A Legal Options Approach To Ec Company Law


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A Legal Options Approach To Ec Company Law

  1. 1. Legal C rcle LEGAL CIRCLE
  2. 2. Company Overview Legal Circle is an organization dedicated to provide the highest levels of excellence in legal outsourcing work. Drawing from the experience and knowledge base of renowned lawyers of India's largest law firm Fox Mandal Little, we have developed global best practices for legal outsourcing. Legal Circle also believes in following the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance. We have a dynamic, responsive and highly motivated team in all areas of services outlined below. Our highly skilled teams of attorneys and engineers in India and the United States deliver high quality legal and intellectual property support services to law firms and corporations worldwide at low costs. Our management team collectively has over half a century of litigation and transaction experience as attorneys, business advisors, consultants and legal associates. Heritage & Principle Legal Circle has an amalgamation of lawyers and professionals from fields that are associated with law. We do understand our clients growing global needs and assist them in their concern to have a competitive edge in their businesses. Our legal services team comprises of professional support lawyers and technical specialists or domain experts, exclusively dedicated to providing high quality services. Our lawyers have been selected from diverse legal backgrounds, with years of experience in their respective fields, ensuring that all of our service areas are well resourced. Since its establishment, Legal Circle has been known for its integrity, efficiency and a high degree of senior management involvement, which shows our genuine respect for our clients. Legal Circle places great emphasis on excellence of services. We understand the economics of outsourcing, clients concerns for security, product information and the protection of intellectual property. At Legal Circle we are unequivocally committed to addressing all these concerns in the best possible manner.
  3. 3. Services we Provide We aim to provide reliable world-class legal research services for lawyers that can help our clients make informed critical judgments for their businesses. We strive to create a high quality product, which is the combination of good drafting and thorough analysis. The customized legal support services we offer are currently grouped into the following categories: Legal Research: At Legal Circle we focus primarily on back office work and legal research, drafting, utilizing both primary and secondary resources to conduct our research. Our legal research services include the following: Case Law Research Foreign Law Research Statutory Research Court Docket Sheet Research and Analysis Client Biographies Legislative History Research Research on Client’s Commercial Activities Compliance Research Newsletter Content Professional Responsibility Research New Lawsuit/Deal Updates Regulatory Research Competitor Research and Analysis Market Research New Client Research Patent Research Strategic Industry Research Comparison of Laws Client Resource Database Preparation Patentability Search Multi-jurisdictional Surveys Litigation Support / Back Office: Legal Circle's team of professionals is trained to meet international legal drafting standards and deliver cost effective and quality driven solutions to clients. Our litigation support and legal back office services include: Legal Brief Writing Legal Desktop Publishing Legal Analysis & Memo Drafting Legal Claims Processing Articles for Publication Word Processing/ Proofreading Services Cause of Action Assessment Presentation Services Drop-In Arguments for Briefs Research Services Forum Selection Evaluation Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis Memoranda of Law and Retrieval Services Multi-jurisdictional Surveys Litigation Support Services Pleading Drafts Electronic Document/Data Management Services Trial Briefs and Supporting Memoranda Conversion Services Personal Injury Issues Digital Dictation Case Summaries Witness Kit Preparation Legal Document Review Early Case Assessment Document Review Our vision is to provide high-quality, low-cost expert legal research, transcription, drafting, legal back office and patent-related services globally at best turnaround time in the industry with increased efficiency and reduced costs for individual lawyers, leading law firms and legal departments of large multi-national corporations. www. l eg al ci r cl e. co m
  4. 4. Services we Overview Company Provide Immigration: Immigration is another emerging area for legal outsourcing. Legal Circle provides end-to-end support in this area of law. Legal Circle lawyers are trained specifically in Lexis Nexis and relevant software to provide excellent services and utmost satisfaction to the client. Drafting of appeal briefs for the Board of Immigration Appeals Drafting Family Petitions Visa Documentations Legal Research and Drafting of Legal Memorandum Personal Injury: Legal Circle has highly trained and responsive lawyers in the area of personal injury, who are dedicated permanent employees of the organization. We assist our personal injury clients in the following manner: Preparation of trial by summarizing medical records and trial transcripts Ascertaining any outstanding discovery and accordingly drafting Interrogatories and Request for Production documents Drafting Demand Letters or Pre Litigation Notice, Settlement Memo and Memorandum of Law Assisting in performing legal research on any crucial or evidentiary issues and finding key cases for judges and opposing counsel Real Estate: Legal Circle has the requisite trained manpower to handle real estate support services. There is always a concerted corporate effort to render the highest standards of professional services in each assignment undertaken by us in a cost effective manner. Our services include: Landlord and tenant dispute-preparation of eviction packages Legal documentation on Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property Assisting in performing legal research on any crucial or evidentiary issues and finding key cases for judges and opposing counsel Drafting of motions with regard to foreclosure The following are the areas which are covered under our Contract Management Services: Preparing lease abstracts as per the clients style and requirement Drafting and reviewing of lease agreements Preparing due diligence report and checklist Legal Audit: Legal Audit and related services help acquaint the company with its various legal obligations and protects the independent and nominee directors from adverse legal proceedings. In this area our services include, but are not restricted to: Due Diligence studies Vetting and Analysis of documents, agreements, and material contracts Title searches Intellectual Property Audit
