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This short deck was presented at #onlinetuesday in Felix Mertis Amsterdam on 13 November 2013. It talks about the need to develop an omnichannel vision for retailers. Not just the front-end part, but also the fulfilment and the business model behind it. Not forgetting the "attitude" of the staff.

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  • Capturing this opportunity starts with the ability to meet a set of fundamental needs.One way to capture this opportunity is putting the customer at the center of the business. Organizations are applying customer insights to enable new processes for buying, marketing, selling and delivering services. Delivering on this is key to drive growth and competitive advantage — it’s an imperative for any organization looking to capture the full spectrum of value made possible by a smarter planet.Turning information into insights – Smarter AnalyticsOrganizations are taking greater control of information to enable rapid, informed, confident decisions in actions. Connecting and empowering people – Social Business Organizations are capitalizing on social technologies to unleash expertise and productivity across the entire value chain. Putting the customer at the center of your business – Smarter Commerce Transforms how companies manage and adapt their buy, market, sell, and service processes.
  • In de eerste zes maanden van 2013 gingen volgens het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek 4.983 bedrijven op de fles, een triest recordaantal en 14 procent meer dan in dezelfde periode in 2012.Bijna 40 procent van de bedrijven die moest ophouden, zit in de bouw of handel. In de handel zijn het veel kledingzaken, bouw- en doe-het-zelf-winkels en meubelzaken.Bron:
  • Multitasking/multiscreen – Never really offlineMore loyal to retailers that offer something unique or added value servicesConsider international online competitors if the only difference to base their decision on is priceExpect to be entertained and inspired when they come to your stores and branches – must add value to the transactionExpect etailers and brands to have a physical presence too – even if it is pop-up – or a collection/returns point for onlineExpect marketing, promotions and interactions to be personalised whatever the channel
  • Digital aspects of the store:Adidas digital shoe wall features touch screens where shoppers can view custom digital content such as product features, live Twitter feeds and videos.Nike also has a digital wall where shoppers can use Nike shoes custom-built with gaming ‘controller’ technology to design art and sound.
  • Started as an online business in 2004 selling high-performance cyclewearFirst store or Cycle Club in San Francisco in 2011Now also branches in London, Osaka, New York and Sydney.Rapha says its stores have been a big hit with customers, offering a showcase for its clothing but also acting as a place to absorb cycle culture - to drink coffee, join in organised cycle rides and watch major races on big screens. "The Cycle Clubs are conceived as meeting places for road racing fans and great places for like-minded people to hang out," says Rapha's chief executive Simon Mottram. "Rapha is the host of these places and it's great for us to engineer connections between customers, not just between the customer and brand."And he says its stores are also helping Rapha to better understand its customers. "It's hard for brands to engage with their customers in a purely digital way. Rapha store in Sydney, Australia Rapha wants its shops to be more than just places for cyclists to buy spare inner tubes. "That may be fine if your business is only about conducting simple transactions, but if you want to truly connect with a customer and create a deep, ongoing relationship with them, then a physical experience is invaluable.
  • Instead of having one or several physical locations stocked with a standard, unchanging inventory, the Good Eggs storefront is online, and calls on local farms to deliver only what customers have ordered that day. Good Eggs essentially stocks and empties a grocery store every day, and because its inventory is based entirely on what each customer is ordering, it's a different grocery store every day, too.
  • Retail Omnichannel Vision

    1. 1. Shopping 2020 & Omnichannel Vision Jerry J. Stam © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    2. 2. Revenue 2012: USD104.5 billion Net income: USD16.6 billion Total assets: USD119.2 billion Number of employees: 434.246 2 @ibm_retail_nl © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    3. 3. The IBM portfolio is uniquely qualified to support Retail Smarter Analytics Social Business Smarter Commerce Turning information into insights Connecting and empowering customers Putting the customer at the center of the business IBM achieved the #1 leadership position in the “Triple Crown” of eCommerce reports: Forrester's B2B Commerce Suites Wave, Forrester's B2C Commerce Suites Wave and Gartner E-Commerce Magic Quadrant Known IBM software brands include: DemandTec, Cognos, Lotus Notes, SPSS, Netezza, Websphere Commerce 3 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    4. 4. Centrale vraag Shopping 2020 : ‘Hoe shopt de consument in 2020 en welke acties moeten worden ondernomen op nationaal, branche en bedrijfsniveau opdat B2C ondernemend Nederland succesvol hier op in kan spelen, nationaal én internationaal?’ 4 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
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    8. 8. The increasingly important Super Consumers 1 2 Shopping Becomes Deconstructed 3 Shopping Becomes Collaborative 4 Shopping Becomes Contextual 5 Shopping Becomes Real-time Aware 6 8 Shopping Becomes Omnipresent Shopping Becomes Experiential © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    9. 9. Even more tangible: Behavior and Expectations • • • • • Multitasking/multiscreen Loyal if unique or added value services Entertained and inspired Physical presence too Personalised © Shopping 2020 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    10. 10. “eBay Now offers same-day delivery of a variety of products from retailers including Best Buy, Macy's, Target, Walgreens and Home Depot. The delivery fee is $5 and most orders arrive in an hour or less, depending on traffic and time of day” - © Shopping 2020 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    11. 11. “The upgraded Google Glass will "work with future lines of shades and prescription frames" 11 / © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    12. 12. Market research firm Gartner has predicted that companies using Glass and similar gadgets could save $1 billion a year within three to five years. © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    13. 13. Retailers must rethink and retool their offerings to connect with the empowered consumer How to use your store to its best potential? 13 How to embrace showrooming? How do you provide a tailored and personalized experience? © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    14. 14. “Finding out what mobile features customers interact with will be a key driver for Sport Chek’s future retail strategy.” Source: 14 © Shopping 2020 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    15. 15. "The Rapha Cycle Clubs are conceived as meeting places for road racing fans and great places for like-minded people to hang out" Source: © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    16. 16. "We’re not warehousing anything, all the food that shows up in our Foodhub is pre-sold, and goes out to shoppers that same day – that reduces overhead and makes for a really streamlined process. Plus, your groceries are a whole lot fresher when they’re prepped to order." 16 © Shopping 2020 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    17. 17. 17 - © Shopping 2020 © Shopping 2020 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    18. 18. “MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS” 18 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
    19. 19. Jerry J. Stam MBA MsC LLM IBM - Senior Managing Consultant +31651285639 @ibm_retail_nl 19 © 2013 IBM Nederland B.V.
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