Chapter 2
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Chapter 2



We strat the travell around the world!

We strat the travell around the world!



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Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Document Transcript

  • How the Lunchbox travelled around the world (chapture 2) Lunchbox was delighted with all the beauties, but her journey had to continue. Rollingover seven hills and seven plains she reached a huge blue land: “A blue plain? Where am I?” Shegot closer …and closer …and realized she was on the edge of the blue ocean. Many ships were resting in the port and Lunchbox could hardly find any space to movealong the luggage in order to get on the boat.
  • The journey was long and one day, fed up with walking she went on the deck to admirethe beauties. Precisely in that moment, a strong wave hit the boat and Lunchbox fell into thewhirling waters of the ocean. By miracle, a plank was slowly floatingnear her and Lunchbox climbed it gratefulfor being alive. She floated for seven days andseven nights, when… from far away she sawherself getting closer to the land.She was saved!!!Ashore, she didn’t stay to rest…she was curious to discover the wonderful place she was in. Allof a sudden, rolling down the streets she stopped and looked around:bright lights and bright posters, crowded streetsand car horns which scared her. Suddenly, she lookedup to heaven and could see nothing but skyscrapers…“Where am I?.... Lunchbox asked herself terrified, andthen she noticed a large board: Los Angeles. “I have to look for a green place in order to rest” and she started in a hurry to roll in the streets, sidewalks, bridges when … unexpectedly she came across something. “Auuu !!!How much my lid hurts!” She looked around puzzledand found herself in a trash can. Ransacking around,she suddenly startled because…