STATE SCHOOL P&C
                                  Formed February 1953. ...
                 The following positions will be open for election:
                 1. President - preside...
1. Open & Welcome (President)
                        2. Apologies
                              2.1 Amendments to Minutes...
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Epss Aboutus

  1. 1. EVERTON PARK STATE SCHOOL P&C Formed February 1953. Registered under the "Charitable Collections Art of 1952 working together for our Deakin St, EVERTON PARK QLD 4053 children's future ABN: 24 392 685 811 You're Invited! PARENTS, CAREGIVERS AND THE COMMUNITY ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE P&C ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ON MONDAY 22ND FEBRUARY AT 7.30PM (IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY) ABOUT THE P&C In operation for over 50 years, the P&C are a group of volunteer parents, caregivers and community members who meet once-a- month (the 3rd Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the school library) to discuss, decide and act on a range of school issues. The P&C is an incorporated body in accordance with state legislation and each year a new executive is elected. The P&C work hard to supplement the limited funding given to the school each year and plays a vital role in increasing the resources available to EPSS students and staff. All parents & caregivers are invited to attend a P&C meeting and can become members if they choose to. Parents and caregives can also support the P&C by participating in a range of activities throughout the year, including tuckshop, fundraising activities etc. AT THE AGM Each year, the P&C's committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All members step-down and we elect new members on the evening. At the AGM, the members also set the new Family Contribution amount for the following year. Supporting the P&C/ Supporting Kids
  2. 2. OFFICE BEARERS The following positions will be open for election: 1. President - presides at every meeting that s/he is present; is a signatory on all P&C accounts; works with the Principal on implementing decisions/recommendations made by the committee. 2. Vice-President - works with the President and other executive members, supporting and assisting them; fills in for the President when s/he is absent. 3. Treasurer - complies with Accounting Manual for P&C Association; prepares annual budgets afor the P&C;is involved in preparation of the school budget; prepares & presents monthly reports of the P&C financials for each meeting; banks all monies; prepares reports for audit. 4. Correspondence Secretary - collects all correspondence inwards, distributing it to relevant members; & prepares a monthly report. 5. Minutes Secretary - records and distributes minutes for each meeting; retains P&C documents for annual audit. 6. The other important position is the Fundraising Co- ordinator. This person works with the P&C, Principal, staff and parent volunteers to co-ordinate all the fundraising activities for the year. Much of the day-to-day work done by the P&C is undertaken by formally established sub-committees. Each committee has its THE SUB - own executive and has its own monthly meetings, reporting back COMMITTEES to the P&C each month. Current committees are: 1) Uniform & Tuckshop sub-committee - is responsible for employing a Tuckshop convenor; run all operations of the tuckshop & uniform shop (incl. ordering stock, banking monites, preparing reports & budgets, paying wages & long-service leave provision); recommending purchases of assets. 2) Amateur Swimming Club sub committee - is responsible for the running of swimming lessons & weekly club nights during swimming season (incl. ordering stock; banking monies, preparing reports, paying wages and long-service leave provisions); works with the school in maintaining the grounds and refurbishment of the school pool area. 3) Cool Classrooms - is a consultative group meets to research & make recommendations on energy efficient ways of cooling our classrooms. 4) Grounds - is a consultative group that meets to discuss changes to the school buildings and grounds.
  3. 3. 1. Open & Welcome (President) 2. Apologies 2.1 Amendments to Minutes of the Previous AGM (Minutes Secretary) 3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Previous AGM 3.1 Business Arising from the Minutes 4. Financial Reports (Treasurer) 4.1 Receipts and Adoption of Auditor's Report 4.2 Treasurer's Report 6. Receipt and Adoption of the President's Annual Report (President) 7. ALL MEMBERSHIPS LAPSE Everton Park State 8. Applications for Membership School P&C 9. Election of Office Bearers AGM Agenda 9.1 President 9.2 Vice-President 22nd February, 2010 9.3 Treasurer 9.4 Correspondence Secretary 9.5 Minutes Secretary 9.6 Fundraising Convenor 10. Confirmation of continuing sub-committees of the P&C 10.1 Uniform and Tuckshop Sub-Committee 10.2 Amateur Swimming Club Sub-Committee 10.3 Cool Classroom Sub-Committee 10.4 Grounds Committee 11. Confirmation of the budgets of the P&C 12. Other Business 12.1 Family Contribution 2010 MEMBERSHIP FORM (Return to the Office c/- P&C Correspondence Secretary) Name: Address: Phone No: Date of Birth (if no children at the school) Name of Youngest Child at School Class of Youngest Child at School Email Address (to receive minutes from each meeting) Your signature Membership Date ___ / ___ / 2010 ________________________ Approved President's Signature (office use only)