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Digital Profit Club - Group Purchasing in Social Media
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Digital Profit Club - Group Purchasing in Social Media


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • When you understand exactly what selling really is; when you have a definition that gets to the heart of the matter, you’ll realize that there is nothing intimidating about it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Selling MORE with Leveraging on social media network LESS efforts
    • 2. Selling by Definition Professionally Helping Other People to Buy
    • 3. 5 Ways Formula: Lead Generation X Conversion Rate = Customer X No. Transaction X Avg. $$ Sales = Profit $$ X Margin
    • 4. Lead Generation
      • Google / Facebook Adv
      • Twitter
      • Search Engine
      • Website / Blog
      • Facebook Page
      • Youtube
    • 5. BUYING IN QUANTITY With Discounts Conditions
    • 6.
      • Launched on November 2008
      • First Market Chicago, then the rest of USA to Global
      • 35millions registered users
      • Google offered US$ 5.3billion to acquired Groupon; but was turn down on Dec 2010
      • Projection of revenue for 2011 – US$ 3 billion
    • 7. Groupon Video
    • 8. Business Model: a form of Re-intermediation Consumers
      • Looking for good deals,
      • find / share shopping experience
      2. Sell groupon. Charge commission Suppliers / retailers 3. Gain stable sales, increase awareness
      • Groupon negotiate with supplier / retailers to offer deals
      • Groupon promote deals and gather customers via its marketing channels
      • Groupon sells coupons to customer and charge commission from suppliers
    • 9. Business review
      • Consumer pays before purchasing; ensure the deals get done; accelerate the cash flow
      • Large discount for collective buying in limited time and items; create a phenomenon of Bargaining & Panic Buying, encourage customer wowing the deals by word of mouth (via social media)
      • One deal per day, consumer don’t need to make the choose
      • Achieve a Three WIN
    • 10.  
    • 11.  
    • 12. Consumer point of view Business point of view Bargain Hunter Acquisition Cost Advertising Focus
    • 13. Business Strategy
      • Simple and clean profit mode
      • Simple and satisfying shopping experience
      • email marketing
      • social media leverage (FB & Twitter)
      • Not too many products at one time
      • buy NOW (limited time only)
    • 14. Local Business
      • drive awareness using offline & online methods
      • collect email database -
      • FREE report (gift)
      • with condition of limited time only (ACT NOW!!!)
    • 15.  
    • 16. Thank You