Building a ALL Star LinkedIn Profile


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LinkedIn - one of the world most searchable social media website that helps professional search for opportunity. Whether you are seeking for a new career and you are hiring for a new talent. This social media website does the job perfectly.

In this presentation Social Media Business Coach LeikHong is going to share the tips and tricks how do you get rank and found when people run a search that match your talents.

First of all you goto have a All Star LinkedIn Profile. So how to built one? Check out this presentation.

Have fun!

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Building a ALL Star LinkedIn Profile

  1. 1. Profile  an ALL-STARBuilding   Learn how to set up a power profile and network your way to success with LinkedIn. Digital  Profit  Club  2014    #7  
  2. 2. WHY? Since my Facebook and other social media sites are doing great.
  3. 3. •  Friends   •  Back  yards   •  Party   •  Casual   •  Fun  
  4. 4. •  Business   •  Office   •  Boardroom   •  Suits   •  Professional  
  5. 5. The Old Way To Do Business
  6. 6. LinkedIn  operates  the  world’s  largest  professional  network  on  the  Internet  with  more   than   300   million   members   in   over   200   countries   and   territories.   Professionals   are   signing  up  to  join  LinkedIn  at  a  rate  of  more  than  two  new  members  per  second.  
  7. 7. CREATE  A   POWERFUL   AND   COMPLETE   PROFILE   LinkedIn  suggests  that  having  a  completed   profile  provides  you  with  a  40%  greater   chance  for  networking  success.    
  9. 9. 1. Upload  a  Professional  image.   A   professional   image   is   essenIal   on   LinkedIn   when   you   are   making   the   first   impression   with   your   contacts.   Kept   all   your  party  photos  on  Facebook  or  Flickr  ;   not  on  LinkedIn.    
  10. 10. 1. Upload  a  Professional  image.  
  11. 11. 2.  Create  a  Compelling  Headline   You  have  120   characters  at  the  top   of  your  profile  to   describe  what  you  do   to  the  world.  Use  a   brief  descripIon  with  a   direct  benefit  to  grab   their  aOenIon.       Don’t  just  put  your  job   Itle.    No  one  care  if   you  are  a  CEO  or  GM   unless  they   understand  what   benefits  you  are  bring   to  them.  
  12. 12. 2.  Create  a  Compelling  Headline  
  13. 13. 3.  List  Your  Current  PosiRon  &  Past  PosiRons     Complete  the  “Summary”  SecRon    +   Use  descripIve  keywords  that  you   quoted  in  your  headline  if  possible,  and   be  sure  to  describe  your  role  for  each   posiIon.     Keyword  selecIon  is  a  criIcal  on  SEO,   make  sure  the  keyword  is  included  in   your  wriIng.     Photos,  videos  and  other  external  links   are  encourage  to  maximize  the  aOracIon   of  your  current  &  pass  achievements.    
  14. 14. 3.  Complete  the  “Summary”  SecRon    
  15. 15. 4.  Complete  the  “Skills  &  ExperRse”   UIlize  customer-­‐focused   keywords,  as  these  are  the   terms  that  will  help  you   show  up  in  search  results   within  LinkedIn.     Get  your  friends  and   contacts  to  endorse  your   skills  &  experIse  by  you   endorsed  them  first.    
  16. 16. 4.  Complete  the  “Skills  &  ExperRse”  
  17. 17. 5.  Give  RecommendaRons  First   Request   recommendaIons   that   can   be  displayed  on  your  profile.  The  best   way   to   receive   recommendaIons   is   to  first  give  them!     Hint:   You   will   need   at   least   three   recommendaIons   in   order   for   LinkedIn   to   label   your  profile  “complete.”  
  18. 18. 5.  Give  RecommendaRons  First  
  19. 19. OPTIMIZE   YOUR  PROFILE   TO  GET   FOUND  BY   CONTACTS   LinkedIn  is  a  SEO  friendly  website,  by  adding  relevant  keywords   that  your  target  markets  may  search  for  to  your  headline,  summary,  and   specialIes  secIons  shall  gave  you  an  advantage.  
  20. 20. 1. Edit  your  Public  LinkedIn  URL   An  example  is  my  personal  LinkedIn   URL,  hOp://   in/yourname.       Such  customizaIon  will  opImize  your   LinkedIn  profile  to  show  up  in  search   results  on  major  search  engines  when   someone  searches  for  your  name.    
  21. 21. 2.  Include  a  Link  to  Your  Twi_er  Profile   You  can  have  more  than   one  TwiOer  account   listed.  Give  your   audiences  an   addiIonal  method  to  use   to  connect  with  you!   **  Under  the  “websites”  secIon  of  your  LinkedIn  profile,   you  can  list  up  to  three  URLs.  Make  sure  you  have  all  your   websites  and  blogs  linked  up  too.  
