Migrating from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to 12c Cloud Control


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Migrating from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to 12c Cloud Control

  1. 1. Migrating from OracleEnterprise Manager 10g to 12c Cloud Control Leighton L. Nelson
  2. 2. About Me•  Oracle DBA for 10+ years•  Oracle RAC SIG US Events Chair/IOUG Liaison•  Blogs at blogs.griddba.com•  Started presenting in 2012 (Collaborate 12)
  3. 3. Agenda•  Oracle Enterprise Manger Cloud Control12c Architecture•  Upgrade Path •  Overview•  Pre-Requisites •  Patches •  Certification Matrix•  2-System Upgrade •  Repository Database Upgrade •  OMS Migration & Upgrade•  Lessons Learned•  Managing Databases (Demo)
  4. 4. Current and Proposed States•  Current Architecture (IBM JS21 Blades) •  OMS – / AIX 6.1 •  Repository Database – / AIX 6.1 •  Agents – 100 (AIX + Linux) •  Targets – 500+•  Proposed Architecture (VMware vSphere) •  OMS – / RHEL 6.2 •  Repository Database – / RHEL 6.2 •  Agents – 100 (AIX + Linux) •  Targets – 500+•  Database + OS + EM Upgrade = Trinity!
  5. 5. Enterprise Manager 12c UpgradePaths•  1-System Upgrade •  Upgrade done on same host as EM •  All agents, OMS and repository upgraded at once •  Requires significant downtime•  2-System Upgrade •  New OMS created on separate host (platform migration possible) •  Both and 12.1 EM run concurrently •  Requires almost zero downtime •  Migrates existing metrics, jobs, report etc.
  6. 6. Which Path to Choose?•  Migrate/consolidate onto VMware•  EM primary monitoring tool for Oracle databases. Minimal downtime required•  User-defined metrics, scheduled reports and jobs in EM Don’t want to recreate
  7. 7. Upgrade Overview1.  Apply Upgrade Console patch to OMS2.  Deploy 12.1 agents to monitored targets from Upgrade Console •  Only 12c agents monitored by EM 12c3.  Backup repository database. This will be used as the 12.1 repository. •  DBCA, RMAN can be used for backups (same platform) •  Datapump, Cross-Platform tablespaces/databases (different platforms)4.  Install and upgrade OMS on new RHEL 6.2 host5.  Shutdown agents and startup 12c agents6.  Decommission 10.2.0.x agents/OMS or rollback
  8. 8. Upgrade Overview
  9. 9. Pre-requisites•  Patches •  OMS requires PSU 3 or higher •  opatch lsinventory –bugs_fixed | grep PSU •  Pre-Upgrade Console•  Certification Matrix •  Database, OMS, Agent and OS•  Plug-ins and agent software •  Plug-ins required can be identified from the Upgrade Console Manage Software •  Plug-ins will be migrated/upgraded to new OMS •  Agents required for each OS being monitored
  10. 10. Pre-requisitesCertification Matrix
  11. 11. Pre-requisites
  12. 12. 2-System UpgradeRepository Database Upgrade•  The EM installer does not upgrade the database•  Database can be upgraded before EM upgrade or after repository backup11.1.0.6
  13. 13. 2-System UpgradeApply Pre-Upgrade Console Patch
  14. 14. 2-System Upgrade
  15. 15. 2-System UpgradeIdentify Host and Port for new EM System
  16. 16. 2-System UpgradeManage SoftwareAll targets and agents should be upgradeable.
