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NGC Trend Report NGC Trend Report Presentation Transcript

  • ADVERTISING TREND REPORT Samantha Falewee & Lauren Frager
  • Quick Response Codes• E-mart Korea uses natural QR codes
  • Social TV: Opportunities and Hurdles- Opportunity: TV in social media and topic of interaction between viewers- Challenge: • gather more meaningful data • how to measure the difference between causation and correlation
  • Social TV (Love is in the App)“As connected TVs become more prevalent, andFacebook becomes the thing we access most on theinternet, it seems inevitable that social media will creeponto our TVs at some point…” - Ovens & Co
  • What is Second-Screening?“For advertisers, second screen engagement can take a 30- second advert into two, three, even five minutes ofengagement with a brand, giving people more informationand a more personal interaction.” - Andrew Fisher, Shazam
  • GfK MRI’s Survey of the AmericanConsumer®.
  • "The best thing to happen to TV since TV"
  • How Does Zeebox Measure Up?
  • Yahoo IntoNow food-network-integration- 31027712.html
  • How Does IntoNow Measure Up?IntoNow: quick synchronization, tons of social features, and content thats specific to what youre watching make TV viewing more enjoyable. Amazing app. A definite must have app for anyone wanting more info on the TV show or movie you are watching. Many great features. Good job Yahoo! Its pretty neat to see what others think or comment on the show you watch. Seems like Im seeing less users on here lately though... It worked and it is very interesting how it knows what TV show you are watching. Still think it is a novelty though. Whats the real purpose? Notifications can get a little out of control.
  • Discovery Channel Mobile App
  • The “Must List”: Every week, EW editors pick the 10 movies, TV shows, books, music,viral videos, games, or apps that any smart pop-culture junkie NEEDS to know about.
  • NGC OpportunitiesBy combining watching TV with engaging content, we canchange the way audiences are entertained and informed,” - Ron Jacoby, VP of Connected TV at Yahoo!
  • One of the uniquecapabilities of online video isthe fact that there’sinteractivity. You can domore than just communicateone directionally to yourusers. How can we makethat experience moreengaging for the user andmore effective for theadvertiser? • Eric Feng, Senior VP Hulu
  • TV (advertising) is a Two-Way Street• Give your audience some responsibility:
  • Publicity Stunts: Shark Bite Media “Shark Bite Media: We bought hundreds of items off of Ebay and Craigslist, had bites taken out of them, stenciled them, and then left them on the streets for people to see and take. Everything from cars and surfboards to office desks and pet carriers were branded”
  • TLC Uses Old Cars for “Overhaulin” Media"Any place the trucks stopped, we would immediately beoverloaded with questions, requests for samples and more thananything requests for pictures with the car.”
  • Bring Interactive Forest to the City
  • Trends with OUR Demographic• QR Codes• Infographics• CatsBooks Marketing did this with AngryBirds, we should too! • LOLcatz from last year: set=a.10150513269010930.424880.1960 08660929&type=3#!/media/set/?set=a.1 0150513269010930.424880.1960086609 29&type=3
  • MEMES! “I’d Cap That”
  • How can this relate to NGC or Wild?
  • Interesting Sites for Your Perusal• se_b_1505886.html• ng.pdf• tv-obsessed/• perspective.aspx?postDate=634647581400000000••• (fun examples of publicity stunts by Sam Travis Ewen)•