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How to Identify, Activate & Intersect the Social Communities That Impact Your Brand
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How to Identify, Activate & Intersect the Social Communities That Impact Your Brand


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Marketers clearly recognize the enormous growth in the …

Marketers clearly recognize the enormous growth in the
amount of social interactions that occur online each day. But the real story
effecting marketers isn't how much growth there has been, rather how these
social interactions have changed the way consumers make purchasing
decisions. Consumer buying decisions are now highly influenced by
information obtained in their peer-to-peer networks. These online
communities, with their inherent trust and loyalty networks, are sitting
side-by-side with search, and literally changing the way consumers take in
information and choose which products to purchase.

In this new world (called the "conversation layer"), where advice seeking and
advice giving behavior happens faster than brands can sometimes react,
marketers must continually monitor and find ways to identify and activate
the communities that matter most to their brand.

In this session we will cover:

How these new social channels are driving your customer’s buying decisions
and impacting your marketing efforts
How to identify the communities that matter the most to your brand
How to engage and activate those areas to intersect the buying

Published in: Education

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  • How is everyone doing?Enjoying the conference?When someone says social communities what comes to mind?Facebook, twitter, youtube, if you’re a business intelligence nerd like me maybe LinkedInKinda self-serving right? Those are your networks—you own and control them to a certain extentBut today we’re going talk talk about different kinds of social communities—communities that you don’t own, that you probably don’t even know about but where people are making decision about whether or not to do business with you
  • Who has ever gone to Google or Yahoo or Bing and said, hmm, wonder what I’m gonna do here?Before companies tried to use what influenced buying decisions, mass media—but word of mouth was importantWeb has increased the scope, scale and speed of WOM incredibly and in the processdramatically changed the way we make decisions. Paradigm shiftWhile some companies might think it’s a selling engine—which is a mass media media mindsetIt’s really a great unwashed mass of people looking for guidance
  • I love fashion, busy, working mom the only time I have is at night, all about convenienceWhat fashion blogs do I follow?If I’m looking for something I might search or go directly to trusted sites: a new sweater might check out anthropologie or aggregation siteIf it’s a bigger ticket item like a new dishwasher but also look at ….Social has a huge impact in the way we make decisions online and is only growingWOM before with people we actually knew in our immediate social circle, it’s risk reduction, social proof But now we can access the views of people we may only know online or not know at allWhere is this content? Is it always on your sites? But how does it effect the brand?
  • As we went online brands followed suite creating websites, facebook pages, twitter handles etcIt almost seems that social networks can’t be created fast enough for companiesB2B marketing directors groaned as CEOS around the country demanded to know what their Pinterest strategy wasTo try to enter these conversations brands focused on owned networksThis was great becayse it helped brands do XFacebook owned good Crm exercise sending offers This works great for people that already know about you but do decisions really happen here? You’re already a customerThe next frontier, the real opportunity is beyond these owned properties
  • Article in the Atlantic.comHow many of you use skype? Instant messaging, emailTo share links?These interactions can’t be caught by social listening software, Google analytics—comes across as direct traffic because it looks like to typed in a urlIndicates the importance of conversations that take place in channels you don’t ownWhat the dark social shows us is that people are making decisions outside of our owned properties—in the conversation layer Conversation layerWe call this the conversation layer
  • Brands have guidelines and content calendars to manage their propertiesBut how are they managing this massive network of social communities that they don’t controlSocial listening software only gets you so farResults are massive—how do you decide what to pay attention to and is mostly used in a traditional ways PR customer service —mentions, customer service issues—self referentialthe conversation layer is the elephant in the room Can brands map and manage the conversation layer?Leverage it for insights into customers needsBut it’s massive and it’s hard to be everywhereHow can we understand where we should spend our time, what to pay attention to, how do we gain efficiencies Today I’ll present a framework to map, understand and leverage the social layer to drive action
  • So the idea is that everything in social is really a network of people, places and content. This network is made of of places people and content A decision making network using places, people, and content to inform almost everything. We call this Social PPC. Social PPC describes a strategy that looks at the social web in the context of People, Places, and Content. And methodologies start to appear.
