Ibm bp enablement guide step 1


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Easy step to step guide, How to work with ibm tools and enablement.

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Ibm bp enablement guide step 1

  1. 1. IBM Business PartnerEnablement GuideStep 1 1
  2. 2. IntroductionThis guide has been produced to enable you to become an IBM Business Partner,you will find overviews, direct links And training resources to help youunderstand IBM.Meet the team: Claire May Sales Manager BPO Channels Phone: 44-2392-283068 EXT: 37543068 Email: George Mullen Business Partner Client Manager North Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37544072 Email: Oliver Hopkins Business Partner Client Manager North Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37544087 Email: Shane Tirvengadum Business Partner Client Manager LSE Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37544042 Email: Lee Wall Business Partner Client Manager NI/Ireland Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37544060 Email: David Simpson Business Partner Client Manager South Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37544362 Email: Julian Perkins Business Partner Client Manager LSE Phone: 44-8705-322223 EXT: 37549517 Email: 2
  3. 3. ContentsDescription PagePartnerworld Registration 4Know Your IBM (KYI) 5Web Syndication For IBM Business Partners 6IBM Pre-Sales Advisor 7Global Partner Portal (GPP) 8 3
  4. 4. PartnerworldOverviewWhen you team with IBM, you are not only better equipped to uncover opportunityand find new avenues of growth, but Also to better satisfy client requirements forinnovative, End-to-end solutions and serve as their trusted, strategic Partner.Joining PartnerWorld gives you access to the resources you need to beginbuilding and selling IBM- Based solutions, products and services. There is nocharge to join. Just accept the PartnerWorld Agreement and you will have easyaccess to valuable benefits, tools and support that can transform yourBusiness, today and tomorrow.When you join PartnerWorld and begin collaborating with IBM, we deliver an arrayof valuable benefits in five key categories:• marketing• selling• technical• training• collaborationThrough PartnerWorld, we can help you promote your offerings and increase yourvisibility to drive demand for your IBM-based solutions. We can deliver trainingand education to help you deepen your skills and consultative capabilities that areCritical in today’s market.To Join Simply click on this link you require support please call (01256) 344500 or email 4
  5. 5. Know Your IBM (KYI)OverviewKnow Your IBM delivers rewards to sellers for both easy-recall, entry-levelmodules and repeated sales successes, through a permission-based, interactive,online enablement program that fosters IBM presence and brand loyalty.It is designed to help you increase your productivity, sales and profit potential.You earn points by successfully completing online training modules to grow yourknowledge of an IBM offering or by recording sales of qualifying products orServices.At any time you can check out our online catalogue and redeem your KYI points atvirtually thousands of merchants worldwide. For added convenience, you can alsoleverage the Know Your IBM concierge service.Getting Started Guide click on the link below: Join Simply click on the link below: the rewards site click this link www.kyirewards.netIf you require support please call (01256) 344500 or email 5
  6. 6. Web Syndication For IBM Business PartnersOverviewEnhance the power of your companys Web site with direct feeds of IBM productand marketing content from, using the IBM Web content syndicationService.Take advantage today of the power of syndication services:• Leverage IBMs Web content on your own Web site with minimal effort• Customized for your Web site to feature only the products and services that you offer.• Available in multiple languages for expanded market reach• Content is updated and refreshed automatically• No ongoing maintenance necessary• Syndication service is free!Turn your Web site into a more robust marketing and sales engine!• Transform your Web site into a powerful tool your sales teams can leverage with prospects and existing clients• Demonstrate your experience, creditability and relationship with IBM Systems, Software and Services• Take advantage of the built-in lead-generation capability• Retain customers and prospects on your Web site at all timesEnrol by clicking the link below: 6
  7. 7. IBM Pre-Sales advisorOverviewWelcome to Pre-Sales Advisor an enablement tool created for IBM BusinessPartners.Pre-Sales Advisor will help you produce quotations for a range of System x andrelated products to send to your customers and your IBM Distributor. UsingPre-Sales Advisor you will be able to check the availability of stock and pricing inthe Distribution Channel of the products you need!Features:• Promotions• Microsoft Add-ins• Build Solutions/Systems• System Advisor• Product Search• Message Centre• Featured Products• Configure Products You Know• Your Solutions• Toolbox• Literature Centre• Multi-lingual SupportTo register please click on this link www.presalesadvisor.comTo learn more or for education & training please click the link below: 7
  8. 8. Global Partner Portal (GPP)OverviewGlobal Partner Portal is an initiative designed to provide Business Partners with asingle place to engage IBM in the sales process, from opportunity identification tofulfilment and incentive payment — and all the steps in between. TheOpportunity Management capability within the Global Partner Portal applicationallows Business Partners to easily create and manage all opportunities.Global Partner Portal Opportunity Management B2BGlobal Partner Portal - OM B2B enables Business Partners to more efficientlyenter and update multiple IBM opportunities in Global Partner Portal - OM. Byexchanging data with your own CRM system (if you have one), all B2B options canreduce the rekeying of information. All options are available to Business Partnersat no charge.To register for GPP please click on the link below: register for GPP OM B2B please click on the link below: learn more or for education & training please click the link below: you require support please call (01256) 344500 or email 8