You Are A Cultural Agent


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You Are A Cultural Agent

  1. You are aCultural AgentLee-Sean Huang | @leesean |
  2. Lee Sean
  3. SecretAgent
  4. Secret CulturalAgent Agent
  5. 80%of cultural understanding is subconscious Geert Hofstede
  6. “Linking beauty and purposecan create a sense ofcommunal agreement thathelps diminish the sense ofdisorder and incoherence thatlife creates.” Milton Glaser
  7. What?
  8. Culture:the sum of all ofour experiences
  9. Design= applied Art
  10. Design= applied liberal Art
  11. “Own what you can alwayscarry with you; knowlanguages, know countries,know people. Let yourmemory be your bag.”Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  12. “Culture is a toolkit for action.”
  13. Where?
  14. What are the boundaries of design? Charles ! Ray Eames
  15. What are the boundaries of design?What are the boundaries of problems? Charles ! Ray Eames
  16. How do you redesign the user interfaceof civic participation in Rio de Janeiro?
  17. Feedback#FAIL
  18. How do we create a culture of youthcivic and political participation in Rio?
  19. Design Charles ! Ray Eames a plan for arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.
  20. Don’t Lose The BeatHow can we re-arrange the elementsof the New Orleans music economyto produce more resources for artistsin need?
  21. Don’t Lose The BeatHow do we create a culture of carefor musicians in New Orleans?
  22. 1 2 3Storytelling Protocols Artifacts
  23. Our Values We believe that increased participation by youth and members of the emerging middle class in the political process will help bring about greater accountability and transparency. We are non-partisan and independent. We don’t accept money from government or political parties. We believe that the internet can serve as a school for a more robust democracy. We are committed to open source sharing. We value remix and reuse.
  24. Evaluation Principles for Campaign Themes ▢ RIPE ! SALIENT Is the issue in the news/being talked about? Is it something that has strong public support and a groundswell of concern among our target audience? ▢ ACTIONABLE Can Meu Rio or its members “do” something about the issue? Is there a concrete and plausible political, social, or cultural action that can be taken to affect change? ▢ POLITICAL/CULTURAL IMPACT Meu Rio’s goal is to build a more participatory and open political culture in Rio. While not every campaign needs to directly influence the political process, each campaign should have some short, medium, or long term political objective or impact on behavioral/cultural change among the citizens of Rio. ▢ COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE Is this an issue or campaign where Meu Rio can take a leadership role while working with other partner organizations working in the same space? Does Meu Rio have a comparative advantage because of our member base, brand equity, and/or innovative use of technology? ▢ EARNED MEDIA/LIST GROWTH Will running the campaign generate free earned media and/or promote Meu Rio membership growth?
  25. Evaluation Principles for Campaign Tools Tactics ▢ CONNECTIVE Does it relate to existing user behaviors and social dynamics? Does it bring the community tighter together or connect people closer with their decision makers? ▢ PARTICIPATORY Is it open-ended enough to invite participation but guided and usable enough to actually use? ▢ USER SERVICE Does it have a clear theory of change? Does the experience inspire, delight, or motivate users? ▢ SCALABLE Does it “work” (both technologically and compelling for users) for 5 users as well as it does for 5 million)? ▢ REUSABLE Can it be reused/repurposed by Meu Rio for future campaigns and not just a one-off novelty? ▢ HACKABLE Is it open source/open API? Can it be reappropriated by users/hackers in new, exciting, unexpected ways or used by other cities/movements? ▢ AWESOME/INTANGIBLES Is it “magical”? Compelling in an intuitive/emotional way? Does it have that certain “je ne sais quoi”?
  26. 1 2 3Storytelling Protocols ArtifactsWhat is the problem? How do What do you believe in? What Make social objects thatwe work towards a solution? are the rules of engagement? invite participation.
  27. You are aCultural AgentLee-Sean Huang | @leesean |