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  • 1. Objectives
    • We are learning to:
    • Create a selection of logos
    • What I’m looking for:
    • An analysis of existing logos (GOP unit)
    • Create a selection of logos using Office and Graphics packages
    • This is because:
    • You need a logo to go on all of your products (advertising, spreadsheet etc)
  • 2. Write up Research
    • Copy both white slides to your e-portfolio and
    • Add your own notes to them
    • This counts towards your GOP unit (gathering, organising and processing data)
    • You may delete the questions
  • 3. Analyse an Existing Logo Research the logos of existing companies similar to the business you wish to create Close crop a logo out of its surrounding background What are the company colour schemes? What are their logos? Why have they been created the way that they have?
  • 4. Create a Logo for your own business
    • What is your own business called?
    • Eg Creating a rival to Cex called Gex
    • Existing rival company Your new company
  • 5. Logo Using WORD MyBiz
    • Create several new logos for your business
    • Use a text box and try out different:
      • fonts,
      • sizes and
      • colours
    • Create more using Wordart
      • Copy and change colours
      • Distort a copy
    • Do separate letters and then group
    MyBiz MyBiz MyBiz B i z
  • 6. New Logos
  • 7. Logo Created using Graphics Packages
    • Create 1 or more logos using Graphics Packages like
    • Paint, Paintshop Pro or Fireworks
    • Save these in a JPG format to reduce file size
    • Also create logos using
      • Comic life
      • 2DDesign
      • On-line graffiti websites
      • EXT: Animation shop
  • 8. Tasks & Assessment for Learning √ Create logos using graphics packages √ Check completion of tasks and compare with others √ Create logos using office √ Feedback and write up comparison of logos Checks Tasks