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Will Legal Software

  1. 1. Making sure that your legal systems are in safe hands The Collective Voice of the Legal Software Industry
  2. 2. THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT THAT MODERN LEGAL IT SYSTEMS CAN MAKE A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE OVERALL SUCCESS OF ANY LAW FIRM Law firms today, like every other business, rely on computer systems to help run their firm, give better service to their clients and improve productivity and profitabil- ity. Deciding on the most appropriate system for your firm is important, and so is the choice of the supplier. So if you’re looking to change your legal IT system, make sure that an LSSA member is on your list. LSSA members supply software to 76% of law firms in the UK and 87% of firms who provide Legal Aid services. So it is in the interests of LSSA members to continue to ensure that law firms gain real benefits such as delivering better services to their clients, whether through providing new services, making existing services more efficient and responsive to clients’ needs, or improving the firm’s performance, all of which enables law firms to grow. By doing this we all succeed - both LSSA members and law firms. The Legal profession and the legal software industry never stand still, and neither does the LSSA. New emerging technology and constantly changing legislation mean the LSSA is ever at the forefront to assist and advise law firms on how best to adapt to new technology, evolving business models, growing customer requirements and an ambiguous legal regulatory environment. THE LSSA WAS FORMED WITH THE SPECIFIC AIM OF PROMOTING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS AND OFFERING UNBIASED AND WELL INFORMED GUIDANCE TO LAW FIRMS
  3. 3. THE LSSA RECOGNISES THAT CUSTOMERS MAY, FROM TIME TO TIME, HAVE REASON TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE QUALITY OF SERVICES OR GOODS SUPPLIED BY LSSA MEMBERS RESOLVING ISSUES The LSSA is an established association with an acknowledged reputation, not for just raising standards, but also for impartial mediation - a foundation established when the LSSA was formed, which gives us the power to resolve issues quickly and fairly. In the event that a customer has a complaint about a product, or the quality of service, provided by an LSSA member, either party can refer the matter to the LSSA. Members must co-operate promptly with all requests for information and abide by any decision made by the LSSA within a stipulated time frame. Failure to do so could result in suspension or even expulsion. Law firms can have confidence in the knowledge that when buying a legal software system from an LSSA member they are buying a product and service that they can trust. In addition, they have the security that they have the backing of a regulatory body dedicated to delivering the highest standards in the legal software industry. WHERE DISPUTES CANNOT BE RESOLVED DIRECTLY, THEY MAY BE REFERRED TO THE LSSA FOR MEDIATION
  4. 4. LAW FIRMS CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WHEN BUYING SOFTWARE FROM AN LSSA MEMBER, THEY ARE BUYING A PRODUCT AND SERVICE THEY CAN TRUST LSSA MEMBERSHIP To become a member of the LSSA, legal software suppliers have to meet a rigorous set of criteria and comply with our strict Code of Practice. Every LSSA member has full professional indemnity and product liability insurance. In addition, they must have at least two years’ continuous involvement in the legal market and provide excellent references from their bank and existing customers. The LSSA Code of Practice and the strict criteria have been laid down to provide law firms with both protection and security. For example, LSSA members must demonstrate their long term commitment exclusively to the legal market, so you know you’re dealing with dedicated specialists. You can also be sure that the LSSA member supplier will recommend a system which genuinely reflects the needs of your firm and is appropriate to these needs. In addition, full cost details for both immediate and ongoing support must also be supplied. In order to get the most benefit from your system, all LSSA member suppliers must provide in-house customer support, so that if queries arise you know you will have access to people who can help. Ensuring that your system delivers a return on your investment, you must be able to understand and use it to its best effect. Therefore all LSSA members must offer relevant training and consultancy expertise. Should you decide to change your system, then fellow LSSA members must co-operate in order to cater for data transfer and conversion. THE LSSA SETS CLEAR EXPECTATIONS FOR MEMBERS
  5. 5. LSSA MEMBERS ADHERE TO A CODE OF PRACTICE WHICH HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO PROMOTE THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Ensure Employees, Sub-Contractors and Distributors follow Code of Practice guidelines in all dealings with customers and other members and provide satisfac- tory monitoring arrangements to ensure compliance. Maintain professional indemnity and product liability insurance adequate for the scope, value and volume of the business transacted. Keep information relating to customer business confidential. Hold secure all passwords and other system safeguards from unauthorised parties. Not access the customer computer system without prior permission and then solely for the purpose of assisting the customer. Ensure that ownership of any intellectual property and license terms are properly identified at the time of supply. Not give inducement or pay commission directly or indirectly to any consultant or advisor appointed by the customer for business obtained without prior notification to the customer. Provide adequate training and ongoing support for their products. Give clear notice of the support arrangements to customers where bought-in components become obsolete. Maintain an escrow or similar arrangement to enable users to have access to the source code of the software in the event of a liquidation of the member. Not make disparaging remarks or inaccurate statements relating to other members or their products. Other requirements regarding documentation and the setting of clear expectations are also specified and can be obtained from the members or the association. Information concerning the Association, the Code of Practice, the Mediation service and Disciplinary Procedures may be obtained from the secretariat. Complaints Procedure Any alleged acts or omissions of a member considered to be in breach of the Code of Practice will be investigated by the Disciplinary Committee in accordance with LSSA Disciplinary procedure. Only allegations made in writing and signed by the complainant will be entertained. If customers wish to make such allegations they should be made with full details and supporting evidence to the secretary. The customer may be required to attend a hearing and give evidence, in which case the customer will be open to cross-ex- amination. If the customer makes an allegation which results in disciplinary action, the customer will be informed of the outcome, otherwise the Disciplinary Committee shall decide whether, and if so how and when, publication of the decision will be made.
  6. 6. Contact Us: LSSA, River Cottage, Water Lane, North Witham, Grantham, NG33 5LJ Tel: 01476 860417 Mobile: 07768 737449 www.lssa.co.uk