Vancouver Island Sport Tourism Council - Mtn Bike Tourism presentation Ray Freeman - June 23 - 2011 pdf


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Vancouver Island Sport Tourism Council - Mtn Bike Tourism presentation Ray Freeman - June 23 - 2011 pdf

  1. 1. Mountain Bike Tourismand Community Development in British Columbia: Critical Success Factors Vancouver Island Sport Tourism Council June 23, 2011 Presented by: Ray Freeman Mountain Bike Tourism
  2. 2. Overview• Why Mountain Bike Tourism?• Community Benefits• How to get there• Research Findings• Recommendations for Practice Mountain Bike Tourism
  3. 3. Intermission...Kalamalka Lake, Cosen’s Bay Trail, Vernon, BC Mountain Bike Tourism
  4. 4. Why Mountain Bike Tourism?• gaining critical-mass• fastest growing segment in adventure tourism• business/govt & social media momentum• cost-effective for communities• multiple potential benefits Mountain Bike Tourism
  5. 5. Intermission...Hornby Island, BC Mountain Bike Tourism
  6. 6. Potential Community Benefits• recreational opportunities • youth / community social / health• destination awareness• tourism revenue, taxation revenue• community infrastructure• spin-offs for direct and indirect businesses• social capital• this list is NOT comprehensive Mountain Bike Tourism
  7. 7. Economic Impact• Sea to Sky Mountain Biking Economic Impact Study (MBTA, 2006)• Outside visitors to the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton corridor• $10.3 m revenue (June 4 to September 16)• Whistler Mountain Bike Park $16.2 m• Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival $11.5 m Mountain Bike Tourism
  8. 8. How to get there?Critical Success Factors:• Community Champions / Stakeholders / Political Will• Infrastructure / Amenities / Supporting Services• Legislation / Regulatory Frameworks• Destination Marketing / Management• Physical Geography / Terrain / Trails• Funding Sources (Private / Public / In-Kind)• Mtn Bike Clubs / Schools / Camps / Programs• Mtn Bike Culture / Lifestyle / Events Mountain Bike Tourism
  9. 9. How to get there?Community Champions / Stakeholders / Political Will:• Mountain Bike Resorts• Commercial Tour Operators• Destination Marketing Organizations• First Nations• Industry Groups (Mountain Bike Clubs)• Mountain Bike Tourism Services (Accommodation, food, rental, transport)• Provincial Government Agencies• Regional & Municipal Governments• Trail Stewardship Groups• Private Landowners• Event Organizers (Festivals/Races)• Educational Institutions• Mountain Bike Consultants• Insurance Experts• Athletes & Professional Mountain BikersSource: Tourism BC, 2010 Mountain Bike Tourism
  10. 10. How to get there?Mountain Biking Product:• Bike Parks/lift accessed biking• Local trails for freeriding & cross-country biking• Touring and family trails (ie: rails-to-trails)• Epic Rides• Races, Festivals & Events• Mountain Bike Camps• Community-based programsSource: MTBA, 2010 Mountain Bike Tourism
  11. 11. How to get there?Stakeholder Integration:• Identify salient stakeholders• Inclusive yet selective process• Strong leadership / facilitation / champions• Community vision / strategic planning• Build social capital / collaborative experience• Participant / visitor experience-orientation Mountain Bike Tourism
  12. 12. How to get there?Example:• Develop regional cycling tourism initiative• ie: Touring and family trails (rails-to-trails)• Communications with regional partners• Identify Critical Success Factors• Identify collaborative opportunities• Seek external knowledge / resources• Periodic evaluation of plan Mountain Bike Tourism
  13. 13. Intermission... Mt. Seymour, North Shore of Vancouver, B.C.Transporters (2008) By Chris PaulTsartlip First Nations Artist Mountain Bike Tourism
  14. 14. Conceptual Framework for Community-Based Mountain Bike Tourism DevelopmentCritical Success Factors (Wilson, et al, 2001)Basic Elements for Mtn Bike Tourism (MTBA, 2010)BC Community Development Assessment Framework(Tourism BC, 2008)Delphi study (Freeman, 2011)*Data derived from Graduate Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirementsfor the Degree of Master of Arts in Tourism Management at Royal Roads University Mountain Bike Tourism
  15. 15. Contingent Factors (Emerging Clusters) Non-Contingent Factors (Maturing Clusters)Innovation / Outlier Strategies / Alternative Factors and Approaches Mountain Bike Tourism
  16. 16. Intermission... Shuttle Run, Mt. Prevost, Duncan / North Cowichan, B.C.Teachers Drum (2004) By Chris PaulTsartlip First Nations ArtistPainted deer hide drum Mountain Bike Tourism
  17. 17. North Cowichan Case-Study• Identify bike-related activities currently in the region• Current issues / challenges / demographics / trends• Range of potential opportunities & impacts• Create awareness among stakeholders• Alignment with OCP and Community Vision• Encourage Spin-Off benefits• Compare with other community (cycling) plans Mountain Bike Tourism
  18. 18. N.C. Funding Sources (Public / Private / In-Kind)• Municipality trails development / maintenance• Bike clubs / volunteers• IMBA Canada• Community Futures• BC Provincial Government (program examples) Bike BC ACT Now BC LocalMotion• Island Coastal Economic Trust• Cowichan Valley Regional District• Cowichan Tribes• Other Government (Health Authority)• Corporate Sponsors• Trans Canada Trail• Other NGO’s• Service Clubs Mountain Bike Tourism
  19. 19. Intermission... Burnt Bridge, Cowichan Lake, B.C.Whale Paddle (2005) By Chris PaulTsartlip First Nations ArtistPainted ash Mountain Bike Tourism
  20. 20. Summary • This approach is applicable to any tourism product • It’s all about Partnerships • Conversations can reveal hidden resources • Strategic planning with a collective vision • It’s been done before!Conservation Drum (2006) By Chris PaulTsartlip First Nations ArtistPainted deer hide drum Mountain Bike Tourism
  21. 21. Final Intermission...Super-D Race, Hartland, Victoria, BC Mountain Bike Tourism
  22. 22. Thank you! Questions? Ray Freeman 250.744.5653 Twitter: LeftCoastInsite Also on Facebook! Mountain Bike Tourism