Exploiting the LinkedIn opportunity


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Take a look at LinkedIn facts as at Dec 2011 and how to exploit the opportunity from a B2B marketing perspective. Tips on improving your personal profile, tips on improving your company pages and how to integrate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy and plan.

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Exploiting the LinkedIn opportunity

  1. 1. Exploiting the LinkedIn Opportunity13 December 2011 Leigh Hopwood B2B Technology Marketing Consultant Website www.reddmarketing.co.uk Email leigh@reddmarketing.co.uk Call 07746 249132 Skype leighhopwood LinkedIn /leighhopwood or /reddmarketing Twitter @leighhopwood or @reddmarketing
  2. 2. The Facts• Started development in 2002; launched on 5 May 2003• New members joining at two per second as at 30 Sept 2011• 135m+ members in 200 countries as at 3 Nov 2011• 6m+ members in the UK• All Fortune 500 companies have members on LinkedIn as at 30 Sept 2011• 2m+ company pages• 180,000+ unique domains using the LinkedIn Share button• Referrals from LinkedIn to websites up more than 75% from June to Sept• 1m+ LinkedIn groups
  3. 3. The Facts
  4. 4. The Facts2000018000 UK Industries Represented16000140001200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0
  5. 5. How are people using it?• Self-promotion• Business promotion• Finding people• Growing your network• Engaging with stakeholders• Recruitment – candidates and employers!• Sharing news and opinions• Getting the latest news and opinions• Improving knowledge• Research• Pay-per-click advertising• CRM tool
  6. 6. Your Personal Profile
  7. 7. Your Personal Profile• http://uk.linkedin.com/in/stevepipe• http://uk.linkedin.com/in/rozchandler
  8. 8. Your Personal Profile• Headline – not just a job title!• Recommendations – valued and relevant• Connections – do you know everyone?• Websites – change ‘Company Website’!• Public Profile – get your own name!• Interests – what did you remember about me?• Groups – join them• Education – it adds to your credibility• Experience – don’t create a CV• Add applications
  9. 9. Your Summary• Let your personality shine• What are you offering others?• What makes you so credible?• Use keywords• Include Specialities
  10. 10. Settings and Personalisation• Don’t broadcast mass changes!• Apply privacy settings• Set email notifications• Manage settings of third party applications/plugins• Upgrade your account
  11. 11. Your Business Pages
  12. 12. Your Business Profile• http://www.linkedin.com/company/rackspace- hosting/• http://www.linkedin.com/company/philips• http://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedin
  13. 13. Your Business Profile• Overview – use keywords and consistent message• Company status – start using it; press releases, white papers, hiring, tweets• Blog – connect your blog• Adverts – add banner ads/offers• Products and services – add them and ask for recommendations• Spotlight – add imagery• Promotions – add offers/downloads• Disclaimer – seek legal advice• Careers – use it if you are recruiting• Analytics – see how effective your pages are
  14. 14. LinkedIn:Supporting Your Objectives
  15. 15. As an IndividualObjectives• Raise your credibility• Grow your network• Learn how to use it for businessTactics• Update your status daily (or link to personal Twitter account)• Connect with people• Join relevant groups and take part in or start discussions• Send personalised messages to target contacts• Follow company pages• Become a Top Experthttp://www.thepersonalbrandingblog.com/ten-days-to-the-perfect-linkedin-profile/
  16. 16. As a BusinessObjective• Raise brand awarenessTactics• Update company pages• Optimise using keywords• Share company updates daily• Create back links to your website• Start/join in discussions using campaign content
  17. 17. As a BusinessObjective• Generate leads through engagementTactics• Search for contacts• Visit key contacts profiles• Who’s looked at your profile?• Send personalised messages• Engage in groups• PPC• LinkedIn-only offers
  18. 18. As a BusinessObjective• Customer retention• Cross/up selling into existing customersTactics• Create an active and engaging closed group• Connect with customers• Encourage customers to follow your company• Ask for recommendations
  19. 19. Summary What have you learned? What will you change tomorrow?