DHL Express 2011


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Company Overview

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DHL Express 2011

  1. 1. Our two strong pillars Deutsche Post – the highly successful mail business and global benchmark for technology and efficiency, laid the foundations for international expansion. DHL represents the broad portfolio of logistics businesses and comprehensive DHL international footprint, also stands for the rewarding growth opportunities of the global logistics industry. The logistics company for the World The post service for Germany One company with two powerful brands under one roof
  2. 2. Business units within DPDHL Express Mail Supply chain/CIS Forwarding/freight
  3. 3. Key milestones 1969 1974 1998 1970 1990 2002 2003 1977 2005 2009 The idea: delivering shipping documents to customs offices by air before the freight arrives by sea Deutsche Post acquires 100% of Danzas Group Start of European expansion Alliance formed with Lufthansa, JAL and Nissho Iwai Deutsche Post acquires 100% of DHL DHL launches parcel service Deutsche Post acquires 100% of Airborne First shipping docs trans- ported from San Francisco to Honolulu Start of Asia Pacific expansion Deutsche Post acquires 100% of Exel plc. DP World Net changes name to DPDHL
  4. 4. 2009 TDI market value per region 0 FedEx UPS TNT Others DHL 25% 15% 10% 10% 40% 45% 25% 10% 10% 10% 30% 20% 35% 5% 10% Americas Europe EEMEA Asia Pacific DHL a strong leader in Europe, EMEA & Asia 5% 25% 60% 15%
  5. 5. Undisputed market leadership in figures 100,000 shipments in/out per day 55+ million shipments/year 46+ million shipments/year 168+ million shipments/year 300+ million shipments/year 4,000+ employees 12,000+ employees 11,000+ employees 30,000+ employees 43,000+ employees 5,000 touch points 50 countries (Latin America, Canada, Caribbean) 89 countries 41 countries/ territories 42 countries/ territories 115 facilities (approximate) 656 facilities (approximate) 285 facilities (approximate) 1,015 facilities (approximate) 390+ service centers 84 international gateways Asia Pacific Americas EEMEA Europe USA DHL Express Americas DHL Express APEM DHL Express Europe
  6. 6. Market leadership Employees: 6,000+ Employees: 1,500+ Employees: 2,400+ Employees: 900+ Servicing 401 cities, 95% of GDP 21,200 Blue Dart locations covering 400 cities and towns Servicing 84 regions 99% of GDP Servicing 1,500+ cities 90% of GDP Established 1980 Established 1979 Established 1984 Established 1978 Domestic and international express market leader Premier air domestic and international express m arket leader Domestic/international express market leader Enhanced network connection to Europe SME market leader DOC market leader 2 nd in non-DOC market Russia China India Brazil Strong local coverage in emerging markets
  7. 7. The logistics company for the world We are conducting business according to our values everyday, and are committed to using international expertise and world-class service to ensure our customer’s success. Global expertise “ No one knows the world like we do.” Service excellence “ The relentless pursuit of service quality is in our DNA.” International focus “ International isn’t just part of our business. It is our business.” Your specialist in international Your specialist in international
  8. 8. Global expertise Worldwide reach gets us to every corner of the globe The world’s largest express global delivery provider Delivering to 220+ countries and territories and 120,000 destinations Pioneers of the international express delivery industry Over 40 years of international shipping experience and expertise Impeccable local knowledge speeds the process Understanding/knowledge of country processes, local customs/cultures 300,000+ employees in 220 countries/territories speaking 100 languages Best possible delivery times Market leader combining agility and power Extensive transit options, dozens of major hubs in every world region Enhanced service along transatlantic routes Industry-leading pick-up and delivery times in most global locations “ No one knows the world like we do.”
  9. 9. Global DHL Express network Speed and reliability throughout the world Lines on map do not include weekend, one-off or special routings. LEJ CVG EMA BRU LOS BAH DEL LAX DXB HKG SIN ANC ICN HKG BKK PVG JFK PVG ICN CVG ANC LAX
  10. 10. Service excellence World class service that makes a world of difference 6 cutting-edge quality control centers around the world State-of-the-art monitoring systems with 90,000 daily global checkpoints Real-time management from pickup to delivery in a flexible network Packages clear customs while still in the air Specialist knowledge across all business sectors allows industry specific solutions In-house customs with own brokers providing seamless, interruption-free clearance Clients work directly with sales and operations to develop solutions “ The relentless pursuit of service quality is in our DNA.”
  11. 11. International Focus Our huge network doesn’t just speak volumes, it delivers them 220 countries/territories, 72,000 vehicles, 300,000 employees worldwide Network reconfigured in 2009 to reflect our international focus 46 state-of-the-art hubs, expanded global air network partnerships Continuous investment in cutting-edge technology for hubs/facilities DHL Innovation Center is developing solutions for a faster, more flexible and environmentally friendly shipping experience “ International isn’t just part of our business. It is our business.”
  12. 12. Your specialist in international Or culture welcomes innovative thinking and we apply that ability to helping clients meet logistical challenges International expertise with a consultative approach – DHL is the most engaged, dependable, knowledgeable and helpful workforce in the industry Our business philosophy and staff attitude in two words: “Can Do” “ In the end, it’s all about you.”
  13. 13. Business units and key figures Express Mail Forwarding/freight Supply chain/CIS Revenue Business model EUR 12,507 million No. 1 in contract logistics solutions globally EUR 10,312 million No. 1 in international Express transport globally EUR 10,870 million No. 1 air freight forwarder globally No. 1 ocean freight forwarder globally EUR 13,684 million Largest postal operator in Europe Customer or industry-specific solutions Warehousing and transport management Standardized, scheduled network Self-operated infrastructure Door-to-door capability globally Trading in transport services to provide customer with seamless solutions for his specific needs Standardized, scheduled network with door-to-door capability Germany Customer/market-specific networks outside of Germany Approx. 23m square meters in 2,400 warehouses under management Over 120,000 staff 1 More than 30,000 Touch points Approx 100,000 staff¹ Approx 970 terminals, warehouses and offices worldwide Approx 40,000 staff 1 82 mail/33 parcel sorting centers in Germany 180,000 staff 1 Platform
