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Your Business objective is to understand advocacy of your key Stakeholders on key material issues in real-time... Augure shows you how this can be made impossible using their enterprise reputation …

Your Business objective is to understand advocacy of your key Stakeholders on key material issues in real-time... Augure shows you how this can be made impossible using their enterprise reputation management solutions.

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  • Thank you for the opportunity to present our solution to the request for proposal for SC’s Public Affairs Stakeholder Engagement Platform.As your Account Director and Vice President Operations of Northern Europe I am responsible for the strategy and operations of the SC worldwide relationship. I am responsible for the global coordination of the project, the validation of the strategic operational decisions and ensuring delivery by the global SC account team. The other Augure team members joining us today is Mathiu Thome, Account Manager France and Julian Madubuko, Senior International Project Manager. Julian will be responsible for the definition of the functional specifications, the completion of the acceptance test plan and the worldwide project implementation. Mathiu is a representative of your global account team. Ossian Roge, VP Business Solutions Worldwide also joins us today. Ossian has personally been responsible for the R&D and development of the Augure Public Affairs platform since its inception. The agenda for our presentation today is as follows:About UsOur ExperienceStakeholder Engagement for Public AffairsOur ApproachDiscussion / Questions
  • Augure is the leader in enabling corporate communication solutions for reputation and media management. We work with boards, management teams, communication professionals and marketing agencies worldwide to manage complex national and global CSR, public affairs, PR and product strategies. We deliver this through an end-to-end portfolio of software, intelligence, tools and consulting services. The result is more consistent, effective and measurable communications programs and initiatives that support Reputation Management.Mission Statement - Augure’s mission is to enable board-level executives and communications professionals to manage more effectively their company’s reputation. To this aim we provide a bespoke communications platform, tailored to maximise the effectiveness of each business unit that has a direct impact on company reputation, in particular Corporate and Product Communications, Investor Relations, Internal Communications and Public Affairs departments.Key Facts: Augure currently manage more than 400 clients around the world whichincludes 12% of the world’s top 100 worldwide brands as measured by Interbrand. Augure are agnostic when it comes to your third party data and monitoring providers – empowering you with a global partner network of best of breed data providers.Augure prideourselves on ourempathy and proactivity in building strongcustomerrelationships. Our annualrenewal rate of 98% demonstratesthat Augure are trusted by the world’slargest brands. We believe that our continuous ability to deliver this success in such a volatile market demonstrates the flexibility of our strategy and its resonance with our growing client base. Hereis a snapshot of ourcustomers. Clients such as General Electric, General Motors, Visa, Nestle, Unilever, Microsoft and Nokia have been won and grown by Augure over the last 8 years. We also provide services to many worldwide non-profit organisations such as the Red Cross, YMCA and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Key FactsFinancially robust with a strong balance sheet and low comparative debt levels to peers.Dedicated strategic support and account teams worldwide to support SC.Continuous stable and respected Management team.Global Partner Network worldwide to enable SC to think global but act locally.
  • At Augure we build strong relationships with our client’s data and media partners to enable our customer communication platforms to be integrated with the desired data feeds from the most relevant, reliable and up to date providers of information. Through this process we have built partnerships with more than 200 partners worldwide. We pride ourselves on being agnostic. Some of our partners include Dods, Dehavillands, ComRes, PR Newswire, Wright Angle Research, Burrows Luce, Press Index, Echo Research and Metrica. Information and Evaluation services are also offered by our Country Intelligence Consultants in Pune, India where press clipping evaluation and data enrichment services are delivered today for clients including Microsoft, BT, Richemont and Nissan in more than 33 languages. This also includes the augmentation of institutional, journalist or NGO contacts in remote countries or regions that are not typically serviced by large data providers.
