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Florida Legal Forms Florida Legal Forms Document Transcript

  • Florida State University College of Law Library BASIC LEGAL RESEARCH SERIES Finding Legal Forms Florida Practice Forms Florida Appellate Practice Forms and Commentary. Harrison Co., 1998. (Second Floor: KFF555 .M66 1998). No longer published, last updated in 2001. Florida Civil Practice Guide. Matthew Bender, 1997. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF530 .G472) Florida Civil Practice Motions. D & S/Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1994. (Second Floor, Reserves: KFF530.A65 J46) Florida Civil Procedure. LexisNexis, 2002. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF530 .H36 2002) Florida Civil Procedure Forms: With Practice Commentary. West, 1989. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF530.A65 D43 1989) Florida Civil Trial Guide. M. Bender, 1990. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF538 .F554 1990) Florida Criminal Practice: A Practice Guide with Forms. G.T. Bisel Co., 1996. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF575 .N46 1996) Florida Criminal Practice and Procedure. Lexis Law., 1999. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF575 .C73 1999) Florida Criminal Practice Service. Lawyers Cooperative Pub., 1993. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF575.A6 F58) Florida Criminal Trial Practice Forms, 2nd ed. Harrison, 1987. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF575.A65 M37) Florida Pleading & Practice Forms. Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co., 1990. (Second Floor: KFF68 .F57 1990) Also avail- able from Westlaw database FL-PP. Florida Will and Trust Forms Manual, 3rd ed. Hansen/Florida. Bar CLE, 2002. (Second Floor: KFF144.A65 F46 2000) Index to Forms and Checklists. The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Publications, 19uu. (Second Floor: KFF61 .I53) La Coe's Pleadings Under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure with Forms. Thomson/West, 2003. (Second Floor, Re- serve: KFF530.A65 L3 2003) Legal Forms and Worksheets. Fla. Bar, 1997. (Second Floor: KFF68 .L4 1997) Southeast Transaction Guide – Florida, Georgia, Alabama. Matthew Bender, 1976 to date. (Second Floor, KFF213.A6 S6) Trawick's Florida Practice and Procedure. Forms. Harrison Co., 1991. (Second Floor, Reserve: KFF530 .T7 Forms)
  • Federal Pleading and Practice Forms American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms. West, 1966 to 2003. (Second Floor: KF170 .A45 1971) Not kept up to date; available on Westlaw database AMJUR-PP. American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, 3rd Series. West, 2005. (Third Floor: KF 8935.A75 3d) Also available on West- law database AMJUR-POF • Multi-volume set; articles explain “how to prove particular facts essential to a cause of action or a defense.” • Covers mostly civil but also criminal trial practice; many personal injury articles but also civil rights and em- ployment topics. • Featured in each article are model discovery forms, motions, complaints, and petitions. Basic Legal Forms, with Commentary. Warren, Gorham & Lamont, 1981. (Third Floor: KF170 .H9) Not kept up to date. Bender's Federal Practice Forms. Matthew Bender, 1951. (Third Floor: KF8836 .B4) Causes of Action, 2nd Series. West, 1983-2003. (Third Floor: KF8863.S53) Not kept up to date; available on Westlaw database COA. • Multi-volume set containing articles on tort matters. • Articles “analyze elements of the cause of action and explains how those elements can be proven.” • Among many helpful research features, contains sample complaints. Complete Manual of Criminal Forms. Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1993. (Third Floor: KF9616 .B2522) Not kept up to date. Federal Procedural Forms. West, 1975-2003. (Third Floor: KF8836.F4.) Not kept up to date; available on Westlaw data- base FEDPROF. Moore's Manual: Federal Practice Forms. Matthew Bender, 1964-2001. (Third Floor: KF8836 .M6) Not kept up to date. Nichol’s Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure. Callaghan, 1951. (Third Floor: KF8835 .C85 1951) O'Connor's Federal Forms: Civil Trials, Federal Trial Forms. J. McClure Pub., 2001. (Third Floor: KF8836 .O25 2001) West's Federal Forms. West, 1952. (Third Floor: KF8836 .W4) Not kept up to date; available on Westlaw database FED- FORMS. General Legal Forms American Jurisprudence Legal Forms. Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co (Second Floor: KF170 .A45 1971) Not kept up to date; available on Westlaw database WEST-LF. Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated. Callaghan, 1936. (Second Floor: KF170 .N52 , not kept up to date) Florida Jurisprudence Forms, Legal and Business Transactions. Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co., 1975. (Second Floor: KFF68 .F56) Also available on Westlaw database FL-LF. Florida Legal Forms. West, 1990. (Second Floor: KFF68 .M37 1990) West's Legal Forms. West, 1981. (Second Floor: KF170 .M6 198. Not kept up to date, available on Westlaw database WEST-LF
  • Internet Sites Findlaw Forms http://forms.lp.findlaw.com/ Find Forms – a search engine for legal forms http://www.findforms.com/ FedForms http://www.forms.gov/bgfPortal/citizen.portal Internet Legal Research Group http://www.ilrg.com/forms/ ‘Lectric Law Library Forms http://www.lectlaw.com/form.html LexisOne www.http://www.lexisone.com LLRX Court Rules, Forms, and Dockets http://www.llrx.com/courtrules/ U.S. Court Forms . http://www.uscourts.gov/forms/uscforms.cfm LexisNexis and Westlaw LexisNexis Research System tab / Research Tasks tab / “Contracts and Forms” or “Florida Litigation” Research System tab / Legal tab / jurisdiction or practice area / Treatises and Other Analytical Materials Westlaw FORMS-ALL database Directory / jurisdiction or practice area or litigation / forms Prepared by Margaret Clark, Reference Librarian Florida State University College of Law Library January 2006