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DPC #5 - Mobile Marketing Made Different (WeChat Marketing)
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DPC #5 - Mobile Marketing Made Different (WeChat Marketing)


WeChat currently is the number #1 #communication #apps used in China. More than 650 millions global users are currently communicating with this apps. …

WeChat currently is the number #1 #communication #apps used in China. More than 650 millions global users are currently communicating with this apps.

If you are in business and you are still not utilising the social power of WeChat, then you are missing out a big piece of the marketing pie.

In this presentation Coach LeikHong shared how you can use some of the features available on WeChat as a marketing and lead generation tools.

Enjoy! Please do LIKE and Comment if you find the material is useful.

Thank you.

Published in Social Media , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Digital  Profit  Club  2014    #5   Mobile  Marke8ng  Made  Different  (WeChat)  
  • 2. Let’s   Recapped    
  • 3. Facebook Apps
  • 4. Customize Facebook Apps
  • 5. History of WeChat Oct  2010  –  with  the       original  name  of   “WeiXin  微信”     By  Ma  HuaTeng  –   CEO  of  Tencent    
  • 6. 600  millions  users  globally   China  -­‐  450  million     Rest  of  the  world  –  150  million  
  • 7. Nov  2012,  ranked  the  most  popular  iOS  social  networking   Apps  in  6  countries  (Taiwan,  HongKong,  Vietem,  ArgenRna  &  Malaysia)  –   measured  by  download  
  • 8. The  Authen8city  of  Users:  WeChat  requires  a  telephone  number  in  order  to  sign  up   for  a  personal  account.  This  makes  WeChat  the  strictest  social  media  plaXorm  in   China,  ensuring  there  are  less  ‘fake’  accounts.  
  • 9. WeChat: ID!
  • 10. WeChat: QR Code!
  • 11. WeChat: Profile! Professional  look  image   Name  that  represent  who  you  are   Tagline  that  tell  people  what  you  do  
  • 12. WeChat: Basic Chat Features! Features  keyboard  of  WeChat  
  • 13. WeChat: Web WeChat!    
  • 14. WeChat: Transfer File via web WeChat! transfer  files  of  less  than   10  MB   File  types  like  PDF,  MP3,   MOV,  DOCX,  PPT  and  image   files  can  be  opened  and   viewed  on  WeChat.  
  • 15. WeChat: Moment! The  Moments  feed  works  similarly  to  a   Facebook  feed  where  you  can  like  and   comment  on  photos  shared  by  your  contacts.        Since  you  have  to  approve  of  contacts,  only   the  people  you  approve  will  be  able  to  see,  like   and  comment  on  your  photos  or  statuses.    
  • 16. WeChat: Shake Shake! Shake  is  another  feature  where  you  can  meet  random  people  not  too  far  from  you.  It  gives   you  a  random  person  (who  is  also  using  Shake)  to  chat  with.  You  can  choose  to  chat  with   the  person  or  shake  again  to  get  another  random  person.  
  • 17. WeChat: Look Around! Look  Around  lets  you  connect  with  random  people  who  are  physically  around  you.  To  use   Look  Around,  you  must  enable  LocaRons  so  the  ‘matchmaking’  can  commence.    
  • 18. WeChat: Look Around!
  • 19. WeChat: Throw A Bottle! You  can  now  toss  digital  messages  into  a  ‘sea’  and  let  random  people  pick  up  your  message,   keep  it  or  add  a  reply  before  tossing  it  back  to  the  ‘sea’.  Messages  can  be  in  the  form  of  text   or  short  audio  clips.  
  • 20. Enter  the  Features  Sedngs  to  Enable  /  Disable  some  of  the  WeChat  features.     Me  >  Sedngs  >  General  >  Features  
  • 21. Brand Awareness – CSR Project China  Merchants  Bank  launched  a  campaign  using  the  ‘Throw  a  Bohle’   funcRon  of  WeChat.  China  Merchants  Bank  would  cast  bohles  into  the   sea  with  a  very  disRnct  message.   The  message  states  that  for  every  500  replies  they  receive  they  will   donate  professional  training  courses  to  auRsRc  children  around  China.     WeChat  users  using  the  drii  bohle  and/or  shake  funcRons  could  then   see   this   message   and   act   accordingly.   China   Merchants   Bank   would   then  act  through  a  3rd  party  charity  “lihle  notes,  small  charity”.  
  • 22. WeChat: Business Account!
  • 23. Principe:  Build  an  interacRve     official  page  of  the  brand     Example:   Press  1  –  Magazine   Press  2  –  Chadng   Press  3  –  Test   Press  4  –  FM  Radio  
  • 24. Starbucks  China  launched  their   WeChat  “how  are  you  ?”   campaign  that  users  can  get  a   voice  message  of  a  song  from   Starbucks’  own  album  aier   sending  them  an  expression.       Another  success  from  them  is  the   “good  morning  alarm  clock”,   parRcipants  can  get  their   breakfast  at  half  the  price  if  they   arrived  before  the  Rme  they  set,   and  the  Rme  is  set  on  an  app   from  Starbucks.  
  • 25. 优鲜果妮   目前主要经营石家庄经济学院全校区及周边 地区的水果,在线销售并免费送货上门。商 品种类涵盖优质平价水果、精品高档水果、 实惠水果拼盘和精品拼盘等,满足不同人群 对水果消费的需求;此外,缔造客户水果体 验,创办水果健康美容论坛、户外水果采摘、 情人水果节等。并不断根据消费者反馈及市 场信息,及时对商品的品类以及价格进行动 态调整。   Fruits  Delivery  Service   •  Operate  in  University  Business  School   •  Target  audiences:  Students  &  Teachers   •  Monthly  contact   •  Daily  room  to  room  delivery   •  Special  fruits  packages  for  different   customer’s  needs   •  Apart  from  company  informaRon,  WeChat   also  provide  weather  forecast  /  Lost  &   Found  info  
  • 26. WeChat: 富军栗米   From  zero  to  RMB  2.6million  of  sales  in  3  months  Rme  using  WeChat.  At  the  beginning  富军 just  give  away  FREE  rice  to  his  WeChat’s  friends  to  try,  the  words  of  mouth  start  to  spread   and  referral  began  to  flow  in.  But  it  is  sRll  not  enough….  So  he……..  
  • 27. So  富军 dressed  up  like  an  Angry  Bird  and  run   the  Shanghai  InternaRonal  Marathon  carrying  a   big  beg  of  his  organic  rice.     With  such  he  made  a  huge  impact,  and  was   reported  by  the  local  and  internaRonal  presses.       PromoRng  his  WeChat  account  with  a  QR  Code,   public  can  now  add  and  follow  his  富军栗米  
  • 28. To  be  con0nue….  
  • 29. Social Media Coach Leow    LeikHong       TwiPer  @leikhong     Email: