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Ethics presentation

Ethics presentation

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  • 1. Tolerance in Quebec By: Leigh Gantman
  • 2. Background Information• Quebec citizens think of themselves as open-minded people.• They encourage immigration.• Society has been enriched by diversity.
  • 3. What is really going on?• Quebec citizens want minorities to conform• Quebec citizens fear the loss of religion, language.• Christianity is only approved.
  • 4. The Poll: Shocking Statistics• 72% don’t think Jews or Muslims should get time off work to pray.• 67% don’t want the government to subsidize religious schools• 63% don’t want Muslim women to walk around with their faces covered.• 61% don’t want Muslim teachers to cover their hair with a hijab.• 61% don’t want Muslim girls to wear the hijab in school.• 59% don’t want prayer rooms in colleges or universities.• 59% approve of keeping crucifixes on the walls of public schools.
  • 5. “Code of Conduct”• People want the government to regulate the problem.• 58 % of polled Quebec citizens said Quebec should adopt a “code of conduct” for minorities to follow.• Quebec citizens will welcome minorities...as long as they conform to society.• Telling minorities how to live is unconstitutional and violates the Charter of Freedoms and Rights.
  • 6. Controversial Issue• Muslim women want the right to wear their hijab in public areas.• Quebecers don’t want Muslim women to wear their hijab in public areas for security reasons.• Of the people who totally agree that diversity enriches society, only 22% completely accept Muslim girls wearing hijabs in school.• Solution: Educate ourselves!
  • 7. Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms• Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association.• No one may distribute, publish or publicly exhibit a notice, symbol or sign involving discrimination, or authorize anyone to do so.• Every person has a right to the safeguard of his dignity, honour and reputation.
  • 8. My Opinion• We need to be recognized as an accepting and tolerant society. This is done through one’s own self, not the government.• We need to become more educated on other cultures.• We need to respect everyones rights and freedoms.
  • 9. Thank You!