Chapter 6
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Chapter 6



Is Romania turs for the second time!

Is Romania turs for the second time!



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    Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Document Transcript

    • …Lunchbox got quickly under the shelf, where she found a banana peeland threw it to the chinese’s feet. He slipped and….she managed to climbthe nearby window and jumped precisely in a passer’s bag.
    • She was happy she managed to escape with life so she didn’t pay anyattention to the noise around her, but after a long sleep she noticed it wasso quiet around her and slowly got her head out and jumped withastonishment… Sidney Airport. Australia!!! It will be a hell of adventure! And she left to discover new interesting things. But, in the distance she saw a quite playful animal that jumped here and there.
    • This is going to be my playmate, Sarah thought and got closer. - Hello! My name is Lucky, who are you? - I am Lunchbox, … is very hot here! - It is always the same! Year by year it is getting hotter, we don’t know how much we can take it. The global warming affects us all and we find food harder and harder! For days they played and in the evening they nuzzled in the kangaroo’s warm pouch.Time was passing by and the pouch was not comfortable anymore so she left for new adventures saying goodbye to her friends.
    • The trip was a long one with new things for each day and she reached a harbor where she saw many hunters embarking on a ship. She thought it would be good for her to get on the ship, too. She was looking around puzzled as everyone had rifles on their backs. Many days went by till one of them yelled: - Seals, seals, there are the seals, it will be a hell of a hunt!But not everything got on the right track, as they assumed becausethere….