Coworking, Jellyweek and Ouishare

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Presentation about initiatives on collaborative economy during Ouishare Drinks at Co&Art Donostia - May 2013

Presentation about initiatives on collaborative economy during Ouishare Drinks at Co&Art Donostia - May 2013

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  • 1. Coworking, Jellyweek and Ouishare Collaborative Economy at Co&Art Donostia
  • 2. Moleque de ideias  
  • 3. Moleque de ideias -   • Since 1996, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • A software company that develops and maintains e-commerce systems: Casino, the French retailer in Europe is one of our clients; systems to manage tests and certificates for the industries professional training in Brazil; systems of quality to building and construction industry • A place for children since they are 4 years old, to develop their own ideas – more then 1500 children until today, some for more then 10 years • A place to gather the community to develop ideas to foster sustainability, planting our own food, making beer, creating stingless bees, trying 3D printers… using technology to empower networks
  • 4. Coworking  
  • 5. Coworking -   • the  term  "coworking"  was  coined  by  Bernie  DeKoven  in  1999,  to  describe   computer-­‐supported  collabora?ve  work   •   shared  working  environment   •   people  who  are  s?ll  working  independently,  but  who  share  values  and  who   are  interested  in  the  synergy  that  can  happen  from  working  with  like-­‐minded   people  in  the  same  space   • aArac?ve  to  work-­‐at-­‐home  professionals,  independent  contractors,  or   people  who  travel  frequently  who  end  up  working  in  rela?ve  isola?on   •   coworking  is  not  only  about  the  physical  space,  but  about  establishing  the   coworking  community  first  
  • 6. Jellies!  
  • 7. Jellies -   • Jelly  is  a  casual  working  event.   •   You  bring  a  laptop  (or  whatever  you  need  to  get  your  work  done)  and  a   friendly  disposi?on.   •   Jelly  started  in  NYC  in  February  of  2006  when  roommates  Amit  and   Luke  realized  that  they  loved  working  from  home,  but  they  missed  crea?ve   brainstorming,  sharing  and  camaraderie  of  working  with  other  people  
  • 8. What is Jelly? -  
  • 9. Jellyweek  
  • 10. Jellyweek -   • Coworking,  entrepreneur,  changemaker,  techie,  innova?on  and  other   problem-­‐solving  networks  are  invited  to  organize  a  local  event  (free  of  charge)   and  to  communicate,  collaborate  and  create  new  partnerships  and  ac?on  on   the  global  level.     •   EUROPEAN  JELLYWEEK  2011  ///  48  hosts  from  14  countries   •   WORLDWIDE  JELLYWEEK  2012  ///  223  hosts  from  34  countries   •   WORLDWIDE  JELLYWEEK  2013  ///  255  hosts  from  44  countries  in  6   con?nents  
  • 11. Jellyweek  
  • 12. Jellyweek Projects  
  • 13. Jellyweek Quilt - sewing ideas in a glocal scale
  • 14. Jellyweek Quilt – traditional materials and tools
  • 15. Jellyweek Quilt – e-textile
  • 16. Jellyweek Quilt – new communication tools
  • 17. Jellyweek Quilt – traditional mail
  • 18. Jellyweek Quilt – collaboration
  • 19. Jellyweek Quilt – collaboration
  • 20. Jellyweek Quilt Adventure 10200151090682962.194216.1321890453
  • 21. Jellyweek Quilt Adventure 10200151090682962.194216.1321890453
  • 22. Ouishare – Antonin Leonárd
  • 23. Ouishare -   “Si  los  úl?mos  diez  años  se  han  centrado  en  encontrar  nuevas  maneras  de   conectar,  crear  y  compar?r  en  la  web,  los  próximos  diez  años  van  a  mostrar   como  aplicar  los  mismos  principios  al  mundo  real.” • Una  comunidad  crea?va  para  la  Economía  Colabora?va   •   Online,  proporcionamos  a  la  gente  de  la  comunidad  con  un  espacio  para   mantener  conversaciones  online,  invitarlos  a  compar?r  sus  ideas  e   inspiraciones  en,  nuestro  magazine  colabora?vo  online.    
  • 24. Ouishare Online  
  • 25. Ouishare Online  
  • 26. Ouishare Offline   “Si  los  úl?mos  diez  años  se  han  centrado  en  encontrar  nuevas  maneras  de   conectar,  crear  y  compar?r  en  la  web,  los  próximos  diez  años  van  a  mostrar   como  aplicar  los  mismos  principios  al  mundo  real.” • Una  comunidad  crea?va  para  la  Economía  Colabora?va   •   Offline,  OuiShare  conecta  los  nodos  locales  para  fomentar  la  colaboración  y   las  nuevas  ideas,  mediante  la  organización  de  eventos  por  todo  el  mundo,  ya   sean  meetups,  conferencias  o  talleres  crea?vos.  Desde  enero  de  2012  ya   hemos  organizado  40+  eventos  en  20  ciudades  europeas.  
  • 27. Ouishare Fest
  • 28. Ouishare Fest
  • 29. Ouishare Fest
  • 30. Ouishare Fest
  • 31. Ouishare Fest
  • 32. Ouishare Fest
  • 33. Ouishare Fest
  • 34. Ouishare Fest
  • 35. Ouishare Fest
  • 36. Ouishare Fest
  • 37. Ouishare Fest
  • 38. Ouishare Fest
  • 39. Ouishare Fest
  • 40. Ouishare Fest
  • 41. Ouishare Fest
  • 42. Ouishare Fest
  • 43. Ouishare Fest
  • 44. Ouishare