  • The perceptions of the way SC acts as an organization and how it operates within the context of the issues facing the sector have been quite negative resulting in significant cost increases and prospective loss of competitive advantage.A large difference in market capital vs. reputational capital has led to significant strategic risks in 3 principle areas:ReputationSustainabilityLicense to operate
  • Early Warning Zone:Identify, monitor & select issues for action by probability of occurrence & estimated severity of impactIssue Response Strategy From proactive to interactive to accommodative to reactiveStakeholder Engagement ZoneBroad Communication ZoneTraditional Public Affairs/ Lobbying initiatives to create, change or defeat issue legislation


  • 1. Empowering Public Engagement Presented by: Leesa Fogarty Vice President Industry +44 (0)203 008 8816
  • 2. Today’s Agenda 1. About Us 2. Our Experience 3. Stakeholder Engagement for External Affairs & Sustainability 4. Our Approach 5. Discussion / Questions Stakeholder Engagement Platform 2
  • 3. About Us Global Enterprise Reputation Management Corporate PR and Media Relations, Event Management, Product communications, CSR, Public Affairs, Social Media, Sustainability, Crisis Management, Investor Relations, Reputation Management Industry leader Energy and Mining - Banking and Finance – Luxury - Fashion – Technology – Automotive # 1 Defence – Travel – Media – Pharmaceutical Transport – Professional Services – Aviation Agriculture – Food and Beverage Telecommunications – Government – NGO’s and Charities. Global capability 50 people 450+ clients 4 countries 35 country partner network A blue chip client list 6 of top 10 global brands, 1/3rd top 100 brands, 400+ clients Underwriting communications success… Stakeholder Engagement Platform 3
  • 4. International capability Worldwide network of local partners Appendix Country Intelligence Consultants Best of breed intelligence sources French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Media relations Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Government and institutions German, Italian. Other stakeholders Off line clippings (Print, Radio, TV) On line monitoring (Sites, Blogs, Forums) Stakeholder Engagement Platform 34
  • 5. A renewed focus on the fundamentals – building reputational capital Corporate strategy: Build reputational capital Key Tactics: 1. Effective reputation management 2. Effective stakeholder engagement • Linking company to stakeholder concerns • Consistent through effective Communications • Orchestrated investments • Increased impact The key battle ground – • Proactive issue management stakeholder perceptions Media coverage Investors Government capital leniency Corporation Business NGO/ Opportunity / Risk Employees Activists commitment advocacy Community Customers legitimacy loyalty Stakeholder Engagement Platform 5
  • 6. Proactive management strategies can yield competitive advantage Proactive corporate communications programs Corporate Opportunity 1. Reduce uncertainty in the planning process 2. Select highest impact issues 3. Gain additional lead time Stakeholder and Issue Engagement Lifecycle 4. Transform trends into opportunities 5. Attune to emerging societal expectations Traditional PR Traditional Public Affairs/ Broad Communication Zone Lobbying initiatives Stakeholder Engagement Zone Issue Response Strategy Early Warning Zone Issue Cycle Latent/ emerging Public issue Politicized Legislative/ issue issue Regulatory issue Stakeholder Engagement Platform 6
  • 7. New Challenges, New Solutions Orchestrate Effective Measure Connect to the right National & Global = Communications Stakeholder Audience + Infrastructure Success Communications Identified Proactive engagement Corporate Management Platform Communications Portfolio Enabled teams and Increased impact of Collected processes communication Organized Measurable success Maintained Stakeholder Engagement Platform 7
  • 8. Capacity Building framework Identified Connected Engaged Policy Latest update researc h piece Event invite Happy B-day An ongoing process and  Comprehensive database of Strategic and systematic support for the systematic government, academic, NGO, media stakeholder engagement and identification, collection and and other stakeholders communication to: provision of stakeholder  Customized and segmented by sector, • Educate contacts and networks across role, organization, priority, etc • Inform the world  Custom ‘On-demand’ audience • Motivate collection service • Activate  Automatically refreshed and updated • Maintain Stakeholder Engagement Platform 8
  • 9. Connected to Stakeholders Country Level Stakeholders  Comprehensive existing database of government, academic, NGOs and other stakeholders across India  Will be customized and segmented for your company by role, organization, priority, etc  Custom ‘On-demand’ audience collection service  Automatically refreshed and updated Local Level Stakeholder Engagement Platform 9
  • 10. Engaged with Stakeholders Lates Polic y Educate | Inform | Motivate | Activate | Maintain t upda resea rch Eventpiece te Fast, Personalized mass invite communications Happ y Push Technology, Flexible sending (email, B-day mail, fax, SMS), Mass-customization (names, titles, protocols, etc) Brand, data, issue, Online engagement product, crisis driven platform to pilot outreach communications leveraging: • Trade shows Drives fast, personalized • Opinion Leader mass communications Liaison programs • CSR campaigns & materials Push Technology, flexible • Diamond awareness outreach (email, mail, fax, programs SMS) • Communiqués • Mailings • Road shows (speaker Web based for access tours) anywhere (Perth) • Information meetings • Seminars • 1:1, 1: few meetings Relationship tracking and history Event Management Ex. Speaking Tours, seminars, Key Project / Campaign management Opinion Leader Liaison programs Roles, owners, content, activities, targets, etc Stakeholder Engagement Platform 10
