Mit Annual Conference 2009 Presentation


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Microwork for the World's Poor

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Mit Annual Conference 2009 Presentation

  1. 1. MIT Legatum Center 2009 Annual Conference Leila Chirayath Janah Founder and CEO, Samasource
  2. 2. The Need Paul Parach, 24 Dadaab, Kenya Refugee Work Program Born in South Sudan Orphaned at 9, walked to Kakuma camp Denied formal employment Speaks English Learned to use a computer 2 months ago samasourcegive work TM
  3. 3. samasourcegive work TM 1.2 billion youth in the world at least 200M in Africa (World Bank) + 50% unemployment up to 70% in some regions (World Bank) + Rising education levels and literacy Literacy now at 84% globally, up from 76% last decade (UNESCO) =
  4. 4. samasourcegive work TM “I joined the militia because I thought I could get paid after the war. I knew I was risking my life but I had no other choice. My mother was finding it hard to feed us. I joined to have a job.” - Sylvestre, 18, Congo-Brazzaville.
  5. 5. samasourcegive work TM Microwork (or, The World Really is Flat) samasource Mako Abdiyo Hassan Marian web services virtual assistance data entry image moderation training quality assurance contracting billing and invoicing
  6. 6. samasourcegive work TM Our secret sauce: transparency Worker bio, earnings Partner story Connection tools: $$, work, or social media Earnings to date: $335 Projects to date: 12 Client testimonials: Working with Tashina has been a pleasure -- she manages my calendaring and travel booking with ease. See more >>
  7. 7. samasourcegive work TM Subscriptions App Test - Painless Application Testing Simple Automated Transparent
  8. 8. samasourcegive work TM Major Wins Rockefeller Foundation Templeton Foundation Business in Development Network Stanford Social Enterprise Challenge Rainer Arnhold Fellowship Premal Shah, President, Kiva Bill Trenchard, former CEO, LiveOps Dr. Paul Milgrom, Stanford University Tim Ferriss, Four-Hour Workweek Mohamoud Jibrell, CTO, Ford Foundation Partnerships & Support Grants & Funding Donors & Advisors Growth 6 Countries 18 Service Partners 517 workers $220K in sales Since September 2008:
  9. 9. samasourcegive work TM Future Directions More PartnersMore Work Virtual Goods Imagine a virtual fair trade handbag or UNICEF card Virtual goods = $2.5B market, 0 (or very low) marginal cost to produce What we could offer: Customized songs, poems, sayings, images, e- cards Capture the 15% margin on socially labeled goods Great existing relationship with largest distribution channel in the world Domestic expansion pilot in E. Palo Alto Growing our hubs in South Asia, E. Africa
  10. 10. samasourcegive work TM Our Impact Paul is no longer a “lost boy”
  11. 11. samasourcegive work TM Thank you. Where to find us: @samasource /samasource