  5. 5. Services we Provide Intellectual Property Support Services: Legal Circle has used its expertise to provide “end to end” solutions across a large spectrum of intellectual property support services for multinational corporate law departments and international law firms. Our IP related service areas include: Patents Patentability Search and Reporting Competitor-Analysis / Competitor-Mapping Freedom-To-Operate Studies Patent Portfolio Analysis Infringement Suits Patent Mining and Administration Patent Invalidation Studies Docketing Technical Infringement Analysis IP Monitoring IP Overlap Analysis Pre-merger Due Diligence Support Patent Claims Mapping Royalty/Damages Analysis Patent and Technology Landscaping Patent Application Preparation Technology Assessment and Patent Illustration Commercialization Analysis Format Drawings Technology Database Creation (Searchable) Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Updates Regarding Renewal of Applications Preparation and Licenses Accelerated Examination Search Reports Preparation of Draft Responses to Office Preparation Actions Drafting Cancellation Petitions Trademarks & Copyright Application Preparation Prepration of Suitable Replies to Any Preparation of Audit Responses to Official Actions Office Actions Oppositions Logo Drawings Licensing and License Support Services Preparation of Formalities Documents Assignment and Transmission Renewal Document Preparation Documentation Work Monitoring Examination Procedures of User Agreements The Application Electronic Discovery Discovery of electronic records has become a central concern in litigation and government and regulatory investigations. We, at Legal Circle, work with our clients to develop a reasonable, responsible, and defensible plan for responding to the discovery needs of the client's matter. We use a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, specially trained review lawyers, multiple level QC and proven business processes to review and produce electronic documents. In this area our services include, but are not restricted to: OCR Processing Subjective and Objective Coding Document Review for Privilege, Confidentiality, Responsiveness and other Issue Code Flagging Document Redaction Pitch Books Preparation Public Information Books Analyst Research Reports Citation Checking Digital Dictation Digital Transcription www. l eg al ci r cl e. co m
  6. 6. Services we Provide M & A Support and Contract Management Services Our M&A and Contract Management Services team has lawyers who have professional degrees from the best law colleges and have worked in some of the most prestigious law firms and companies. In this category, our services include but are not restricted to the following: In this area our services include, but are not restricted to: Contract Drafting Preparation of Contract Templates Contract Reviews Back Office Support Contract Abstraction Monitoring of Licensing Obligations Lease Abstraction Responses to RFI's / RFQ's Creation of Virtual Contract Data Room Preparation of Confidentiality & Non- Contract Summarization Disclosure Agreements Translation Services Playbook creation and maintenance Due Diligence Review/ Support Secretarial Support Services Quality Control & Standard Company Overview We have a specialized 'Client Management System' (CMS) to help monitor the daily progress of each project undertaken and meet strict target deadlines . The CMS also helps in monitoring the productivity of all the employees of Legal Circle, as they are required to record in their progress report on a daily basis. This is then systematically analyzed and a second review is conducted. We also are in the process of attaining BS 7799 (the most widely recognized security standard in the world) and ISO-9001 certifications. We have a five-step quality control process that ensures the very best quality in the industry. Further, we hope to conduct a Six Sigma audit within our organization soon. Data Security and Confidentiality Client confidentiality and data security is at the forefront of Legal Circle's operations. Some of the security measures undertaken by Legal Circle are as follows: Password protection is provided for every computer and data; Restricted access of client information to employee’s - only on need to know basis; All data is monitored when received from clients and relayed to the team; All employees are bound by confidentiality agreements; Employment contract carries termination clause for any minor breach; Physical Security Measures Restricted access to the facilities of Legal Circle with proper identification; Use of high-tech security systems with automatic locking features; Monitoring camera located on floors to track employment movement;
  7. 7. Our Skills Legal Circle can deal with queries in any area of law concerning both civil law as well as common law jurisdictions. From document processing to complex research and paralegal services, we focus on increasing productivity and delivering quality results. The legal research team at Legal Circle has been specifically selected from a group of bright young lawyers, who then undergo extensive training conducted by qualified and experienced U.S and U.K. attorneys. The researchers and paralegals have also been made to undergo rigorous exercises in researching foreign law and in the international style of legal writing. We have the necessary skills, along with access to the essential tools including INPADOC database, USPTO and European Patent Office (including the UK PTO) database and other relevant subject matter databases. The Legal Circle Advantage Legal Circle does not practice law. We strive to deliver a high quality LPO product that makes our clients satisfied and offer us repeated assignments. Legal Circle also has highly trained and responsive lawyers who are permanent employees of the organization. We believe in ethical practices and follow strict procedures of governance. Apart from this, Legal Circle also offers: 24*7 work operations; Supervision of all work by foreign qualified lawyers from UK and the US; Back to back contract with the largest law firm in India Fox Mandal Little to assure quality of work; Translation services in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French; Electronic discovery and documentation services Leave cover/ secretarial support; Substantial cost saving for international clients through effective resource management; Technical support of experts/ scientists from primer Indian institutes for patent related work; Continuous training imparted to all employees so that they can upgrade their skills and are cost effective resources; and Flexible and client centric outsourcing model with provision to build support teams for in-house legal departments, multinational law firms as well as individual attorneys/small law offices. www. l eg al ci r cl e. co m
  8. 8. Legal C rcle FM House - II, A-8, Sector-9 Noida 201301 NCR of Delhi, India Ph . +91 120 4077555 | Fax: +91 120 4077666 | Email: info@legalcircle.com www. l eg al ci r cl e. co m