  • 11. Measured Outcomes- 360° program visibility Activities Output Outcomes Execution metrics (coverage of Quality Metrics (quality of the Influence Metrics (contribution of material issues, communications messages/substance of communication to change in perception, received, delivery metrics, timing, communications commitment level, behavior) frequency, channel, preferred Relevance Metrics (relevance, Periodic Measurements ("Pulse" or source) usefulness of communications) "snapshot" measurements, formal assessments) Understanding and optimizing the impact of Campaigns; Monthly, Day to Day Dashboard Categories 1) Elite Audience Profile – Tier, Organization 2) Elite Audience Profile - Topic of Regional Outreach Dashboard Interest Understanding and optimizing resource distribution and 3) Outreach Profile - by Audience, best practice sharing across region Campaign and Program 1) Elite Audience Profile – Tier, Organization 4) Outreach Profile – by Activity 2) Elite Audience Profile - Topic of Interest 3) Outreach Profile - by Audience, Campaign and Program Stakeholder Engagement Platform 11
  • 12. Effective Global Monitoring and Reporting 360° Real Time Reporting Capability Building blocks Stakeholder database Communication Management System Campaign Reporting Reputation Benchmarking • Project Management • Across messages + • Stakeholder Mapping • Across influencers • Activities and outreach Reporting and • Media Integration Dashboard • Countries System Stakeholder Engagement Platform 12
  • 13. Our Experience
  • 14. Business Case Reputation management Solution Scope: Public Relations Investor Relations CSR Campaigns Internal Communications Public Affairs Challenges: Collaboration with global agency network Consistent classification within 15+ markets Local content providers for each market Benefits: Consistent reporting on media & stakeholder engagement Consistent quantitative & qualitative analysis for all markets Consistent visibility on agency activity & results Stakeholder Engagement Platform 9 14
  • 15. Business Case GECO (Global Elite Contact Outreach) Scope: 39 markets (including BRIC, Japan + 6 APAC, Middle East & the US) 157,000 key stakeholders with daily update Global & local sourcing, engagement and reporting Media, Government, NGO, Academics, Think tanks… Challenges: Identify & source key stakeholders in markets with no data providers Identify Child Online Protection stakeholders Provide Microsoft with engagement methodology Benefits: Stakeholder scope X 10 KPI for measuring stakeholder engagement 100% reliable data with 3 levels of SLA Stakeholder Engagement Platform 7 15
  • 16. Business Case Stakeholder Engagement System Scope: HQ + key markets Centralized & local Stakeholder Engagement Platform Offline & Online Reputation Monitoring Challenges: Assist Chief Reputation Officer in new role Compliance with AA1000 Indicators for Impact Analysis Benefits: Increase of 15% favorability on Obesity related subjects for targeted audiences Increase in 20% registered stakeholders to Nestlé CSR events AA1000 & GRI reports completed Stakeholder Engagement Platform 8 16
  • 17. Augure Insights
  • 18. Executive View - ComDecision Stakeholder Engagement Platform 18
  • 19. Reputation Dashboard Stakeholder Engagement Platform 19
  • 20. Real-Time Issues Management Stakeholder Engagement Platform 20
  • 21. Example Issue Management Stakeholder Engagement Platform 21
  • 22. Activity History All distribution lists that contact is included on within the system are noted for the External Affiars team’s information. All events that contact is included on are clearly highlighted within the system and are assigned to issues. All tasks assigned to contact and issue All appointments related to contact are related to internal stakeholder attending and issue. All correspondences related to Drill down into Organisations. Organisations are added and contact such as emails, document defined by the user or would be supplied by 3rd party content provider. distributions, event invites etc. are Examples would be Political Parties, Government Departments, committees etc. attached to the contact – who is linked to the issue. Activity History: • History of all activity related to contact recorded at bottom of contact record. Stakeholder Engagement Platform 22
  • 23. Executive Calendar Diary management for whole team synched with Outlook or Lotus Notes Diary Management: • Manage 1:1 appointments in a centralised and shared environment for the whole team based on user rights management Drill down to specific appointment. Stakeholder Engagement Platform 3 23
  • 24. Real-Time feedback by Blackberry Using an iPhone or Blackberry Executive Ambassadors can login to the Augure application to provide real time feedback on: •Appointments •Contacts •Policy points and detailed briefs Stakeholder Engagement Platform 24
  • 25. Influence Map Select customised report. Select theme Customised report example showing level of advocacy against activity, with the size of bubble relating to number of stakeholders in system Customised Reporting : • Augure can create pre-defined highly customised reports. • Powerful information at the touch of a button unique to URF. • Measure the evolution of opinion of stakeholders. • Identify emerging issues and react with a proactive timely response. Stakeholder Engagement Platform 25
  • 26. Thank you Stakeholder Engagement Platform 26