  • The opposite of social listening as we understand itRather than focusing on your company you focus on your audienceFiltering and scoringWhat do we measure places onRelevance scale connectedness40/50 data elements to rate theseAnd then have a list that meet criteria that matter the most In terms of the conversations that impact buying decisions
  • To map it’s important to remember that social is a behavior not a channelNot about selling, about offering value
  • Rather than focus on you as a company and what you need Coordination of efforts around audience needs and interestsCould also ccordinate groups: HR, customer service, marcom, IT, etc.
  • Large natl wine and spirits retailer Launching new stores in new marketsWanted support with a series of private events leading up to and immediately following store openings to insure a successful launch Goals:Raise awareness among foodie people and get people excited Drive foot traffic and salesOverarching strategySocial PPC + events incoordination with their PR team—they handled traditional PRCommunities included blogs, sites, online mags, twitter accounts and offline eventsInfluencers who shape conversations and included bloggers, chefs, sommaliers, around wine, beer, spirits, food etc. Access points include paid advertising, guest blogging, email, outreach on Facebook, outreach on Twitter, writing wine reviews, and sponsoring events.
  • Influencer OutreachOccurs far in advance and are appropriate to eventCoordinate outreach efforts Allow influencers to opt-in to outreach – don’t spam them or send unwanted outreach emails or tweets to them without their knowledge or permissionEvent PreparationGive attendees ample notice – at least 7-10 days before event – with first outreach emailCoordinate efforts: social email to create multiple touchpointsGoodie bags so they can sample after the event and reminds them—another touchpointDuring Eventlive tweeting - Capture video, pictures and other media with influencers & industry membersThe community manager on the floor should be same person that did the outreach– this way the influencers are already familiar and can further build a relationship with the brandAfter EventFollow up with a post-event email – send them pictures & additional information from the event further encouraging them to write about their experiences Always keep in touch with influencers—build that relationship
  • Decision Making is always coreDecision making now happens in the “Conversation Layer” – People, Places, & ContentMap Conversation Layer = Your Social Strategy (or you customer understandingThis customer understanding advises all channel activation including social
  • And afterwards I’ll be hanging out at the DigitalRX booth so come by if you’d like to chat more or have any other questions we weren’t able to get to
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    • 1. How to Identify, Activate & Intersect theSocial Communities That Impact Your Brand October 2012
    • 2. The Web Is A DecisionEngineImage credit: All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 3. Online Search Product/service information Online reviews ✓ Ratings Websites Blog Posts Expert Advice How Do We Make Purchasing Decisions?Source: Cone, “2011 Online Influence Trend Tracker,” August 30, All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.2011
    • 4. The Twilight of the Fan All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 5. The Untapped Dark Social All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 6. Decisions Aren’t Made onYour Properties All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 7. Social PPC Places: People: Content: Identify the key places where Identify the key Identify content themes the audience is engaged influencers that matter and access points for engagement All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 8. Where Do You Start? Scale Relevance Communities and Influencers to target Connectedness All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 9. What Topics Do People CareAbout Most? All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 10. What Types of Content DoThey Value? All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 11. Social Is A BehaviorNot A Channel All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 12. Social Behavior DrivesEverything All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 13. Social PPC for New Storesin New Markets All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 14. Results? Event Influencers Followers Posts and articles Brand new twitter handle Tweets @Mentions Hashtag Uses Sent 36 47 tweets 46 hashtag uses mentions Increase in Twitter Twitter Estimated Reach Followers 88,617 people +62%Image credit: All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 15. Takeaways Decision Making is Always at the Core on Online Behavior Decision Making Now Happens in the Conversation Layer Mapping the Conversation Layer = Your Social Strategy & Customer Understanding This Customer Understanding Advises all Channel Activation Including Social All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.
    • 16. Questions? Leigh George, PhD Director, Digital Strategy R2integrated—Digital Marketing & Technology 
[P] 410.369.3744 [E] Twitter: @leighgeorge All Rights Reserved. Copyright of R2integrated, 2012.