Young Rewired State 2013 - A Career in Software Development


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I was asked by @richquick to quickly (yeah, yeah) put together a lightening talk for #YRS2013 Glasgow.

The topic was roughly A Career in Software Development. So, I put together some thoughts based on my opinion and experiences.

I didn't even consider career directions like QA or Release Engineer.

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Young Rewired State 2013 - A Career in Software Development

  1. 1. A career in Software Development Phil @leggetter #YRS2013
  2. 2. A bit about me Phil @leggetter * Because these are my opinions I want you to have a bit of information about me. It's a basis on which you can decide whether or not to take any notice about what I'm going to say. * Stirling Uni - Software Engineering 2001 * First job at Caplin Systems in London (who I work with now) - I don't feel I was a great dev when I left University. But I became a reasonable by applying Software Engineering practices in industry. * I've worked for a company delivering cutting edge technology to financial organisations * I've also worked for 1 largish company ESRI and 2 startups - VeriSIM and Pusher * I've been bootstrapped trying to create a service * My current job is back at the company I started with * My job is a "Developer Evangelist". I've seen great things in this job but I am biased towards community-based companies and technologies. Not closed corporate ones. I believe that even corporate organisations are going to have to open up and that startup and corporate principles are merging slightly. * And I've written a book -
  3. 3. You * You clearly enjoy software development. You're at YRS. If you follow your passion for technology you'll have a career.
  4. 4. * You're at Young Rewired State 2013 * You're career has already started * In fact your career started with your first line of code
  5. 5. ● Keep coding ● Grow knowledge ● Continue/Start sharing ○ Code ○ Blog ○ Talk ● Stay/Get involved ○ Events like Young Rewired State ○ General tech events ○ Hack events ○ Open Source projects Where do you go from here? * Stay/Get involved - all great ways to learn and share * Start building your CV / Social profile * All these are simply things that you should probably do throughout your career - starting now
  6. 6. How to Code? Hack v Engineer? * Hacking is a fantastic way of fast prototyping, proving concepts and achieving things quickly. But it doesn't always result in the best code. * But IMHO to build a quality software product or services you need to be a Software Engineer * Some upfront design * Development processes - find one that works for you and the people you work with. But have one. * Testing should be core to your development process * Continuous integration * Software development trends will change - be aware of them. You may even set them.
  7. 7. University? * My personal opinion is that most people will get a lot from University. Socially and academically. * But, for a career in software development it isn't 100% essential for all companies. * The ability to demonstrate you are a good developer through code examples and communication can be enough.
  8. 8. You first job? ● Already had one? ● Contracting ● Permanent ● Do your own thing ● May not exist yet! ● Juggle? ○ Don't let a job title define you
  9. 9. Where to work? ● Gaming ● Digital Agency ● Finance ● Tech for Tech ● Big/Small company? ● ... * There's lots of choice. Don't be constrained by traditional and obvious trends.
  10. 10. Career Progression ● Dev, Team Lead, Line Manager, Dev Manager, CTO ● Dev, Team Lead, Line Manager, Dev Evangelist (Marketing), ? ● Dev + CTO + CEO ? The options really depend on: * Who you are * What industries you are involved in * These roles and opportunities are available Again, the roles may not even exist yet.
  11. 11. Follow Your Passions * You clearly enjoy software development. You're at YRS. If you follow your passion for technology you'll have a career.
  12. 12. Questions?