Game structure


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Game structure

  1. 1. PLAYERCOMPUTER[GAME]“Interface”Web-browserInputOutputTypes of interfaceWeb-browser
  2. 2. This is an example of a web-browser game, which is called RuneScape. Being a browser-based game it a high part of itʼs success due to the ease of accessibility, since peopledonʼt have to purchase discs or download anything.“It is a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates3D rendering.” & mobile browser-based gameNavigation structureClick on linksThe most used method of navigation in our web-based game is by clicking on links. Byclicking on links, this will transfer you to another page in the game. In my game, and whichwill often be found in others, we have hyperlinked images - these work in the same way asa hyperlink as shown in the image above, but instead of text itʼs an image. When youhover the mouse over the image itʼll display a line of text to show where that link takes you(this would be mainly incase a player canʼt manage to display the image and/or if theydidnʼt understand clearly what the image is).
  3. 3. Here is some links to“Restart” and “Open map”. The restart will take the user all theway back to the start of the game. The Open map button willopen a world-map of the game in a new tab, which is a functionof navigation.In every browser, there are these buttons which are “Back”, “Forward” and “Refresh”. Inmy game, the back button is a way of navigating. The back button will take you back onestep which you were previously at.In other games, this may be disabled so the player cannot return to the previous page.This is RuneScape that uses the same kind offunction. RuneScape uses a button in-game(the globe) which then opens the interactivemap interface in the same page, rather thanopening a new tab. Our map is also notinteractive in the new tab, since itʼs not no waynear as big as RuneScapeʼs game world.
  4. 4. Game controllersIn my game the controller is a computer mouse, this would be by clicking on clicks to get tothe next page. In one point of our game, you use the keyboard to enter your name (whichwill be displayed throughout the game at various points).In other games there will be other controllers used, and maybe even multiple used.Many of the Nintendo Wii games use motion as a control. For example, this tennis gameon the Wii will require you to move the controller as if it were your tennis racket, and itʼll putyour movements into the game.
  5. 5. The benefits of using just mouse and keyboard is that since my game is for computers (onbrowser) everyone will have a mouse and keyboard, it wouldnʼt require the user to buy anyextra accessories. This would mean my audience will stay open wide, rather thanrestricting it.Motion has itʼs benefits of that itʼs more fun, and user-active than using a keyboard andmouse, which a lot of people prefer, and find more engaging. With a lot of driving gameson consoles, you are able to now purchase steering wheels to use as a controller, whichalso gives the player that activity and sense of realism in a game (but that is optional).Games will use voice or touch, which limits the audience since not everyone keeps up-to-date with that high technology, and it tends to be rather expensive.Screen layout “REAL ESTATE”In my game itʼs using Twine, so by default it uses this amount of space on the screen.However you can altar the length your text goes across the screen, but I decided to keep itdefault because I didnʼt want the text in short lines and the page to scroll down becausethis may be daunting for some players as they think it will be a huge amount of text. As aplayer myself, I would prefer a fixed page to see exactly everything in front of me.In other games such as RuneScape, there is settings to use different sizes, this is becausenot everyone has the same screen-size on their computers, and some may not have apowerful enough computer for the screen settings (which enhance the graphic settings bydefault too).
  6. 6. In my game the text is default colour and size because itʼs easy to read on the palebackground. This size is not too bold so it looks like itʼs made for a child, nor is it too smallfor the audience to read.The users will not be able to edit the text themselves because there isnʼt a function in mygame for it. Since that would be much more advanced, and Iʼm unsure whether itʼspossible in Twine.If I was to make my game for a wide audience, and try to make it viral, I would definitelyconsider adding a function to allow players to change this. The reasons this would beimportant is because people may have issues reading certain texts, and may need bold,bigger, or even different coloured fonts to see it. It would also add to the interactivity of thegame, and different things suit different people.In RuneScape you are able to change the colour of fonts in certain situations - In the ClanChat, Friends chat and Private Chat you are able to change the colour to suit you.
  7. 7. This is the function to allow players to change thecolour of the text in several chats. This helps forsome players because itʼs often difficult to read acertain colour.It also adds an appeal toplayers since it makes it abit more fancy and creative.The images in my game are of a reasonable size - big enough to see, but not running offthe page. In my game itʼs not possible to rescale them as a player, because the samereason as the text.But also, some players would find a function to edit this very helpful, incase they havetrouble seeing it. They may also want to look closer on a bigger image to see the detailsmore clearly, or even find a large image distracting and getting in the way.This is a section in thegame I have differentcoloured text to make itclear. This was alsomore of a functiontelling the player whatequipment they pickedup, rather than tellingstoryline - so the colouremphasized that.