  14. 14. A uniformed product portfolio for our global network DHL EASY SHOP DHL ECONOMY SELECT DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS DHL EXPRESS 9:00 DHL EXPRESS 10:30 DHL EXPRESS 12:00 DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE DHL EXPRESS ENVELOPE DHL EXPRESS EASY DHL BREAK BULK EXPRESS DHL MEDICAL EXPRESS DHL COLLECT & RETURN DHL IMPORT EXPRESS FLEX DHL SAME DAY DHL JETLINE DHL SPRINTLINE DHL SECURELINE Time Definite Day Definite Products Same Day Enhanced products Optional services Customs services Logistics services Global trade services The global product and service portfolio 2010
  15. 15. Strategy 2015 Simplifying services Sustainable solutions Our guiding principle Our purpose The logistics company for the World The postal service for Germany Respect Results Our customer promise How we achieve becoming the logistics company for the world
  16. 16. Strategy 2015 Significant improvement of customer satisfaction already achieved Significant cash flow improvement Major improvement of employee satisfaction in large parts of the organization Successful initiatives Clear commitment to improvement of CO 2 emissions
  17. 17. Strategy 2015 First Choice will drive change in the way DPDHL operates its business The Group is fully committed to create higher customer loyalty and grow business with customers Collaboration of the employees will be fostered to create higher value for customers Drive customer loyalty Our aim is to increase customer loyalty by implementing a measurable, sustainable improvement to the way customers experience our services and First Choice is our key platform for this change First Choice is about understanding customer expectations and our performance gaps through customer intelligence First Choice is about enabling and empowering employees to streamline processes at specific touch points according to customer needs First Choice is about achieving process excellence through the application of a consistent methodology based on DMAIC* First Choice will help us create value for customers by delivering services that simplify their business Employee engagement Process excellence Customer Loyalty First Choice for our customers
  18. 18. Strategy 2015 Carbon efficiency covering emissions from our own and subcontracted operations -10% 2012 -30% 2020 In our mission to do business in a sustainable manner, our GoGreen program aims at reducing the impact on the environment by: Increasing our carbon efficiency primarily in the areas of air and road transportation, real estate and providing customers with GOGREEN shipping service, which provides the option to offset carbon outputs Upgrading to a more fuel efficient fleet of vehicles and aircraft Implementing design and operational changes in our facilities to increase the use of energy from renewable sources Our goal is to change our ways and make transport of goods more climate-friendly To meet our goals, we set a specific and quantifiable target for improvement in our global CO2 efficiency Our global environmental commitment is recognized by Climate Counts*, which placed DHL well ahead in the logistics industry in their environmental scoreboard Our sustainable approach for the future
  19. 19. Why choose DHL Express to and from the USA? We're committed to using our international expertise and world-class service to ensure our customers’ success.
  20. 20. When you need a systemized door-to-door delivery by a pre-selected time – overnight or on the next possible business day – choose time definite services We have the strongest global network to help you reach your customers faster Track your shipment online in real time for ultimate peace of mind We are flexible and reliable, giving you the service you need, when and where you want it Time Definite Export Services When you need reliability, we are right on time
  21. 21. Coverage To Countries Where You Need It North America Africa Europe Middle East Asia Pacific South America 18 6 10 30 20 3
  22. 22. DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE * For shipments within the EU - subject to terms & conditions Global reach with dependable reliability Ideal for time-sensitive shipments Global coverage Reach all partners and colleagues around the world We take all the hassle away You’re informed at every stage of the journey No hidden costs Enhance your reputation Express door-to-door deliveries End of day delivery promise Over 220 countries and territories Documents and non-documents Unparalleled customs expertise On-line, real time tracking One simple price for door-to-door delivery Full money-back guarantee* Optional services available
  23. 23. Upfront door-to-door pricing - no hidden costs A choice of delivery times - 9:00, 12:00, end of day A single invoice in your home currency - no currency fluctuations, simple accounting One account number gives you global reach and full control of your budget A single point of contact Time Definite Import Services One company, one currency, one invoice
  24. 24. Reliable And Convenient DHL Economy Select Benefits to you, every day The ideal day certain solution Perfect for less urgent and heavier shipments Convenient door-to-door service Coverage of 30+ countries on European continent Late pick-up and early delivery times Online, real-time tracking Simple administration and paperwork with a single invoice Complete control over your deliveries and shipping costs Reliability and convenience of one company from pick-up to delivery Truly comprehensive coverage Unbeatable number of direct road linehaul connections Flexibility to respond quickly to end customer requests Full end-to-end visibility Your shipment is in safe hands
  25. 25. Unmatched Presence In Europe Extensive coverage 30+ countries and territories on the European continent with a constantly expanding coverage Dense network – over 250 international road connections Over 75 international gateways Countries served Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom DHL ECONOMY SELECT coverage
  26. 26. Truly International Shipping Routing Your shipments are routed through strategic gateways and lanes to ensure consistent transit times The entire Day Definite network maintains the same high-quality performance standards You can track and trace your shipments through to delivery Example: International Day Definite routing from the UK
  27. 27. Reliability From Pick Up To Delivery We are not using partners or agents for the pick-ups or deliveries, so you can be sure that all your shipments are handled by DHL Express from start to finish