fear) • be creative with materials/stimulus • ALWAYS show example output • bring energy! (often jelly beans)
  • 13. more info: disambiguity.com/design-consequences or contact me: leisa@disambiguity @leisa enjoy!