Leigh Ashton - Why Sales People Are Not G.


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If you're not getting the sales results you want...this presentation is a must!

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Leigh Ashton - Why Sales People Are Not G.

  1. 1. Why Your Sales People Are NOT Getting Sales & What You Can Do About It Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  2. 2. How It Is • In the last 18 months the level of confidence within sales people and business owners is at its lowest level for years • Low levels of confidence and self belief are reducing levels of sales activity • Belief in the reasons & excuses for non performance has never been higher • Your sales force are using the same techniques they were using before the crisis…with little effect Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  3. 3. The Negative Impact • A lack of confidence is leading to low levels of motivation • Your sales people are a cost…not an investment • High turnover of staff • More time spent on managing sales…greater distraction and loss of focus on other areas • Increased costs = lack of PROFIT Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  4. 4. What can you do? • Implement a programme of regular training and coaching to address the problem at its root…in the minds of your sales force • Benefit from ‘advanced thinking’ technologies and proven sales techniques to boost attitudes and sales activity • Incorporate psychological strategies to transform your sales approach Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  5. 5. Potential Issues • Demotivated staff • Redundancies • Blame culture • Loss of clients • Reduced profits • Business closure Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  6. 6. Potential Rewards • Imagine changing the attitude, behaviour and motivation of your sales people so they believe in themselves, your business and your offering • Imagine a motivated, “can do” culture that generates a high level of sales despite what’s going on in your market Leigh Ashton 020 7538 0000
  7. 7. Get in Touch If you want to resolve your lack of sales and incorporate a proven programme that increases motivation, sales activity, self belief and GETS MORE SALES… Call Leigh Ashton at The Sales Consultancy to chat about your specific sales issues on 020 7538 0000 or leigh@sales-consultancy.com