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This is our pitch for our film, Time's Up.

This is our pitch for our film, Time's Up.

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  • 1. Time’s Up Pitch Lee Stacey, Rachel Lee, India Ghumra
  • 2. LIR Productions (Lee, India, Rachel)
  • 3. The Genre The genre of our film opening is Supernatural Thriller because objects get thrown about. Throughout the opening sequence we have elements of a physcological thriller however it is mostly based on supernatural.
  • 4. The Name We had a couple of ideas for film names. • demonic • Times up We then decided to call the film time’s up. This is because we felt like this title name gave the film suspension and sounds more intriguing.
  • 5. Characters In the opening sequence we had two characters. • The first one being a teenager named India. She is 16 years old and has just finished her GCSE’s. She is a hard working girl, she is known for posting ‘YouTube’ tutorials. • The second character was a teenage boy named lee. He is the same age as India (16 years old) he as well has just finished his GCSE’s. Him and India are best friends. He helps India to produce her ‘YouTube’ videos by doing the filming.
  • 6. The events in our film India is going to do a ‘YouTube’ tutorial of a Ouija Board. However things don’t go to plan. Throughout the time of India doing the board things in the room get knocked down and thrown across the floor. This is the supernatural side of the film. At the end of the film India and only India can hear strange noises in her head, Lee is unable to hear what India is hearing and he thinks she is going crazy and has lost her mind. This is the physiological part.
  • 7. Titles Throughout the opening sequence titles will appear. The titles that we will include are; • Film production name • The main editor • The sound producer • The main characters names
  • 8. Influences One film that has influenced us is ‘Paranormal Activity’. This is because the way we want our movie to be filmed the way paranormal activity was, by holding the cameras our self. So we took the idea for the title sequence, we want to have the titles going through the opening sequence, when the Oujia board is taking place.