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Financial Advice Mortgage Advice Divorce Legal Advice

  1. 1. On behalf of our members, the West Midlands Police Federation have arranged the following FREE advice surgeries held at the Federation offices, Guardians House, 2111 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3EA. If it is advice, help or support you require then why not come along... To make an appointment for any of the below surgeries, please call the Federation on 0121 700 1100. Financial Advice Who with: Caroline Harris, Independent Financial Advisor, George Burrows What do I get? FREE advice on any financial matter Appointment dates: Every Monday, all day, appointments necessary Appointments held at: Federation Office, Guardians House (Call 0121 700 1100) Mortgage Advice Who with: (2 options) First Call Mortgages and Warren & Co. Mortgage Specialists both offer independent mortgage advice What do I get? FREE advice on buying a property, moving, improving or re-mortgaging, plus: Discounts ~ Fixed Rates ~ Cash Backs ~ Flexible/Daily Interest ~ Current Account/Cheque Book Options ~ Computer link to most major lenders ~ PLUS 15%-50-% deposits available for first time buyers Appointment dates: Mortgage Advisor Louise Norton of First Call Mortgages is available EVERY TUESDAY all day at Guardians House, or is available for station visits, Financial advice, Mortgage advice, Divorce & Family law, and Legal advice on offer
  2. 2. appointments necessary. Mortgage Advisors Marianne or Julie of Warren & Co. are available EVERY THURSDAY all day at Guardians House, and selected Tuesdays at Dudley Village Hotel, appointments necessary. Appointments held at: Federation Office, Guardians House (Call 0121 700 1100) The Village Hotel, Dudley (Call 0121 700 1100) Divorce & Family law Who with: (3 options) - Majella O'Neil is a specialist Family Law Solicitor, with a vast experience of representing Police Officers. - Lorraine Harvey of Gorvins solicitors is specially trained to deal with police officers that are facing marital breakdown and family disputes. - Clare Wiseman of Williamson & Soden has longstanding links to West Midlands Police, and can help you deal with the legal consequences of separation / divorce, child issues and finance issues. What do I get? Every divorce is painful, both mentally and financially. The Federation work with a number of reputable Family Law Solicitors who can make the process of Divorce a lot easier for you and your family. The first consultation is FREE and then a discount is offered to all Police employees. Appointment dates, locations and numbers: You can arrange to see Majella at the Federation offices or at Majella's offices in Knowle High Street, Solihull. For friendly, flexible advice call Majella on 01564 739 298. Lorraine Harvey of Gorvins solicitors is available at the Federation offices every second WEDNESDAY. Call the Office for dates and an appointment (0121 700 1100) Clare Wiseman can be contacted on 0121 733 8000, and is available to meet at Guardians House or at their offices in Shirley. Legal Advice Who with: Thompsons (formerly Whittles) Solicitors have many years experience
  3. 3. dealing with the issues Officers and their families face. What do I get? Thompsons offer FREE Legal advice to all Federation members on: Accidents at home, work, on holiday, in the street; road traffic accidents; family and matrimonial law; wills and probate service. Appointment dates and location: Veena Bains will be at Guardians House on Wednesday 30th July, Wednesday 20th August, Wednesday 17th September, Wednesday 29th October, Wednesday 26th November and Wednesday 10th December 2008 from 09:30 - 16:30. Contact the Federation for further details or to make an appointment, on 0121 700 1100. PLEASE NOTE: Many of our advisors are willing to carry out advice surgeries over the telephone if you are unable to travel to Guardians House. If you would like to speak to someone in person and cannot travel to Guardians House please call Claire at the Federation office who can arrange for station or home visits.