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美图秀秀 http://xiuxiu.web.meitu.com/

is one of the best photo editor and enhancer photo apps i have came across. It is friendly and easy to use. Many of its features only required a click of button, plenty of templates for you to choose for.

But the only limitation is the apps only supported in Chinese (since it is a Chinese software), with such many of my friends who do not read Chinese will have a problem accessing it.

Out of courteous i decided to help translate the apps features into English, which at least help the people who like to use this powerfully photo apps.

Meitu (美图秀秀) do supports a few platforms including Window, iPhone/iPad, Android and an online version. The translation i made is based on the Online Version http://xiuxiu.web.meitu.com/

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Xiuxiu.Web Translation 美图秀秀

  1. 1. http://xiuxiu.web.meitu.com/ Photo Enhancement Portrait Enhancement Jigsaw Meitu Photoshop – Easy to use guide
  2. 2. Open a pic from computer Take a photo from webcam Open a pic from website
  3. 3. One click – enhance Portrait One click – enhance Landscape 1. Basic enhancement 2. Color Adjustment 3. Rotate 4. Crop 5. Resize Photo Enhancement
  4. 4. Open file from Computer Photo Enhancement Portrait Enhancement Jigsaw Animation Save & Share Text Frame Special Effects Accessories Themes Graffiti Touch Up
  5. 5. Special Effects 1.Hot Effects 2.Basic Effects 3.LOMO Effects 4.Portrait Effects 5.Fashion Effects 6.Artistic Effects
  6. 6. Used Text / Delete Common Fonts Internet Fonts Effects Fonts Templates Comic Fonts Text
  7. 7. Upload from computer Accessories All Accessories Watermark Accessories Funny Accessories Jewelries Accessories Fashion Accessories Other Accessories
  8. 8. Frame Colorful Frame Simple Design Veins Design Torn Edges Relaxed Design
  9. 9. Theme Festival Season Real to Life Non-mainstream Cuties Wallpaper Baby Design Celebrity Calendars Others
  10. 10. Graffiti Pen / Icon / Shape Pen / Eraser Pen Weight Color Transparency Color & Design
  11. 11. Touch Up Blur Up Background Mosaics Color Spray Color Pen
  12. 12. Select Photos and Templates Template Free Style Poster Photo Combine Jigsaw Sharp Angle/ Round Angle/ Shadow Upload more Photos Frames Selection
  13. 13. Jigsaw II Zooming Delete All Photos
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