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Political spectrum
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Political spectrum


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Political SpectrumPolitical Spectrum IssuesIssues
  • 2. DefinitionsDefinitions  ConservativeConservative - disposed to preserve existing- disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restoreconditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.traditional ones, and to limit change.  LiberalLiberal - favorable to progress or reform, as in- favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.political or religious affairs.
  • 3. Purpose of GovernmentPurpose of Government CONSERVATIVECONSERVATIVE ““Protect Me”Protect Me” Rights, PropertyRights, Property & Freedom& Freedom Small GovernmentSmall Government is Beautifulis Beautiful LIBERALLIBERAL ““Help Me”Help Me” Govt. providesGovt. provides services to itsservices to its citizenscitizens We must meet theWe must meet the needs of ourneeds of our citizenscitizens
  • 4. TaxesTaxes  ConservativesConservatives You should keep your money =You should keep your money = low taxeslow taxes Spending limited mainly onSpending limited mainly on defensedefense  LiberalsLiberals Govt. must helpGovt. must help AmericansAmericans Wealthy should payWealthy should pay higher taxes to helphigher taxes to help the poorthe poor
  • 5. How to fix the economyHow to fix the economy  Cut taxes, andCut taxes, and encourageencourage businesses to addbusinesses to add jobs withjobs with corporate taxcorporate tax breaks.breaks.  Stop spending $$Stop spending $$ we don’t have.we don’t have. Stimulate the Economy by spending federal dollars, even if this creates federal debt. Extend unemployment benefits.
  • 6. BusinessBusiness  Govt. should promoteGovt. should promote free marketfree market  Leave CorporationsLeave Corporations alonealone Wall Street should beWall Street should be regulatedregulated
  • 7. Balanced Budget?Balanced Budget?  ConservativeConservative We do not want deficitWe do not want deficit spending and mustspending and must eliminate debteliminate debt We owe it to our kidsWe owe it to our kids  LiberalLiberal We may have to allow toWe may have to allow to some deficit spending insome deficit spending in order to help control theorder to help control the economyeconomy
  • 8. War on TerrorWar on Terror
  • 9. Treatment of TerroristsTreatment of Terrorists We should do whatever it takes to protect America We have lost a Constitution for a reason and we should use them. Everyone is entitled to their day in court.
  • 10. Death PenaltyDeath Penalty
  • 11. ImmigrationImmigration
  • 12. Foreign PolicyForeign Policy
  • 13. EnvironmentEnvironment
  • 14. EnergyEnergy
  • 15. HealthcareHealthcare
  • 16. MarraigeMarraige
  • 17. EducationEducation
  • 18. AbortionAbortion
  • 19. Stem Cell ResearchStem Cell Research