Digital Media Summit 2010


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The Digital Media MBA Summit is a collaborative annual summit organised by MBA students from Judge Business School (Cambridge), Manchester Business School and Said Business School (Oxford).
This year the summit will be held on 7th of May in London.

The mainstream phenomenon of Social Media looks set to radically change the way businesses communicate. With corporations, global brands, governments, and newspapers embracing blogs and Twitter feeds as key elements in their communication strategies, Social Media is definitely no longer a fad.

The Digital Media MBA Summit 2010 will bring together industry experts from around the world to share their knowledge on this area and also explore interesting case studies. The conference aims to address core issues such as monetization, future technologies/services, engaging social groups with brands and how businesses can get the most out of social and business networks.

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Digital Media Summit 2010

  1. 1. Digital Media MBA Summit 2010
  2. 2. 1 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 The Digital Media MBA Summit is a collaborative annual summit organised by MBA students from Judge Business School (Cambridge), Manchester Business School and Said Business School (Oxford). This year the summit will be held on 7th of May in London. The mainstream phenomenon of Social Media looks set to radically change the way businesses communicate. With corporations, global brands, governments, and newspapers embracing blogs and Twitter feeds as key elements in their communication strategies, Social Media is definitely no longer a fad. The Digital Media MBA Summit 2010 will bring together industry experts from around the world to share their knowledge on this area and also explore interesting case studies. The conference aims to address core issues such as monetization, future technologies/services, engaging social groups with brands and how businesses can get the most out of social and business networks.
  3. 3. 2 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 some of the brands represented
  4. 4. 3 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 speaker profiles
  5. 5. 4 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Henry Juszkiewicz Chairman and CEO, Gibson Guitar Corp Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., grew up in Rochester, NY. He enrolled at the General Motors Institute in Flint, MI, a five year co-op engineering college. He worked his way through school playing guitar - a Gibson, of course - in various rock bands playing for parties and weddings. After graduating with honors, he worked at Delco Products for two years as product manager while studying for an MBA in night school at the University of Rochester. He completed his MBA at Harvard University on a General Motors Fellowship. Juszkiewicz then joined the New York firm of Neiderhoffer, Cross and Zeckhauser, Inc., where he rose to the position of executive vice president of mergers and acquisitions. He left the firm in 1981 and, with two former Harvard classmates (David Berryman and Gary Zebrowski), acquired Phi Technologies of Oklahoma City.. In 1986, Juszkiewicz and his partners acquired the faltering Gibson guitar operation from the Norlin corporation. Juszkiewicz's aggressive management style again effected an immediate turnaround, and Gibson became profitable within a month's time. Refocusing the company on achieving the highest possible standards of quality and customer service, he drove Gibson from the brink of closing to a company that has regained worldwide respect with annual average growth of 20 percent over the last decade. Juszkiewicz is a committed supporter of conservation. A member of the Society of International Business Fellows and others, Juszkiewicz continues his commitment to a better world through his active participation in organizations such as Nordoff-Robbins, which provides music therapy for severely handicapped children, to the T.J. Martell Fund for Leukemia Research, The Environmental Defense Fund, Teenage Cancer Trust and leads numerous philanthropic endeavors under the Gibson Foundation banner. He is a board member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, a board member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and a board member of the We Are Family Foundation. Henry Juszkiewicz resides with his wife and children in Nashville.
  6. 6. 5 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Bruce Daisley Leader, YouTube and Display at Google Bruce is incredibly lucky that he's managed to work in areas close to his passions. His first love - radio - led him to spend his first 8 years of his career working selling the original wireless at both Capital and Emap Radio. After radio his intention to transition to work on his next passion - sitcoms - was shot down in flames. Everything he wrote was 'criminally overlooked' (his view at the time) or 'criminally bad' (a more recent reflection). His subsequent media career involved a long spell running Emap's online business. He joined Google in 2008, moving to YouTube in October 2009 - another of his passions. Bruce describes YouTube as one of the 'seven wonders of the web'. He's not quite sure what the other 6 are. He is a Brummie, an unimpressive runner and never tans in the sun. Peter Crosby COO, Europe, Viadeo Pete joined Viadeo in 2008 as Director of the UK and Irish subsidiaries. He is now COO for Europe and is responsible for European business development, sales & marketing. Prior to Viadeo Peter worked for online publisher & software specialist j4b. With a background in sales, he conceived & grew j4b’s advertising, software & white label businesses. In 2006, he relocated to the States & built j4b’s US business in Boston. Pete lives with his family in North Wales and plays the guitar very loudly & very badly.
