Jsbc Sunday Program Draft Dec. 6,2009


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Jsbc Sunday Program Draft Dec. 6,2009

  1. 1. JSBC SUNDAY PROGRAM SPORTS MINISTRY WORSHIP Ministry prays JSBC INTRA-SPORTSFELLOWSHIP  Bass Guitar December 6, 2009 opened on Dec. 5, 2009  Keyboard TEAM LEADERS  Chime BOYS GIRLS  Lyric/Music stand GROUP PRAYER 1. Caloy Bayle 1. Rosel Rosendi (Congregation)  Projector screen 2. Jess Baltazar 2. Maine Urbano GREETINGS & WELCOME 3. Jeff Capatoy 3. Enid dela Cruz VISITORS 4. Raymart Soria ARE YOU THE NEXT BIG STAR??? 5. Joebert Baldomar Shine for JESUS…join our training in Music PRAISE & WORSHIP 6. Albert Torres and be God’s musician…. (JSBC Worship Team) 7. Samuel Ipol PASTORAL PRAYER 8. Ptr. Leo Mediona DECEMBER – Keyboard (Bro. Jess Baltazar) 9. Ptr, Ariel (UNIDA) **ANNOUNCEMENTS** “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the  Do you want to minister through TITHES & OFFERINGS upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Music? Philippians 3:14. Let your God-given talents give honor to (George Velasco – Mission) (Enid dela Cruz-Tithes & Offerings) our Lord Jesus Christ! Audition for singers and musicians will be SPECIAL NUMBER PRAYERS: re-sked, pls. wait for further announcements. (Kids’ Praise) New life Christian Church Honolulu SERMON Village Park Baptist Church Honolulu  Pastor Noel Domingo & Family (Ptr. Leo P. Mediona)  Isabela mission w/ Ptr. Noel KAHIT SINO PWEDE LORD’S SUPPER  Pastor for NLCCH BENEDICTION  Bro. Jason Tolentino Keyboard Lesson every Saturday (Pastor Leo Mediona)  Bro. Richie Libo at 3:00pm for the month of December. JSBC WORSHIP TEAM 5 Pillars of JSBC Ministries:  Administration BE ENHANCED and learn to play  Worship Ministry instruments for the Lord and give glory  Outreach Ministry to His Name through music!!!  Relationship Ministry Ptr. Leo Mediona  Discipleship Ministry “Let all the instruments of the Lord give (JSBC – Pastor) JSBC lot & building praise and worship HIM.” Bro. Jess Baltazar Bro. Jun Alaba/Bro. Rey Alaba Ptr. Leo Mediona & family (Psalms 150:1-6) (S.E.E. student) Bro. Jeff Capatoy (S.E.E. student) “7 DAYS WITHOUT PRAYER MAKES ONE WEAK”
  2. 2. THEME VERSE: “For I know the plans I have for you, Administration SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and Brethren; JSBC Administration Ministry is  “MIDWEEK ON CHRISTMAS EVE” a future.” encouraging each FAMILY for our immediate on December 24, Thursday at 7:00pm. JEREMIAH 29:11 Let’s dine together after midweek need to donate a chair or a cash of service, bring your “Noche Buena” Php. 300 pesos equivalent amount. Food and celebrate Christmas in the JSBC needs 50 more chairs. Lord. Please approach:  Those who pledged for the CHURCH VISION please entrust your pledge to Sis. Jocel Alaba Ate Lolit. or Sis. Lolit Alaba.  AUDITION FOR SINGERS & MUSICIANS will be re-sked, pls wait for further announcements Title: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Topic: Text: JSBC is praying for 3 Million pesos for Preacher: lot and building for the JSBC Sanctuary. Any amount that you can commit is a big Sermon Outline: I. blessing and very much welcome. We are also in need of your prayer commitments. RELATIONSHIP II. III.  JSBC anniversary key chain & pin Regular Youth Fellowship Notes: are still available for just 25 pesos Every Sunday 2:00-3:00pm each. Let your youthful strength offered  JSBC bookmarkers are also still available for just 10 pesos each. to our Lord. Think of it: 6 days for school work & only one day to God The proceeds of these items will go to the JSBC lot & building fund. DISCIPLESHIP Youth Sunday School: 8:00am – 9:00am Approach: Sis. Lolit Alaba Kids Sunday School: 9:00am- 11:00am For inquiry: Kuya Jess