Yct mathematics


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Yct mathematics

  1. 1. MathematicsPlaykidsgames.com
  2. 2. The purpose of having this tool by the creator of the tool• To provide a web site that parents and kids can use to learn basic skills while having fun.• It is for children in pre-school up to primary school years.• They want to provide a safe place to learn computer skills, math skills, reading skills and problem solving skills in a context that is fun to use.
  3. 3. Educational values on the tool• This website opens a new world of creative lessons for children.• This software can be used at the child’s own pace regardless of whether at home or in the classroom.• This website can improve the child’s vocabulary, usage of words, spellings, Mathematical and analytical skills.
  4. 4. Usage of the tool in classroom or at home.• Teachers can create their own customised games and classroom page.• All they have to do is login, create a classroom page and add their content.• Their content will automatically show up in games like Pinball, Word Search and Word Scramble.• Even parents, anyone can do it as well.
  5. 5. Suitability for young children• Suitable for children who are ages between 3 to 9.• The children in the kindergarten can play simple games, arts, puzzles and enhancement of memory.• The older children can play much more challenging games, arts, puzzles and be exposed to general knowledge.
  6. 6. Pedagogical approaches• Behaviourism.• The games are mainly drill and practice-based which is aimed towards strengthening the analytical and logical skills of the children.• The games are based on questions and answers.
  7. 7. Curriculum focus area(s)• Math Fact Practice• Space Shuttle Launch!• Save The Math Apples• Seahorse Counting• Robot Calculator• Math Pinball• Math Tunnel Blaster• Calculator Quizzer
  8. 8. Pros and cons about the toolPROS• Most of the games are very good for children to learn.• It has a diverse category of games.• The overall layout of the design is creative.
  9. 9. Pros and cons about the toolCONS• Too much text.• Macromedia Flash is an old system. It will take a longer time to load.• The games section should have a big ‘click to play’ instead of click on the picture or the link to play.• The contrast of the colours for the action buttons are not sharp enough to catch the children’s attention.