  7. 7. 6 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Tim Barker Senior Director of EMEA Product Marketing, As Senior Director of EMEA Product Marketing at, Tim Barker has shaped and proven his profile as accomplished product manager, product marketer, entrepreneur as well as passionate advocate and spokesperson for enterprise cloud computing. Barker joined in 2007 with the acquisition of the SaaS Content Management company, Koral, which he co-founded. During the acquisition, he successfully led the integration of Koral into the platform and launched the application now known as Salesforce Content. Barker has more than 17 years of experience in product marketing and management within the enterprise software and services sector with companies such as EMC Documentum and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He has founded three successful software companies as well as spent time as an Entrepreneur In Residence at Benchmark Capital, where he focused on helping evaluate and create start-ups. Kevin Bell Head of Business Innovation and Development, BT Kevin is responsible for identifying new business ventures for BT. Prior to this he was head of product management for BT Vision where he led the development of the product from concept to launch and then inlife. He has provided product input into Project Canvas. Previous to this he was responsible for ecommerce for BT Openworld (BT's ISP portal) and managed the portals content channels.
  8. 8. 7 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Faisal Galaria Global Head of Business Development, Spotify Faisal Galaria is Global Head of Business Development at Spotify. Faisal has an outstanding brand building track record with sales, marketing and corporate development experience across media, internet and telecoms sectors. Previously Faisal was the International Managing Director of the online travel meta search engine. He was responsible for expanding the service to nine countries and propelled it to become the second largest travel search engine in the UK in less than one year. Previously Faisal built an online international festival film company and was Director of Europe at Skype, which was acquired by eBay for $3 billion in 2005. At Skype/eBay, he was responsible for key partnerships across the US, Europe the Middle East, with companies such as Sony, Bebo, HP, Dixons and McAfee. Following Skype’s investment in FON, he became Vice President of Global Business Development and was responsible for partnerships with BT in the UK and Time Warner in the USA. Paul Taylor Co-Founder, 6Consulting Marketing Director at one of the UK’s leading IP video and Telepresence systems integrators, Paul has a process improvement management consultancy background and holds a Masters Degree in Marketing. Paul has extensive experience implementing social media monitoring programmes within leading corporate organisations including Kellogg's, Dyson,, Smart, Jobsite and Sophos. The company he co-founded, 6Consulting, provide service and consultancy around the Radian6 monitoring software to a range of digital marketing and PR agencies.
  9. 9. 8 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Clive Gardiner SVP Digital Music, we7 Clive puts the musical heart and soul into we7, drawing upon more than 20 years experience in building ‘best- of-class’, propositions in digital, entertainment media and fmcg. we7 is now the UK's #1 most accessed music website according to page views (source : Hitwise) . With 2000% growth since UK launch in Nov 2008, we7 now has 3 million unique visitors per month playing music via we7's website & widgets. Adept at balancing commercial and creative considerations, and with specialist knowledge in management, marketing and business development, Clive is responsible for we7’s music strategy, industry reputation and customer face including licensing, label relations, music programming and all on-site marketing & promotions including editorial and media syndication. Acknowledged as a leading figure and expert in digital music, Clive’s executive career has included regional business development roles in Europe and Asia, 3 Managing Director positions and 6 years at Board level with assignments for Pioneer, Bertlesmann Music Group and Cafedirect. MB Christie Head of Product Management, MB joined in January 2007 as Head of Product Management. She manages the online product team that handles all of the Financial Times’ digital media; including the core website, interactive markets data features, blogs, and search. Previous to her work at the FT, MB was Head of Product Development at, the UK’s largest property website. Prior to that, she was Product Development Director for QXL Ricardo PLC, a leading online auction website in Europe. In 1991, Christie founded Resources, the first phone directory published in post-communist Czechoslovakia. She remained President of the company until 1999.
  10. 10. 9 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Simon McDermott Founder, New Media Cloud I’m Simon McDermott. I am a new media entrepreneur but have previously cut my teeth in sales with Cisco and Intel. I started listening technology company Attentio with Per in 2004 and am now a director there. I recently founded New Media Cloud (, a company that helps major brands leverage, measure, and understand new media such as social media. Basically I help companies listen better and be more responsive to customers. I also a director of Jam Publishing and 365Research and am an expert for Fast Track Funding Flanders, helping start ups to build their business plans. You can follow me on twitter @simonmc Umair Haque Director, Havas Media Lab Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab, a new kind of strategic advisor that helps investors, entrepreneurs, and firms experiment with, craft, and drive radical management, business model, and strategic innovation. Prior to Havas, Haque founded Bubblegeneration, an agenda-setting advisory boutique that helped shape the strategies of investors, entrepreneurs, and blue chip companies across media and consumer industries. Bubblegeneration's work has been recognized by publications like Wired, The Red Herring, Business 2.0, and BusinessWeek, and in Chris Anderson's Long Tail, to which he was a contributor.