  17. 17. 2-System UpgradeManage SoftwareCheck for missing agents or plug-ins
  18. 18. 2-System UpgradeBackup Repository•  DBCA or RMAN recommended •  Unlock SYSMAN account if using DBCA •  Duplicate from Active feature in 11g makes cloning DB easy•  For cross-platform migration take a look at note 388090.1 •  Datapump instructions not specific to EM12c repository upgrade (Open SR with Oracle Support) •  Cross platform transportable tablespaces instructions not specific to EM12c repository upgrade (Open SR with Oracle Support) •  RMAN Convert database also possible for supported platforms
  19. 19. 2-System UpgradeBackup Repository•  Using an existing database via Datapump •  Enterprise Manager schema needs to be removed from target database first$OMS_HOME/sysman/admin/emdrep/bin/RepManager omshost port SID -sys_password <password> -action drop•  Not all objects dropped in some cases •  See MOS NOTE [ID 1365820.1]•  EM 12c R2 has a database template
  20. 20. 2-System UpgradeBackup Repository•  Copy emkey to repository before taking backup emctl config emkey –copy_to_repos –sysman_pwd <password> •  Re-secure emkey after taking the backup•  Verify that SYSMAN schema doesn’t contain invalid object SELECT count(*) from user_objects WHERE status=‘INVALID’
  21. 21. 2-System UpgradeProvide Repository Backup Details
  22. 22. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually•  Check pre-requisites for the intended 12.1 repository using EM Prereq Kit •  EM Prereq Kit can validate database parameters and configuration prior to upgrade e.g. install/requisites/bin/emprereqkit -executionType upgrade -prerequisiteXMLLoc install/requisites/list - connectString "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP) (HOST=dbhost1)(PORT=1521)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=emrep)))" -dbUser SYS -dbPassword -dbRole sysdba -showPrereqs •  Some parameters can be automatically adjusted (e.g. process) •  The utility is also run automatically by OUI
  23. 23. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository ManuallyRepository Database Pre-requisites•  Verify your initialization parameters •  PROCESSES parameter is at least 300. The installer can also make the changes if desired. •  Set JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to 0 (temporarily) •  Set SHARED_POOL_SIZE to 700MB or greater •  PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET should be at least 1GB •  SGA_TARGET should be at least twice PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET •  Grant execute on DBMS_RANDOM to DBSNMP and SYSMAN •  Unlock ORACLE_OCM account•  Increase your redo log size to at least 300MB due to the high level of transactions during the repository.•  Check to make sure your emkey is in the repository
  24. 24. 2-System Upgrade•  Check to make sure your emkey is in the repository SQL> select count(*) from MGMT_REPOS_TIME_COEFFICIENT; COUNT(*) ---------- 1  TIP Create guaranteed restore point on both the old and new repository database so that changes can be easily flashed back; create restore point PRE_OMS_UPGRADE guarantee flashback database;
  25. 25. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository ManuallyOMS Server Verification•  Verify that server meets pre-requisites •  Check ulimit to make sure it’s at least 4096 •  ulimit –n•  If using RHEL 6 or Oracle Linux 6 – make sure you have the following package installed or else your installation may fail at OMS Configuration Assistant. •  glibc-2.12- •  See MOS Note: EM12c: Installation Fails On Linux 6 at "Start Oracle Management Service" step (Doc ID 1472216.1) for workaround
  26. 26. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manuallycd /stage/./runInstaller
  27. 27. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  28. 28. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  29. 29. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually rpm -qa|grep glibc-2.12-1.47 glibc-2.12-1.47.el6.x86_64 glibc-2.12-1.47.el6.i686
  30. 30. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  31. 31. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  32. 32. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  33. 33. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually •  EM Prereq Kit generates false warnings for ORACLE_OCM account if it has expired and processes parameter if less than 1000!! •  Run EM Prereq Kit manually and double check database
  34. 34. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  35. 35. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  36. 36. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  37. 37. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  38. 38. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually
  39. 39. 2-System UpgradeUpgrade OMS and Repository Manually•  At the end of the installation you can verify whether if the OMS is running. /u01/app/oracle/Middleware/oms/bin/ emctl status oms -details
