Ingles 5 trabajo final urbe


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Ingles 5 trabajo final urbe

  1. 1. Final Project level 5 SPAIN Unit # 1: All about Me. Unit # 2: Let’s Eat. Unit # 3: Unsolved Mysteries. Unit # 4: Today’s Trends. Unit # 5: In the Neighborhood. Unit # 6: Student Life.
  2. 2. My name is Yuletzi Gonzalez I am twenty four years old I have five sibling I am study computer engineering at Urbe My drean is to graduate My favorite foods is pizza I am from Maracaibo. I live on bella vista avenue Unit : Personnel Yuletzi Gonzalez
  3. 3. Unit # 1: I´m 18 years old. I’m from Maracaibo originally. My favorites hobbies are listen to music, check Facebook everyday Unit : Personnel Leilany Bermudez Unit #2: My favorite food is pasta Unit #3 My life is a mystery that sometimes I do not remember where I leave things. Unit #4 I live with my brother and my parents and I love my family Unit # 5Where I live is all about from bakery to malls. Unit #6 I study Industrial Engineering at URBE.
  4. 4. Unit : Personnel Miguelangel Sanchez Unit # 2 I love pizza is very tasty and juicy Unit # 3 I do not remember any mystery occurred Unit # 1 I`m 19 years old.. I play football everyday Unit # 6 I`m study Industrial Engineering in Urbe Unit # 5 In my neighborhood there is everything from liquor stores to bakeries Unit # 4 I have two brothers..
  5. 5. Unit #1: All about Spain The life of the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias Father Mother Brother Girlfriends Sister
  6. 6. Unit #2: Let's Eat Horchata de Chufa Cordero asado Churros Pulpo a la gallega Spain food
  7. 7. Unit # 3: Unsolved Mysteries. THE LEGEND OF FRAY Gari CATALAN LEGEND Legend has it that long .... Long time, there was a gentleman named Joan (John) Garí, who retired from the world to become a monk hermit in the mountain of Montserrat His goodness and wonders were known everywhere, especially the special gift of healing grace.
  8. 8. Unit # 4: Today’s Trends. The Spanish are very likely The Christmas Eve dinner and midnight mass Arrival of Christmas In December In August Fashion And the Spanish will meet on weekends with family and enjoy the best places in Spain
  9. 9. Unit # 5: In the Neighborhood Madrid Barcelona Sevilla Valencia The capital of Spain, Madrid, and Barcelona are the two cities with populations over one million people. Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Malaga have populations of over 500,000.
  10. 10. Unit # 6: Student Life. University of Navarra Primary functions of the University of Navarra Science Sports Motivation Values - Work - Freedom - Respect - Responsibility - Service - Internationality
  11. 11. Reflexion personal At is really a good experience we´ve had at this level, especially all these new learning tools that motivetes us to work header on via web and use these resources to the fullest. Keep on shining love and peace. Reflection Yuletzi Gonzalez
  12. 12. This level V seemed to me very important, because I learned a lot about each unit, because it was much more practical than other levels. And I feel good because I reach my goal was to go with excellent note. Reflection Leilany Bermudez
  13. 13. Reflection Miguelangel Sanchez It's been a great experience at this level V trainee, I learned a lot, new words, new goals, how to express .. New friends, classmates, colleagues thanks to the guidance of the teacher learning across the board rather than all at the WEB. This will serve me in my future either in my career or my day to day .. English is the best:)
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