  11. 11. 10 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Dave Marutiak User Community Ambassador, Vodafone Dave is the User Community Ambassador for Vodafone Internet Services, and is currently responsible for identifying and engaging influencers in the various communities that we build around the Vodafone 360 products and services. Our community support begins prior to launch, with a large and diverse beta testing organization spread across the Vodafone operating companies. The application developer community is another key one that we support, both prior to and after a launch. Finally, the most important community is that of existing and potential customers – often led by the technical and business leaders represented in both conventional and new social media. Dave is active on twitter and can be reached there via @marutiak. Dean Donaldson Director of Digital Experience, Eyeblaster Scuba-diving Brit and world-renowned digital conspirator, Dean Donaldson is the Director of Digital Experience and responsible for Eyeblaster’s global evangelism. He is best known for utilizing the true potential of advertising technology. With more than 20 years of advertising and digital experience, Dean is passionate about how creative technology is combined with brand messages to engage consumers. He is a recognized expert at navigating through the maze of emerging media, telling stories about how digital has shifted consumer behavior, moving from direct mail to Twitter, through QR codes on mobile phones to RFID interactive screens and onto IPTV and ePaper.
  12. 12. 11 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Laurence Parks Head of Digital Strategy, WCRS After 7 years as an advertising strategist on some of the UK’s biggest brands (including The Economist, Marmite, Reuters, Sainsbury’s, Audi, Robinsons) Laurence specialised in digital media. For the last 3 years he has been Head of Digital Strategy at WCRS (a Top 10 UK ad agency). Here he has run digital marketing campaigns for Weetabix, Transport for London, The Sun and many more. The TfL Cycling Safety viral campaign (which Laurence spearheaded) won a host of creative and effectiveness awards. He regularly gets asked to speak at digital marketing conferences including those at NESTA and the Media Trust. John V Willshire Head of Innovation, PHD John has been Head of Innovation at communications agency PHD for three years, a role which is defined in an HR drawer somewhere as 'the creation and cultivation of ideas through the study of technological, social and cultural trends'. A somewhat easier to remember definition would be 'making things much, much better', for lovely people like Cadbury's, The Guardian and Simple. He occasionally writes interesting things at, and more frequently expresses delight, joy and frustration on twitter @willsh.
  13. 13. 12 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Robin Hamman Senior Social Media Consultant, Headshift Robin is leading the Social Media team at Headshift. He has ten years experience of dreaming up, implementing and managing social media projects. Robin recently left the BBC after six years as Senior Community Producer, having taught his former colleagues how to use social media to engage with, and reach out to new audiences. Robin's role as the BBC's defacto social media guru sent him to all corners of the organisation and, most recently, he was the editorial and technical lead for the BBC's network of 50+ programme and presenter blogs. Robin has also gained experience working as an Executive Producer at Granada Television, where he spearheaded strategic social media consulting and new service launches for third party clients including the British Council, several premier league football clubs, the DfES and others. Prior to that, Robin was Community Evangelist for a wireless start-up with a penchant for creating trendy sounding roles. James Whatley Director of Engagement Strategy, 1000heads James Whatley is Director of Engagement Strategy for 1000heads, the word of mouth people, where his goal is to constantly define and refine the way in which brands - such as Nokia, Canon and Cancer Research UK - to interact with their biggest advocates, as well as staunchest detractors. He was Lucozode’s Social Media Reporter for 2009’s Energy Challenges, and prior to that, Head of Digital and Social Media at voice-to-text company, SpinVox. In 2006, he was Customer Champion and one of the founding members of mobile web service, Mippin (formerly Refresh Mobile). James was one of the lead contributors to The Mobile Industry Review, co-founded The Really Mobile Project, and formed The Mobile Geeks of London networking group.