  22. 22. Apart  from  adding  your  TwiOer  account,  Blog,  Website,  Facebook;  now   you  could  too  include  your  WeChat.     Scan  your  WeChat  QR  Code  to  link  and  sync  LinkedIn  and  WeChat.  
  23. 23. GET  PLUGGED  IN  WITH   LINKEDIN   APPLICATIONS   •   SlideShare   •   Reading  List  by  Amazon   •   My  Travel  and  Events   •   WordPress  or  Blog  Link   •   Polls  
  24. 24. NETWORK  OPTIMIZATION   Building  network  is  essenIal  on  your  business  success.     Connect  with  your  direct,  first  degree  network  by   uploading  your  contacts  from  email  addresses.       Then  you  may  add  interesIng  people  from  your   immediate  network.  Or  using  the  “Advance  Search”   opIon  to  search  people  whom  you’d  like  to  connect.   Join  Groups  That  Your  Target  market  joins   This  will  give  you  a  genuine  opportunity  to   interact  with  individuals  of  those  groups   and  will  help  you  increase  your  visibility.     People  will  start  to  contact  you.  
  25. 25. LINKEDIN  GROUP   The  power  of  LinkedIn  Groups  shouldn’t  be   underesImated.  The  purpose   of   LinkedIn   Groups   is   to   allow   those   with   similar  interests  to  come  together   to   discuss   and   share   news   on   the   topics   that  mutually  interest  them.     You  can  either  choose  a  group  that  interest   you   to   join,   interact   with   the   group   members  on  a  common  topic/discussion;  or   create  your  own  group.     LinkedIn   Groups   presents   a   discussions   board,  where  it  is  possible  to  post  a  link  to  a   web  arIcle  of  interest  or  simply  engage  in  a   conversaIon.  
  26. 26. How  to  Use  LinkedIn  to  Market  Yourself   Here   is   an   overview   of   things   you   should   take   advantage  of  while  markeIng  yourself  on  LinkedIn.   •   Give  Before  Asking  for  Favors   Instead  of  asking  people  to  give  you  a  recommendaIon,  why   don’t  you  give  it  to  someone  first.  Give  a  recommendaIon  to   someone   you   had   work   with,   a   colleague,   a   client…   they   too   will  give  you  back,   •   Make  Your  InteracIon  Personal   Every  Ime  you  send  an  invitaIon  to  connect  with  someone,   make  it  personal.  Take  out  anything  generic,  and  make  it  as   personal  as  possible.  That  way  the  person  will  remember  who   you  are,  and  will  be  more  likely  to  follow  up  with  you  if  you   contact  that  person  in  the  future.  
  27. 27. How  to  Use  LinkedIn  to  Market  Yourself   •   Connect  to  Everyone   You  never  know  where  an  opportunity  or  big  breakthrough  can  come   from.  Connect  to  as  many  people  as  possible  on  LinkedIn.  If  you  only   share   ideas   with   those   you   know   and   don’t   branch   out   to   connect   with  new  people,  then  you  will  only  know  about  a  limited  amount  of   opportuniIes,  and  the  same  people  who  you  talk  to  on  a  daily  basis   will  be  helping  you  connect  with  the  same  limited  network.     •   Create  a  Call-­‐To-­‐AcIon   Ager  compleIng  your  profile  and  connecIon,  create  a  Call  to  AcIon   for  your  fellow  profile’s  visitor.  People  need  a  clear  direcIon  on  what   to  do  next  ager  reading  your  profile.  A  URL  link  to  your  website  could   be   a   quick   pointer   on   what   next   or   enclosed   your   email   /   contact   under  the  summary  column,  so  people  can  have  a  quick  access  to  you   instead  of    searching  everywhere  try  to  figure  out  where  to  a  hold  on   you.  
  28. 28. LINKEDIN  IN  CHINA   China   being   one   of   the   world   largest   economic   market,   the   business   opportunity   there   is   massive  and   LinkedIn   is   one   of   the   very   few   western   social   media   networks   which  can  be  access  in  China.     Should   you   like   to   engage   with   any   business   people   or   company   in   China   and   showcasing   your   profile  to  all  these  potenRal,  then   connect   yourself   with   the   Chinese!  
  29. 29. •  Professional Profile only •  Complete all the columns •  Connect with others •  Give recommendation •  Join group(s) •  Interact appropriately •  Utilize LinkedIn Apps
  30. 30. Thank  You!   LEIK  HONG,  LEOW   Business  TransformaIon  Coach   @leikhong