Royal Roads University - Tourism and Hospitality programs brochure


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Royal Roads University - Tourism and Hospitality programs brochure

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Royal Roads University - Tourism and Hospitality programs brochure

  1. 1. Tourism & hospitalityExceedingExpectationsThroughGlobalExperiencE
  2. 2. 1tourism and hospitality
  3. 3. Royal Roads University Leadership 1what makes us differentTourism, done right,can change the world.You’re passionate aboutthe Tourism & Hospitalityindustry, and understandthat providing an exceptionalexperience while managingthe long term sustainablevision is the key to a successfuloperation. At Royal RoadsUniversity’s School ofTourism and HospitalityManagement, we’ve createdeffective programs to helpyou incorporate sustainabletourism into the developmentof your destination.Sustainable TourismImprove your knowledgewhile gaining experiencein tourism management bystudying sustainable businesspractices, and learning howthe industry plays a key role incultural heritage, alleviatingpoverty and conserving theenvironment. Discover positivechanges in global destinationsby demonstrating how tourism& hospitality matters to youand your organization.Destination DevelopmentProviding an exceptionalexperience is critical for everydestination, so we’ve createdprograms to help you managethe evolving market demandand visitor expectations.Explore the characteristics ofsuccessful destinations, reviewcase studies, and understandthe impact global issues haveon tourism and hospitalityoperators and organizations.Royal Roads University Tourism & Hospitality 1
  4. 4. 22
  5. 5. Royal Roads University Leadership 3Royal Roads University’s MAin Tourism Management programhas helped me achieve my goalof carving out a strategic levelof knowledge in the tourismindustry. The studies are real-world orientedand reflect what is currently happening in the field.The MATM program was a transformationalexperience and today I’m at a whole new level.RRU is large enough to have all the necessaryresources but small enough to be intimate.The level of support I received from my instructorsand the administrative staff went far beyondanything I had experienced at other post-secondaryinstitutions. When I tell someone I was in an RRUprogram, there is an immediate acceptance andcredibility. My schooling has opened many doors.The MATMprogram was atransformationalexperience andtoday I’m at awhole new level.Ray FreemanMA in Tourism ManagementRoyal Roads University Tourism & Hospitality 3
  6. 6. 4In the School of Tourism and HospitalityManagement, you will discover howto build and sustain a competitiveadvantage in your own career.Our instructors are industry experts whohave relevant, real-world experience toshare with you. Working with a cohort oflike-minded professionals will enhanceyour collaborative problem solving andcritical thinking skills. As well, you willparticipate in field study trips, teambuilding activities, and presentations,all while building contacts andconnections that will last a lifetimeand help you reach your full potentialin your tourism career.programs4
  7. 7. Royal Roads University Leadership 5Dr. Geoffrey BirdAssociate Professor,School of Tourism &Hospitality ManagementYou’ll leavehere withlastingfriendships &a professionalnetwork oflike-mindedindividuals.Responding to the globalneed for tourism andhospitality leaders, theMATM program examinesdestination developmentand leadership, with optionsin sustainable tourism andhospitality management.In one year on-campus ortwo years online, you’lllearn how to build asuccessful destination thatbenefits your corporationand community.To progress quickly within thecompetitive hotel industry,you need a fundamentalunderstanding of what isrequired to deliver exceptionalguest experiences. Our oneyear, on-campus programbrings you the analytical andinterpersonal skills required tomanage and operate a hotelbusiness, and the requiredinternship provides youwith an opportunity to gainvaluable experience withinthe hospitality industry.This two-year, on-campusprogram focuses on globaltourism opportunities,trends, and issues to ensureyou have the tools andknowledge to advance yourcareer in the tourism andhospitality industry. Improveyour competitive advantagewhile learning to use socialentrepreneurship, leadership,and management skills tocontribute to communityand business development.MA in TourismManagementBA in InternationalHotel ManagementBA in GlobalTourism ManagementRoyal Roads University Tourism & Hospitality 5
  8. 8. 6program structureMA in Tourism Management (online)MA in Tourism Management (on-campus)residencyThere are three residencycomponents for your program,each consisting of a 6 to 8 dayon-campus learning experience.You’ll spend this time participatingin classes, field study trips,networking and other activities aswell as working on group projectsand individual assignments.on-campusYour program is delivered on-campus. Most classes are held Mondayto Friday but there is also some required evening and weekend work.You’ll spend this time participating in classes, field study trips,networking and other activities, as well as working on group projectsand individual assignments.Online LearningBetween residencies you willcomplete your studies fromthe comfort of your home,obtaining learning materials,submitting individual and groupassignments, and accessingyour grades through the onlinelearning platform.2 yearsPre-ResidencyResidency / On-CampusOnline Learning/InternshipInternship (optional)You will have the opportunity touse your new management skillsand knowledge by applying them,domestically or internationally,in a three-month internship.pre-residencyIn this program you’ll beginwith an online session. You’llexplore the Royal Roads learningplatform, find out about ourcommunity, discover more aboutyour classmates, and begin yourfirst courses.1 year6
