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Ark Group Social Media - June 2007

Ark Group Social Media - June 2007



Two-day training course run on behalf of Ark Group.

Two-day training course run on behalf of Ark Group.

Movies played in the original presentation are not included in this one, nor in the download pdf.



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    Ark Group Social Media - June 2007 Ark Group Social Media - June 2007 Presentation Transcript

    • Advanced communication strategies and tools Lee Hopkins
    • G’day
    • It’s the dreaded “first” session...
    • Where if you are unlucky you get to ‘break the ice’
    • First.
    • But to help you, I’ll go first.
    • I’ll pick someone so you don’t have to volunteer.
    • I’m nice like that.
    • I don’t even know why I am here…
    • I’m not a traditional ‘training’ person.
    • I’m a ‘conversationalist’ …
    • …a Web2.0 evangelist.
    • I know how to start online conversations.
    • You will, too, by the end of tomorrow
    • Have any of you heard of MySpace?
    • You might be interested to watch this, then
    • Web2.0 What is ‘Social Media’? Definitions?
    • Web2.0 What is ‘Social Media’? Wikipedia: the online technologies and practices that people share opinions, insights, use to experiences, and perspectives with each other
    • “!” Things that make you go hmmm… Scoble: The best way to understand a new media is to compare it to what’s come before. So, what kind of media do you have lying around your house?
    • “!” Things that make you go hmmm… Newspapers. CDs. Magazines. DVDs. Television. A box of photos. Radio. Paper mail and catalogs. Books. Yellow Pages.
    • 9 1/9 can’t be changed. The media before A newspaper can’t magically change its stories, even if society decides something in them is incorrect. updated for all readers My blog can be nearly instantly if someone demonstrates that I was wrong on a post.
    • 9 2/9 interact with my blog. You can You can leave a comment. Call me an arsehole.
    • 9 3/9 popularityof You can get some sense of the my stuff in real time. •Digg •TechMeme •Wordpress stats
    • 9 4/9 With “social media” you can look at my archives and see all posts. Try doing that with a newspaper!
    • 9 5/9 mix media. Here on my blog I can text, audio, video, A post could contain photos. Not so on newspaper or magazines or
    • 9 6/9 Here on my blog I don’t need to convince a committeeto publish. Not true with other media forms. Imagine you walked into CNN and said “hey, I have some can you publish it?” cool video,
    • 9 7/9 infinite. Social media is YouTube There are more videos published on per day than all the networks combined can publish. 40,000 Try to convince a newspaper to publish a 500articles on the same topic. word article, or,
    • 9 8/9 syndicatable and The new media is linkable and easily reused. Copy a sentence out of my post, paste it into your own blog, and say something about what I just said.
    • 9 9/9 mashed up with data The new media can be from other services. Amazon Widgets Adverts Uncontrolled http://scobleizer.com/2007/02/16/what-is-social-media/
    • RSS, XML, WTF? Geek talk RSS = Really Simple Syndication  XML = eXtensible Markup Language  WTF = What The F@#K?  The terms and letters are not important!
    • “!” Digital immigrant – digital native “most important source of news for all individuals polled …less than 54 years of age” OPA, 2004
    • online Where are they going? Hitwise google.com.au youtube.com March 2007 1. 11. google.com bom.gov.au 2. 12. hotmail.com yahoo.com 3. 13. ninemsn.com.au mail.yahoo.com.au 4. 14. myspace.com images.google.com.au 5. 15. ebay.com.au netbank.commbank.com.au 6. 16. au.yahoo.com gmail.com 7. 17. mail.myspace.com mail.yahoo.com 8. 18. wikipedia.org smh.com.au 9. 19. msn.com news.ninemsn.com.au 10. 20.
    • online Who’s clicking who? Builders: news, travel, games  Boomers: news, travel, games, blogs  Gen X: news, im, blogs (r), downloads  Gen Y:  news, im, txt, blogs (r+w), downloads, games Gen Z:  txt, im, news, blogs (r+w), downloads, games
    • online What’s driving us?  New and innovative: X & Y = insatiable desire for complex technology
    • online What’s driving us?  Life-enhancing: spirituality is an increasingly yearning ache
    • online What’s driving us?  Cool and socially desirable: Louis Armstrong: “if you have to ask, you’ll never know”
    • online What’s driving us?  Fun and entertainment: “seen it, done it, smelt the bullshit” keep it real and fun
    • online What’s driving us?  Social connection: myspace web2.0 virtual worlds
    • Web2.0 State of the Live Web 71 million blogs… some of them have to be good. 120,000 new weblogs being created each day. That's about 1.4 blogs/second.
    • Web2.0 State of the Live Web 1.4 million posts per day. That's about 17 posts/second.
    • Web2.0 State of the Live Web Q3 2006: 12 blogs in Top 100. Q4 2006: 22 blogs in Top 100.
    • online USA vs Australia Per head of population: They create more blogs  They maintain their personal web1.0 more  We add more content to web2.0  We share more content – videos, photos 
    • online Virtual worlds World of Warcraft:  8.5m players / 100,000+ Australians Age range % Gen Second Life:  13-17 (teen grid) 1.04 Z 3.1m residents / 75,000 18-24 25.74 Y Average age = 30 25-34 38.46 X 52 : 12 35-44 22.2 X 1.48% - 2.43% 45+ 12.56 B+B (the Telstra/ABC factor?)
    • !@#! Conclusions Web1.0 and Web2.0 – lines are blurring  Authenticity is key   ‘no spin’ pr  no astroturfing 3D virtual worlds are the future   bandwidth  technology
    • “!” Digital immigrant – digital native During breakfast the other day our six-year-old son Lachlan decided to make himself some toast...
    • “!” Digital immigrant – digital native Grabbing a piece of bread, and on the point of placing it in the toaster, he said to his mother,
    • “!” Digital immigrant – digital native Mum, how do I put the bread in: landscape or portrait? Sydney Morning Herald 2006, 11 May, p.24