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Día de los muertos
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Día de los muertos

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Day of the Dead information

Day of the Dead information

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  • Background:Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration held in Mexico and in CentralAmerican countries where family members commemorate their ancestors in a way that isdifferent from customs in the United States. This important holiday is held on November 1and November 2. It is a holiday that mixes parts of Roman Catholicism with NativeAmerican traditions that pre-date the arrival of the Spanish in the Americas.This holiday, which falls at the same time as Halloween, is different since it does not includesuch imagery as witches, black cats, or pumpkins. While Halloween is associated withcostumes and trick-or-treating, Dia de los Muertos is more of a memorial type of holiday.Both holidays, however, do share a common visual connection with the presence of skeletonimagery throughout.Families often set up offerings or altars called ofrendas, either at home or at the cemetery.Throughout the Dia de los Muertos will remember their ancestors by honoring their memory,by feasting on foods (such as pan de muerto or calaveras de azucar), and playing or singingthe songs which were favored by their ancestors. Some ofrendas are also decorated withmarigolds and calaveras made of papier-mache.Many Latino families who have arrived in the United States have also brought these customswith them, and in many towns and cities with Latino communities, there are annual Dia delos Muertos celebrations.


  • 1. Día de los Muertos
  • 2. Where?• All over Mexico
  • 3. The facts• November 1 and 2• Important Holiday in Mexico• What do we do on Dia de los Muertos?
  • 4. Lots of Food!
  • 5. The decorations
  • 6. Ofrendas
  • 7. Papel picado• A type of special paper that we use to decorate!
  • 8. Calaveras • Skulls made of sugar! • We see lots of calaveras, like Halloween, but its not the same holiday.
  • 9. US celebrationsThe Day of the Deadis also celebrated inareas of the UnitedStates, such asCalifornia, Texas, andmany others, inwhich theMexican/Americanheritage exists