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Lee White Slide Resume

  1. 1. Lee White A Social Media Connecting Social Media Resume to Business 4811 Moriah Hill Rd. Social Media Contact Info: Durham, NC 27707 (919) 280-5925 [W] •LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/leejwhite (919) 402-4355 [H] •Twitter: http://twitter.com/leewhite leewhite.nc@gmail.com •Skype: leewhite.e.quint
  2. 2. Lee White will help your organization. “...creative thinker who enjoys finding new solutions...” “...visionary leadership...” “...with solid implementation skills...” “...can help others identify new opportunities...”
  3. 3. Lee brings: •A history of leading edge results. •A new and insightful approach to solving problems. •A broad range of organizational experience. •A unique set of skills.
  4. 4. Leading Edge Results CRS - A Human Resources IT System. PeopleClick Deployment - Early A data-based web service. Implemented “Software as a Service” (SaaS) system for in 1997 and still in use today at GSK. Recruiting (1999). Discovered the vendor Given the Glaxo Wellcome CEO Award when client/server systems were still for this project. considered state-of-the-art. Marketing Functional Analysis - Used “Idealized Design” model to deliver a change management initiative based on engagement (2006). Yielded a painless rollout. Social Media Education - Opened the door for the use of social media as an accepted strategy at GSK (2007). Hosted BlogCarolinas - Developed, produced and hosted a regional 1-day conference focused on introducing social media to the business community. The event drew 75 attendees (2008).
  5. 5. Eclectic Skill-set Information Sy stem Developm ent Project M anagement Organiz rces ation D an Resou evelopm e nt Hum Proc ess D ia esign ed ia lM S oc
  6. 6. Broad Experience The Early Years Cactus ITT Telecom UNC MBA Medical “Self Employed” Agri-Supply Co. Jan-83 Aug-85 May-87 Aug-88 Jan-90 Aug-93 Oct-87 The Glaxo (Burroughs) Wellcome Years HRIS Analyst HRIS Team Leader HRIS Manager Oct-93 Jan-2000 The GlaxoSmithKline Years, and beyond E Quint Sr. Project Manager Sr. Manager Social Media Dev. Consulting Jan-2000 Jan-2007 Jan-2008 Present
  7. 7. Solid Education UNC - Chapel Hill Masters in Business Administration 1987 North Carolina State University B.S. in Electrical Engineering 1982
  8. 8. The fine print. Work History Founder & Principle Consultant, E Quint Consulting Other Stuff January 2008 Present • Hosted quot;The Connected Enterprise quot; Webinar November 2008 Sr. Manager Social Media Development, GlaxoSmithKline January 2007 December 2007 • Attended Web 2.0 Expo September 2008 Sr. Project Manager, Planning and Project Management, • Attended Enterprise 2.0 Conference June 2008 GlaxoSmithKline / US Pharmaceuticals Division • Hosted quot;Blog Carolinas quot; May 2008 March 2000 – January 2007 RTP, NC • Presented as Panel Member at Office 2.0 Conference 2007 Manager, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. • Participated Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Rave in May 2007 February 1998 – March 2000 RTP, NC • Attended Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 Team Leader HRIS Design Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. • Attended Blog Business Summit 2006 December 1996 – February 1998 RTP, NC • Attended 2005 Pegasus Conference on Systems Thinking HRIS Analyst Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. • Certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. October 1993 – December 1996 RTP, NC • Certified in the use of the “Accelerating Change” model for implementing major change initiatives Director of Personnel / Head of Information Technology Direct Distributors, Inc January 1990 – August 1993 Garner, NC • Recipient of the Glaxo Wellcome CEO Award in September 1997 for the Direct Distributors is a largebox regional retail chain of farm and garden hard goods, original development of the “Compensation Recommendation System” (The dba: AgriSupply Company system remained in use through 2008) • Attended the Center for Creative Leadership’s “Leadership Development Program”, February 1999. Independent Consultant Access IMR September 1988 – December 1989 Durham, NC For more info: Marketing Manager Cactus Medical Group October 1987 – August 1988 Durham, NC Development Engineer ITT Telecom January 1983 – August 1985 Raleigh, NC