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  • You make an impression whether it’s calculated or not <br /> first thing people do is google you—what shows up? <br /> Social media encourages indiscriminant sharing <br /> Yet an image should be carefully crafted and managed like the Old Hollywood system <br />
  • When people google you What do you want your brand to be? What do you want to be known for? <br /> What is your dream google results about yourself? <br /> Have people write this down <br />
  • Write down the types of people you want to connect with <br /> What do you want to be googling you? <br />
  • Think about how you use social media: <br /> Communicating your life? <br /> Self-expression? <br /> Entertainment? <br /> Offering value <br /> Have people talk about this <br />
  • What is DVF’s unique promise of value? Story about winning the dress <br /> What do you do and why should people care <br /> Simon Sinek’s the Golden Circle <br /> WHY: passion, motivation, inspiration, beliefs <br /> HOW <br /> WHAT <br /> People buy the why, not the what <br /> Talk about this/write it down <br />
  • Before you start planning think about <br /> Both on and offline <br /> Story of Google+ “I’m surprised you’re not on that” <br />
  • What touchpoints can you use to create that impression of your why? <br /> foodtruck vs brick and mortar: go to where your audience is <br />
  • LinkedIn as a hub <br /> Articles others have written about you <br />

Personal branding Personal branding Presentation Transcript

  • Personal Branding AWC-DC February 2014 @leighgeorge Leigh George Vice President, Strategist | Social@Ogilvy
  • Why is personal branding important? Why should I invest in influence? 2
  • What is your brand? 3
  • Who do you want to connect with? 4
  • Does your use of social media support your brand and the people you’re trying to reach? 5
  • Identifying your unique value 6
  • Be realistic about the commitment you can make How much time can you spend? How many platforms can you manage and offer value? What types of content can you create and share? 7
  • What are the platforms that best support your brand value? 8
  • Adapting your content for each platform TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN 9
  • Get mileage out of thought leadership ARTICLES/BLOG POSTS PRESENTATIONS 10
  • Create a sense of personality with visual content SLIDESHARE INFOGRAPHICS PHOTOS/VIDEOS 11
  • Don’t forget • Identify your unique promise of value and who you’re trying to reach • Determine how you can use social media to promote your value to those people • Be realistic • Create the right kind of content for your audiences and the platforms they’re on • Maximize your thought leadership 12
  • Connect with me Leigh George, PhD Vice President Social@Ogilvy Email: Twitter: @leighgeorge LinkedIn: 13