Building regional partnerships and integrated projects


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Lecture for Riga, 5 december 2012

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Building regional partnerships and integrated projects

  1. 1. How partnerships of local governments and public libraries foster sustainable development (Kortrijk Region – Belgium) 5 December 2012, Riga, Latvia Bart NoelsExternal Relations, Communication and eGovernment
  2. 2. Kortrijk RegionPart of the Eurometropolitan area of Lille Amsterdam London Köln Brussels Lille Paris
  3. 3. LeiedalInter-municipal Development Agency • Established in 1960 • 13 municipalities of the Kortrijk region (inh. 320.000) • service association for regional development: • Extension of the associated municipalities • Organizer of the inter-municipal co-operation • Co-developer of regional projects • Testground for new developments
  4. 4. activities10 fields of activity:1. Development of business parks2. Development of housing3. Revaluation and redesignation of ‘brown fields’4. Local and regional economic development5. Urban planning6. Mobility7. Development of environment and nature8. e-Government (in many domains, including LLL)9. Cross-border cooperation (eurometropolitan area Lille)10. European and international cooperation
  5. 5. activitiesBusiness Parks • Project in development: Evolis
  6. 6. activitiesRevaluation and redesignation : • Revaluation of existing industrial areas: canal Bossuit-Kortrijk Urban Quays N391 - Site Vetex - Bekaert Steelcord - Spinnerijkaai (Zwevegem) - Site KTM/KTS - Stoopsfabriek Interfluvium - Site Hanssens (Knokke) - Bekaert Textiles (Moen)
  7. 7. RedevelopmentInter-municipal development agency Leiedal • Redevelopment of former industrial sites
  8. 8. activitiesUrban Planning: big-size spatial projects • Requalification of the Transfo power station in Zwevegem
  9. 9. activitiesUrban Planning: big-size spatial projects • Passage of the Leie (Kortrijk)
  10. 10. activitiesOpen-space policy, rural development • Integrated regional vision for the Leie-valley
  11. 11. activitiesTourism and recreation: cycle network • In collaboration with Flemish and provincial governments Primary network: Secundary network:
  12. 12. activitiesInter-municipal cooperation• Development of an inter-municipal association for the management of a crematorium in the south- west of the Province of West-Flanders (°22/03/2005)
  13. 13. Building multi-stakeholder partnerships on e-government
  14. 14. E-Government• Service-delivery of local authorities• Regional ICT initiatives• Let’s-do-it projects (on e-care, incident reporting, child care, …)• Training and education
  15. 15. E-GovernmentSolutions & platforms• GIS• Online communication• Online transactionsTraining & awareness• E-participation• E-government
  16. 16. Library automatisation
  17. 17. iAge Goals in the Kortrijk regionTwo major goals: 1. Labour Market 2. Livelong livingApproach:1.Looking at the whole picture (organisation, vision,procedures, technology, training)2.Linking together all required organisations3.Bring in best practices from all over Europe andtranslate to regional situation4.Sustainable solutions
  18. 18. Smart CitiesCreating an innovation network between cities and academic partners to develop and deliver better e-services to citizens and businesses in the North Sea Region.
  19. 19. Opening UpOpen and sociale ways to transform local government
  20. 20. Building multi-stakeholder partnerships on e-inclusion
  21. 21. Case 1: De wwwereld is van iedereen(2005-2006)City of Kortrijk- 4.000 citizens- Free internet- EU funding
  22. 22. Case 2: Local partnership on e-inclusion(2006-…)City of Kortrijk- Inventory- Publication- Seminar- Regular budget
  23. 23. Case 3: Regional partnership on e-inclusion (2011-…)Kortrijk region (13 municipalities)• Inventory• Partners: education, culture, social welfare, local and regional authorities• Targets: network, communication /awareness, guidance, train the trainer
  24. 24. Building multi-stakeholder partnerships on culture and urban planning
  25. 25. Kortrijk – Buda – island for creativity
  26. 26. Zwevegem - Transfo
  27. 27. New library Waregem as part of citydevelopment
  28. 28. New library Waregem as part of citydevelopment
  29. 29. Rethinking libraries Registered lenders Library visitors
  30. 30. Rethinking librariesTransition – open processElements for the future:- Why libraries? > empowerment- How? > collection > connection- How? > human capital (professionals and users)- How? > location (a public place ‘where things are possible’)- How? > creating context and sense > have a role in local society- Condition: smart library (IT, knowledge, professionals)
  31. 31. LessonsMap your networkMap experience and competencesWork together (subventions,…)Added value needs to be recognised by everyone involvedWork personalised: different needs of different people >> personalised route mapLibraries: be there!