  40. 40. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade
  41. 41. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade•  Both old and new OMSs are running
  42. 42. 2-System Upgrade
  43. 43. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade•  Create a DB link between the old and new repositories•  Upgrade Console in old EM creates/recreates link•  The link between the two repositories allows operations performed on the old repository to be propagated to the new repository.•  Link also enables DDMP and ADDMP
  44. 44. 2-System Upgrade•  Create DB Link •  Connect descriptor found in MW_HOME/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/ emgc.properties e.g. /u01/app/oracle/Middleware/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/emgc.properties•  Remove escape characters $ cat emgc.properties |grep EM_REPOS_CONNECTDESCRIPTOR EM_REPOS_CONNECTDESCRIPTOR=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST =(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=host)(PORT=1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=sid)))
  45. 45. 2-System UpgradeAgent Upgrade Steps•  EM12c only communicates with 12c agents•  Deploy and configure 12c agents•  Generate and sign off on health check reports•  Switch over the agents to the new EM System. •  Brief outage incurred while 10g agents are stopped and 12c agents are started
  46. 46. 2-System UpgradeDeploy and Configure Agents
  47. 47. 2-System UpgradeView Job status
  48. 48. 2-System UpgradeVerify and signoff
  49. 49. 2-System UpgradeVerify and signoff
  50. 50. 2-System UpgradeVerify and sign off Health Report
  51. 51. 2-System UpgradeVerify and sign off Health Report
  52. 52. 2-System UpgradeSwitch Agents
  53. 53. 2-System UpgradeStatus of agents before switchover in old EM & new EM
  54. 54. 2-System UpgradeView status of Switch Agents Job
  55. 55. 2-System UpgradeAfter switchover agents status is up in EM 12cVery minimal (< 1 minute) monitoring downtime!
  56. 56. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade Steps•  Stop the OCM Scheduler in the OMS•  Delete Obsolete targets (via console or EMCLI) •  EM Website •  EM Website System •  Oracle Application Server target of 10g OMS ORACLE HOME consisting of: •  Oracle Application Server •  OC4J •  Oracle HTTP Server •  Web Cache•  Delete default incident Rule sets
  57. 57. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade Console•  Location changed in •  In go to Setup -> Post Upgrade Tasks •  In go to Setup->Manage Cloud Control->Post Upgrade Tasks
  58. 58. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade Console•  Track the status of Accrued Data Migration (ADMP) job•  ADMP is data accrued since the repository backup and agent switchover
  59. 59. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade Console•  Track the status of Deferred Data Migration (DDMP) job•  DDMP is historical metrics, configuration data which is moved over time (lazy migration)
  60. 60. 2-System UpgradePost-Upgrade Console•  Diff Report •  Shows configuration differences between old and new OMS•  Sign Off •  Removes old agents
  61. 61. Reports Migration
  62. 62. Jobs Migration
  63. 63. How far did the rabbit hole go?•  Host level jobs on EM should work before starting agent deployment •  Configure PAM on Linux/UNIX for 3rd party authentication if in use. E.g. LDAP, Kerberos, SecureID •  Configure Privilege Delegation Provisioning (PDP). i.e. sudo or Powerbroker for easier deployment•  Verify that OMS host server can send emails for notifications •  Some servers require authentication for SMTP relay•  Cross-platform repository migration is your responsibility!•  Complex but not scary. Read instructions carefully.•  Test, Test and Test Again!
  64. 64. Managing Databases with EM12c•  Demo
  65. 65. •  Website - blogs.griddba.com•  LinkedIn – Leighton Nelson•  Twitter - @leight0nn•  Email: leighton.nelson@mercy.net
  66. 66. References•  OTN Enterprise Manager Page•  Announcing Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release Bundle Patch 1(BP1) and Plug-ins [ID 1395505.1]•  Upgrade Advisor: Enterprise Manager 2-System Upgrade from or from to [ID 327.1]•  EM 12c: Upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control on Linux x86_64 with the 2-System Method [ID 1367919.1]•  Grid Control Repository: Steps for Cross Platform Migration of the 10g Grid Control Repository [ID 388090.1]•  EM12c R2: How to Upgrade to EM 12c R2 - Two System Method [ID 1363162.1]•  EM 12c R2: How to Apply Upgrade Console Patch for Upgrading to EM [ID 1362537.1]•  Grid Control Repository: How to Recompile Invalid SYSMAN Objects? [ID 372706.1]
  67. 67. SAVE THE DATE! COLLABORATE 13 April 7-11, 2013Colorado Convention Center Denver, Coloradohttp://collaborate13.ioug.org