  9. 9. Royal Roads University Leadership 72 year on-campusBA in Global Tourism ManagementOn-CampusYour program is delivered on-campus. Most classes are held Mondayto Friday but there is also some required evening and weekend work.You’ll spend this time participating in classes, field study trips,networking and other activities, as well as working on group projectsand individual assignments.BA in International Hotel ManagementOn-CampusYour program is delivered on-campus. Most classes are held Mondayto Friday but there is also some required evening and weekend work.You’ll spend this time participating in classes, field study trips,networking and other activities, as well as working on group projectsand individual assignments.InternshipYou will have the opportunity touse your new management skillsand knowledge by applying them,domestically or internationally,in a three-month internship.1 year on-campusInternshipYou will have the opportunityto use your new managementskills and knowledge byapplying them, domesticallyor internationally, in athree-month internship.Royal Roads University Tourism & Hospitality 7
  10. 10. 8The instructorswere alwaysresponsive andready to helpout at any time.Jeet JaniBA in International Hotel ManagementAfter spending two years at a Calgary college,I was ready to complete my degree. Royal RoadsUniversity’s BA in International Hotel Managementcame up as a good option because of the condensed,one-year curriculum; the small class sizes;and the focus on real-life experiences. Some otherprograms I looked at were more like businessdegrees with some hotel management offerings;in comparison, RRU is preparing you to become a hotelmanager working in the industry. At RRU, I foundthe instructors were always responsive and readyto help out at any time: the core faculty membersbecame mentors, sharing their perspectives andhelping to solve problems, while the associate faculty,the industry professionals, brought current, real-lifeexperiences and issues into the classroom. RRUisagreat,chaos-freeplacetobeandaspotsteepedinitsnaturalenvironment,cultureandhistory.8
  11. 11. Royal Roads University Leadership 9Royal Roads University Tourism & Hospitality 9
  12. 12. 10Building Better TeamsLearn effective leadershipskills and managementtechniques to buildimpressive teamsand foster a positiveexperience for yourguests and your employees.You will learn how torecognize the balancebetween the needs ofyour stakeholders andthe needs of your teammembers, and howto meet the expectationsof both.Develop Your Senseof Global AwarenessThere are many challengeswithin the tourism andhospitality industry, andthrough critical examinationof global concerns,combined with the real-world experience of yourclassmates, you will learnto identify, analyze, andovercome the obstacles youencounter. Discover howdeveloping an awareness ofglobal issues can help youeffectively manage yourlong term vision.Understand theValue of TourismDiscover the role tourismhas on the local and globaleconomy and how toembrace the interconnectedindustries that supportand depend on tourism andhospitality. Gain valuableexperience and the globalunderstanding required tobecome an industry expertwhile exploring the variousapproaches to developsustainable tourism atyour destination.outcomes10
  13. 13. Royal Roads University Leadership 11In the School of Tourism and HospitalityManagement at RRU, you will find a well-rounded education, created with inputfrom industry experts and delivered byinstructors with real-world experience.You will build a strong understanding ofthe increasing complexity of one of theworld’s fastest growing business sectorsand discover effective tools and valuableconnections to help you find success.Powerful leadership and collaborationtechniques, effective communicationstrategies, and critical thinking are justa few of the skills you will develop at RRU.Learn how to prepare yourself to excelwithin this dynamic industry.At RRU, we understand that tourismmatters, and when done right, it canchange the world. We’d like to workwith you to make the changes in yourworkplace and create destinations thatprovide an exceptional experience foryour guests while improving the qualityof life within your community.“ Our program focuses on teaching you leadership skills and strategiesthat are relevant to today’s hospitality industry. With these tools,you’ll find doors opening no matter where your career takes you.” Dr. Brian White Director, School of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementRoyal Roads University Tourism Hospitality 11
  14. 14. 12The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management atRoyal Roads University attracts a diverse group of learners,providing you with a wealth of experience and the opportunityto share your unique and valuable perspective on the industry.Our students12
  15. 15. Royal Roads University Leadership 13Royal Roads University Tourism Hospitality 13
  16. 16. life.changingWe want tohear from you.Royal Roads University2005 Sooke RoadVictoria, British ColumbiaCanada V9B information contained in this brochureis subject to change. Check the websitefor the most up-to-date information.This paper contains 10% post-consumerrecycled fibre and provides threechain-of-custody certifications.We choose recyclable, renewable,and sustainable paper products tosupport responsible forest management.