  14. 14. 13 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Oscar Ugaz Manager of Digital Business , Real Madrid C.F. Oscar Ugaz is Manager of Digital Business at Real Madrid C.F. He is in charge of the ecommerce business, virtual economy assets, the commercial strategy of worldwide portals and the social media strategy of the Club. A former advertising executive, his career began in 1995 at Young & Rubicam where he was account director for Citibank, Colgate Palmolive, Diners Club International, Ericsson Mobile Phone and United Airlines. In 2001, he became director of strategy and new business at PMIWW – Tribal DDB Needham, an interactive agency with headquarters in Lima, Peru. His work focused on developing online strategies and implement Internet and new media projects for BBVA, Nextel, SABMiller, Telefonica and Toyota Motor Company. In 2006, PMIWW began its process of expansion opening offices in Madrid. Ugaz, has been director of the Madrid office since then. Adam Fletcher Founder, The Hipstery Adam Fletcher is the founder of the innovative mystery product service The Hipstery, which works tirelessly to liberate its customers from "the burden of choice". He lives in Berlin and has been active in the areas of Crowdsourcing and Social Media since 2005 when he published his dissertation on the community of Threadless. Prior to founding the Hipstery, Fletcher worked for Microsoft in the UK, Spreadshirt in Germany and Sprite Software in New Zealand.
  15. 15. 14 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 Alan Moore Founder SMLXL, Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger Alan is an author of several books including, Communities Dominate Brands: Business and Marketing Challenges for the 21st Century. Amongst other plaudits Communities Dominate Brands has been described as prescient. He is recognised as a great distiller of complex arguments into their most salient points, who can take concepts from many sources and find the previously hidden relationship between them. He has a firm grasp of the changes which are reshaping our world. With his insight on the interlocking trends of; media, culture, communication and commerce, Alan enables companies to develop winning strategies for how businesses and organisations can succeed in the early 21st Century. In 2008 Alan was commissioned by Microsoft to write a paper on the potential and the possibilities of the “Mobile Society” - The Glittering Allure of the Mobile Society. Alan is currently working on his next project: No Straight Lines : Advanced living for the networked society. A project that investigates the complex and interwoven relationship between: people, identity, communications technology, commerce and society and looks at its implications.
  16. 16. 15 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 eventagenda ** Includes catering throughout the day , one hour of drinks reception & networking
  17. 17. 16 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 8:30 – 9:30 AM Introduction Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 9:30 – 10:30 AM 10:45 – 12:30 PM 1:30 – 3:00 PM 3:30– 5:00 PM 5:00 – 7:00 PM Drinks and Networking
  18. 18. 17 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 8:30 – 9:00 Registration  Help participant register for the event, hand out event agenda, flyers, notepads, pens and name badges. 9:00 – 9:30 Keynote  Keynote speaker will help the audience understand the importance of social media as an evolving business tool by sharing personal experiences
  19. 19. 18 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 9:30 – 10:00 Social Media Developments in the past year  Platforms, facts and figures of social media networks, including consumer purchases and advertising revenues  The death of RSS and the importance of real time feed  The growth of mobile Social Networking, social TV and enterprise social media.  What are the changing facets elements of Social Media engagement? Speaker – Key personnel from Twitter/Facebook/TechCrunch 10:00 – 10:30 Panel:The changing role of Social Networking as an influencer of worldwide media  Defining Social Media in the next 5 to 10 years  The impact of social tools on global media and future social engagement 10:30 – 10:45 Morning Breakfast
  20. 20. 19 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 1:30 – 2:30 Digital strategies in Social Media to power global initiatives Building brand loyalty via online Social Networking  Examining the benefits of setting up your own Social Network  How connecting runners around the world has increased brand loyalty  Combining new tools and technologies with Social Networking and using this to gather detailed user information 2:30 – 3:00 Panel : Practical tips to launching and building your own Social Network  How to build your own social network supporting your brand?  Software considerations when choosing a Social Network platform 3:00 – 3:30 Afternoon Break
  21. 21. 20 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 3:30 – 4:30 The power of niche Social Networking sites – can they compete?  Enhancing communications by having a common activity or hobby  Challenges of monetizing niche Social Networking sites  Are users likely to join these sites as well as more mainstream sites such as Facebook and MySpace? 4:30 – 5:00 Panel: Monetizing social games & virtual currency  What is the market for virtual goods and services?  Challenges of monetizing games – delivering revenues from virtual currency 5:00 – 7:00 Drinks and Networking
  22. 22. 21 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 the Venue Vinopolis In the heart of Bankside, London just a few minutes from Tate Modern and Borough Market
  23. 23. 22 | DigitalMedia Summit 2010 We cordially invite you to attend this event. It presents an excellent scope for knowledge exchange and you would indeed find some of the discussions, thought provoking and intriguing Please register at